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Christmas gift to a 10-year-old

Are you looking for a good Christmas present for a 10 year old? Then I have some great gift tips for you!

What is a good Christmas present for a 10 year old? Some quick and safe tips for those in a hurry: experiment box, slime and ice cream maker. If you are not in a hurry, please read my other tips on Christmas presents for 10 year olds.

What is a great Christmas gift for a 10-year-old?
What is a great Christmas gift for a 10-year-old?

On this page, you will find the best Christmas presents to buy for a 10-year-old. Christmas presents to suit both boys and girls.

Pink Cinema Light Box

Write on clear cards with the accompanying red and blue markers to give your words a unique and customized touch with this led light sign. Definitely, a unique and exciting present to inspire creativity. Letters that light up are a present great idea for birthdays and Holidays.

A pink lightbox with dim red light is ideal for adding a feminine touch to your bedroom, workplace, company, or any other space you wish to decorate. This lightbox with characters & emojis will be the ideal tool for customizing your own message.

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Eatable Christmas gifts to a 10-year-old

When you are 10, you become interested in cooking, snacks, and goodies. Why not encourage this? Buy a cookbook in a Christmas gift for the 10-year-old. Supplement with a little baking equipment: dough bowl, lollipop, whisk and cake molds. With a bit of luck, you will also get dinners served eventually.

10-year-olds also wish for an ice cream maker, chocolate fondue, popcorn machine, and Ice roll maker. They like sweets very merely.

Fun Christmas gift for a 10-year-old

10-year-olds usually enjoy getting new clothes. It can, for example, be it soft pants, pajamas, a t-shirt, socks, one-piece, unicorn clothes, a cute sweater, jeans, Converse shoes, underwear or a top.

Colorful socks from Happy Socks are a fun Christmas present

Knowledge as a Christmas gift to a 10-year-old

There are many Christmas presents for ten-year-olds who provide knowledge

  • Both regular books and fact books make good Christmas gifts.¬†Examples of books that are good Christmas presents for 10-year-olds are, eg.¬†Jerry and Maya.

Subscription if he or she likes any special magazine.

Experiments and chemistry boxes

chemistry Box

Carpenter’s box with real tools

A telescope + a book about the universe and constellations

A book about the starry sky is a great gift for a child who gets a star binoculars.

Digital Camera ‚Äď If you get them photo interested early, they will not be able to afford to start taking drugs.¬†The camera equipment is costly.¬†?

Christmas presents for a 10-year-old girl

Christmas gifts that only fit 10-year-old girls are necklaces, friend earrings, jewelry kit, glitter spray, diary, Petshop, and any cheaper perfume. A wallet with glitter, own tea bag, dog wallet, nail polish, body lotion.

Movies and videogames that a 10-year-old likes 

Video games are something a 10-year-old usually likes. Keep track of what game console she or he just has! But some games they usually like are Rayman, Kungfu Panda, Just Dance or Super Mario. Does the child like lego maybe he or she would be happy to play?

It‚Äôs nice to have movie nights with the child.¬†Here are some movies that 10-year-olds like.¬†Maybe movie tickets are a good Christmas present too.¬†‚Äď It can be cozy to bring with you eg, a friend and a parent and go to the cinema.

Christmas present for a 10-year-old guy

  • starwars Lego
  • Some radio controlled car / drone¬†
  • Air blast
  • A Nerf rifle
  • Bandy / hockey club
A radio controlled car is a good Christmas present for a 10 year old guy

Crafting Christmas gift for a 10-year-old

Does she like to paint? There are watercolor pens that you first paint with, and iron water over. Then the drawing turns into a watercolor. Pencils and the like where stomps or what it’s called to blur with. Available on Clas Ohlson, Panduro, etc.

Stickers, those extra nice ones you always stand and ‚Äúwant.‚Ä̬†An excellent writing book for writing stories with the child.¬†Cool blurs, extra-fine pencils, tattoo pencils, and pen crayons.¬†Does he or she like jewelry maybe slime can be something?

tattoo Pens
unicorn stickers
Stickers with emojis
Wipe rubber with scent of cherry
A pen case that contains a little of each
Set of pens
Stress balls are usually popular.
Stress-relieving toys

Christmas gifts for outdoor play and sport

There are many useful tools you can give 10-year-olds in Christmas gifts to encourage play and movement. For example, you can give him or her skis, sleds, skates, or a snowboard.

More fun Christmas gifts for a 10-year-old

  • Technique Lego
  • Social games like the wild cat?
  • Squeeze Toys
  • Guitar (if you dare)
  • A cool lamp from eg.¬†Harry Potter or a jellyfish lamp
  • A new mobile with speakers, mobile shells, cash cards and gift cards on mobile games
  • Flashlight

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Christmas gift to a 10-year-old
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