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Christmas gift to a 17-year-old

Christmas present for 17-year-olds ‚Äď what 17 do you give them?¬†It‚Äôs hard to imagine what to give them for Christmas.¬†So I‚Äôve researched what they think are good gifts.

So what are good Christmas presents for a 17-year-old? 17-year-olds want new computers, mobile phones and such, of course. But a little cheaper Christmas presents that they like are movie tickets, video games, clothes, room decor and things to do such as a bow. They also like to get money, of course.

If you keep reading, you will get more great Christmas gift tips for 17-year-olds. Christmas presents that she or he will appreciate and be happy with.

What is a nice Christmas gift to a 17-year-old?
What is a nice Christmas gift to a 17-year-old?


There are, of course, many Christmas presents that the 17-year-old wishes. But gift cards in a different form: clothes, decor, cinema, magazines or books usually always fit well to give away. They also typically enjoy getting money for Christmas presents, which they can buy whatever they want.

A good Christmas present for a 17-year-old is a wallet that you fill with some money.
Give a gift card to the newspaper king, and the 17-year-old can choose a Christmas present himself.


The Christmas gift that is guaranteed to be most appreciated is money. A 17-year-old usually has no income of his own and that then getting cash in Christmas presents that you get to do what you want for is guaranteed to be much appreciated. It might not be so fun to give away Christmas presents, but I promise the 17-year-old will be VERY happy about that Christmas present.

Buy a nice wallet and put in some money.

Things that teenagers almost always want and who usually rank high on their wish lists are cell phones, computers, and tablets. The phone and the tablet typically aren’t as important as the mobile phone. But the mobile phone is guaranteed to be the 17-year-old’s dearest property, and it is essential to have such a new model you can ever get.

Buy the newest phone you can afford to give the 17-year-old a Christmas present! Having a new mobile phone is a prestige thing among teens and it is sure to be much appreciated.
Should you give him or her a computer, you should ask them for help. A teenager who plays computer games needs a more powerful computer. Used only for schoolwork, not so much is required by the computer.
A tablet is a good alternative to using the phone. On the tablet, you can both surf and watch movies. It is extra good for film because the screen gets a little bigger here.


Most 17-year-olds are interested in clothing. A gift card at a clothing store is something that always is appreciated. It is not still the latest fashion that attracts the most. Many teenagers have their style. You can never have too many clothes. If the gift card also applies to makeup and perfumes, it is even better. Gift certificates on shoes are also a great idea!

Do you want to give clothes in Christmas gift to 17-year-old and myself choose the clothes I would then invest in a hat, mittens, scarf, pajamas maybe also socks and underwear? It is difficult to buy clothes for someone else. Would you wear clothes that someone else has chosen for you?

A warm and discreet hat can work to give a 17-year-old a Christmas present.
iPhone phones are a great Christmas gift to give a 17-year-old.
Even a discreet scarf is a Christmas present you can dare to give a 17-year-old.
Most young people usually like to get colorful socks.
It may also be a good idea to give 17-year-old sneaker socks as a Christmas gift.
A 17-year-old guy likes to wear stylish and discreet sweaters for Christmas presents.
A really good Christmas present for a 17-year-old guy is also a hoodie from Björn Borg.


Giving 17-year-olds Christmas presents is a safe bet. It can be movie tickets. But also concert visits, go-karts, segway tours, or sporting events. But these require that you keep track of what the 17-year-old is interested in. It is not always the case. Maybe the 17-year-old is a distant relative. You only meet at Christmas. Then a lot has happened in a year. So if you don’t know what the 17-year-old is interested in for sports, movie tickets are a smarter solution. If the experience applies to two people, the 17-year-old can also bring a friend or his boy or girlfriend. It can be a very memorable experience. Or why not choose an adventure Christmas present for the 17-year-old where you do something fun that you both enjoy together? What could be more beautiful than sharing their time?

Want to give the 17-year-old a different Christmas present? Then she or he can get a test on gun shooting. Getting to run go-karting is a fun Christmas gift where you can do something fun together. Driving a segway is fun! It’s a Christmas present that makes the 17-year-old have something fun to look forward to. And, of course, to get your own go-kart or scooter is great fun. And why not travel together?


There are many small and big things you can buy and give as a Christmas gift to a 17-year-old. They usually get excited about technology gadgets, cute accessories, or just messy stuff. It can, for example, be it: water bottle, stylish wallet, computer games, or vampire’s teeth. Yes, they usually find it fun and snappy, so you get a big smile. A good thing to give a 17-year-old in Christmas gift is also perfume, a camera, or gift card on iTunes or Spotify.

Getting a video game is always appreciated. Here’s Nintendo Switch, which you can both run on TV and have in your hand.
Super Smash Bros is also a game that many people like.
If you buy a video game you may need to buy a game as well. Zelda tends to be popular among teenagers.
A nice water bottle can be a good Christmas present for the 17-year-old who likes to exercise.
It is also good to give 17-year-olds crunchy Christmas presents. This is my oldest daughter. Cute, isn’t she?<3
A camera is also a thing that 17-year-olds like to get at Christmas.
A theft-proof backpack is a great Christmas gift to give a 17-year-old.
Smart keychain that makes it easy to find keys and phone when leaving.
Shooting bow is great fun. A bow is a Christmas present that the 17-year-old will like!


Think about what the 17-year-old is interested in! Maybe there is something you can sponsor with your Christmas present. Does he or she like to paint? So give away a box of acrylic paints and other artist materials. If he or she is interested in computers, why not subscribe to a computer magazine? If the 17-year-old is interested in interior design, you may find some sweet gadgets that she or he can decorate her room with. E.g., paintings, bedspreads, pillows, or lighting. If she or he is interested in the exercise, you may be able to pay for a gym card, a cute water bottle, a yoga mat, or a dumbbell.

Watercolor paint can be a great Christmas gift for a 17-year-old who is artistically laid out.
For that, watercolor paper is also needed for painting.
It can also be fun to get watercolor pens to paint with.
Give your 17-year-old a personal mousepad with a photo of you and let him or her know that you love her!
Why not give the 17-year-old some decor to the room in Christmas present? Maybe a blackboard with motivational text.
Furnishings that are stylish and discreet are good Christmas presents for 17-year-olds.
Feel free to find some smart gadgets to give in the Christmas gift to the 17 year old!
Whether you are exercising or not, it can be good to get a nice thermos or water bottle.
If she or he likes to exercise, a training package can be a really good Christmas present.
A training package where you use your own body as a counterweight.
A popcorn bowl to have in the microwave is a great Christmas present to give a 17-year-old.
A pair of VR glasses can also be a fun and unexpected Christmas present for a 17-year-old.
Although the 17-year-old is almost an adult now, they enjoy getting candy for Christmas.


For girls of 17 years, there are many good Christmas presents. They often wish for jewelry, makeup, and accessories. There are lots of little things they need.

Skin Cream Body Yogurt Mango from Body shop 
These makeup mirrors with lighting around are very popular.
Makeup is a Christmas present that 17-year-old girls usually like.
A nice necklace is a Christmas present that always goes home.
If she has long hair, she probably wants a straightener.
A good Christmas present to give a 17-year-old girl is a really good hair dryer. She enjoys it all her life.
If you know her well you might find some earrings that you think she likes.
Nail polish is something that many girls like, even if they do not wear makeup.
A cute nail polish stork is a great Christmas gift to give a 17-year-old girl.
Fragrance candles are a great interior gift to give a 17-year-old girl a Christmas present.
She will also be delighted to get a gift in the gifts in a lovely makeup bag.
Black mascara will certainly benefit her.


A fun and slightly different Christmas gift for a 17-year-old guy is a bow. Sniper is great fun! But it is not guaranteed that a 17-year-old girl would appreciate getting a bow for Christmas. But a 17-year-old guy would surely like to get it.

An electric scooter is a Christmas present that a 17-year-old is sure to like.
Good Christmas presents to give a 17-year-old guy is perfume.
It is also usually appreciated to have some nicer Christmas gifts


Do you want to give the 17-year-old a Christmas present that lasts all year? See if you can find any newspaper subscription! Or maybe some online game (type Wow) that she or he likes.

A newspaper subscription is a good Christmas gift to give a 17 year old. It will last all year.
Fudge of the Month Club ‚Äď 6 Month Subscription ‚Äď 2 Pounds each month


Christmas presents that are cozy to get even for 17-year-olds are, for example, books, pajamas, or scented candles. A good Christmas present for a 17-year-old is a spa package with slightly more luxurious products, bath salts, soaps, and a thick, cozy towel. Or why not give the 17-year-old a pair of warm and comfortable slippers.

Want to give away a book? Choose something new!
A warm and cozy bathrobe usually becomes a prized Christmas present.
On the couch, in front of the TV, it often gets a little cool. Then a cozy plaid can come in handy.
Warm and cozy slippers are usually a good Christmas present.
If you do not have a bathtub at home, a collapsible bathtub is a successful Christmas present for a 17-year-old. They usually like to swim LONG.

A cozy Christmas present to give 17-year-olds is a large bag of bath bombs.

Bath salts are a luxurious and cheap Christmas gift to give a 17 year old.

I don’t have any Christmas gift ideas, what should I buy? What is an excellent Christmas gift idea depends on who the recipient is. But if you have no Christmas gift ideas at all, movie tickets or chocolate can be a few tips. To give you a little better Christmas gift tips, you need to know who your recipient of the Christmas gift is. Please visit this page for better Christmas gift ideas and Christmas gift tips and see if you find any useful advice!

What is an excellent gift for a 17-year-old girl? Good gifts for a 17-year-old girl are perfume, clothes, handbags, furnishings for her room, cinema, or to pay a term with any leisure interest she would like to try. More gifts for a 17-year-old girl are listed here.


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Christmas gift to a 17-year-old
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