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Christmas gift for a 9-year-old

Finding a Christmas present for a 9-year-old is still pretty easy. Here you will get my best Christmas gift tips for 9 year olds.

So what is a good Christmas present for a 9-year-old? We start with some quick ideas for those in need of time and need an urgent gift: Mobile phone, Jerry and Mayas Detective Agency (book), secret agent box, puzzle books, popcorn machine, IQ puzzle.

What is a nice Christmas gift for a 9-year-old?
What is a nice Christmas gift for a 9-year-old?

If you want more suggestions, please read the whole page, then there will be more good Christmas gift tips for 9-year-olds.

Christmas gifts for 9-year-olds

What 9-year-olds wish most of all is their mobile phone at Christmas.
IQ puzzles are toys that neither children nor adults can tear themselves away from.
Of course, it is also fun to get inspiring books at Christmas.
A new kind of cooler elastic slime is a good Christmas present for a 9-year-old.
A popcorn machine is something that all 9-year-olds enjoy getting at Christmas.
A Super Mario lamp can be a great Christmas present for a 9-year-old

What do all 9-year-olds wish to have most of all?

What is at the top of every 9-year-old‚Äôs wish list if they don‚Äôt already have one is a Mobile Phone is a great Christmas present for 9-year-olds ‚Äď but maybe a used one then!¬†But a mobile phone is high on the list if they don‚Äôt have one yet.

If you do not have an old mobile phone yourself, ask around among friends and acquaintances. Maybe there is someone who has someone just lying and scraping? 
When the 9-year-old gets his cell phone, it is excellent to also give him or her a shell for the cell phone, so it is protected.
It is good to have a speaker to listen to music when friends are visiting.

Clothes as a Christmas gift for 9-year-olds

9-year-olds are usually very happy if they get clothes. It can be anything from jeans, a one-piece, bathrobe, swimwear, scarves, slippers, socks with some lovely motifs on, workout clothes, a top, or a sweater. 

Stockings in cheerful colors are also usually fun to get for 9-year-olds.
Maybe some fun socks from Happy Socks might also be a good idea?

Good Christmas presents for 9-year-olds

There are many fun, both excellent and fun Christmas gifts to give a 9-year-old. They enjoy bringing experimental boxes, puzzle books, Harry Potter movies, books, candy machines, and other fun decors to their rooms.

Disney Christmas Collection

Perfect gift for celebrating Christmas with your kids, this Christmas collection is ideal for your kid’s Disney-lover. It has stories starring Winnie the Pooh, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan, Lady, and the Tramp, the monsters Mike and Sully, Alice in Wonderland, and WALLE, there’s a character for every child to love. With this Disney collection of books, you can add a special message as well as pictures on the pages making it treasured at Christmas. Available in 8 inches x 11 inches hardcover and comes with over 100 pages of colorful hand-drawn illustrations and multiple stories.

Read more and order

Educational gifts for a 9-year-old

An activity box is a perfect Christmas present for a 9-year-old. There are boxes for secret agents, which contain everything a secret agent needs: equipment for making phantom sketches, color-coded messages, etc. Or maybe a magic box or Beppe’s Experiment box just fits the 9-year-old with whom you should celebrate Christmas together?

A microscope is an educational Christmas gift to give a 9-year-old.
A lovely Christmas gift to give a 9-year-old is a globe, both stylish and they learn things.

9-year-olds like to exercise

9-year-olds usually like to move: skateboarding, skiing, snow racers, sledding and skating are fun gifts. It is also a good idea to give the 9-year-old a season pass at the bathhouse. It can also be fun to get a skateboarding course.

A cool skateboard is a good Christmas present for a 9-year-old.
A helmet is necessary.
Ice skating is a good Christmas present for 9-year-olds.
They usually like to go snow racer.
However, a sled is more comfortable to pull up the hill
Soccer dart

Furnishing for the room

Getting new furnishings into their room is fun. Why not a cool snowglobe lamp, Super Mario lamp, or a lovely bookshelf.

A cozy lamp, the 9-year-old will be happy to receive a Christmas present.
A letter board is suitable for messages, inspiration, and to express their feelings.
For the 9-year-old who likes video games, it fits well with a Super Mario lamp.

Candy machines

The cool decor for the room is a candy machine with a gripping claw.¬†It is one such machine with a gripping claw, which is usually found in the entertainment and markets.¬†Fill the machine with Saturday candy ‚Äď it will last all week with this machine.¬†Stop in one of the pretend coins and try to fish up some candy.¬†The device plays music, and when the 9-year-old manages to catch a piece of candy, he or she gets small applause‚ÄĒa perfect Christmas present for a 9-year-old.¬†If you want a slightly healthier snack, then the popcorn machine is the right choice.

Candy grabs where Saturday sweets last a long time
A reading device is a great gift to give a 9 year old
A reading device is a great gift to give a 9-year-old
Stylish popcorn machine for Friday night.

Christmas gifts for the 9-year-old with poop humor

9-year-olds still find it very fun with poop: Magnetic poop, stress ball, bathtub, Funny fart land, or poop fishing. These are great Christmas presents for 9-year-olds.

Poo game
fake dog poo
Farting doh in toilet 
A cushion is the height of humor if you ask a 9-year-old!
A unicorn that poops candy usually becomes a much-appreciated Christmas present.

What do 9-year-olds like to read?

Good magazines that guys enjoy reading are, for example. Or a subscription to a good magazine. It lasts a long time and even though Donald Duck is a comic book, they practice reading. And getting something they actually like to read is much better than not reading at all. Of course, books are always a good Christmas present. 

Maybe a cool magazine can ge a great Christmas gift for the 9-year-old
Book Captain underpants and the tyrannical retaliation is a good book for 9-year-olds with cranky humor.

What does the 9-year-old wish for at Christmas?

Of course, a 9-year-old wants lots of things. Every day there is also a new wish. But here I have collected some Christmas presents that are often recurring on the wish lists.

Activity books

Children like to do both. When you are nine years old, it is fun not only to get crayons and coloring books but a little more advanced puzzles as well. 

Many excellent puzzle books have many ideas about puzzles that you can do. E.g., Creative Karin’s crafts all year round, books on origami, Super smart math toys, Puzzle with the solar system and Do it yourself toys and accessories. 

Activity book
Origami books
A puzzle book with cute unicorns is a good Christmas present for a 9-year-old
Coloring book
Give the 9-year-old a big box for Christmas presents!

Crafting Christmas gifts for the 9-year-old

Creative and artistic 9-year-olds want painting things: fiber pens, tattoo pencils, puzzle boxes, colored pencils, coloring books with Harry Potter, coloring books with cars, or a sketch pad.

Fiber pens
Tattoo pens
Box of mixed crafting materials
Box of mixed crafting materials
Colored pencils
Harry Potter coloring book with very nice details
Activity book with dinosaurs
Sketch pad with slightly thicker paper
A book about folding paper airplanes which includes lots of fine paper
Papers in nice colors are good to have with kids in the house


Of course, pearls are always fun. You don’t just have to make necklaces and bracelets from them. There are lovely bead plates that the kids can make. You can find advanced patterns to post on Pinterest. You can also create 3D cars, dogs, and aircraft. There are also some unusual bead plates such as these from Disney Cars or other means of transport.

The toy set to make your own jewelry tree in lego.
Beads for making bead plates
Water beads are a fun Christmas gift for a 9-year-old

Construction toys for Christmas

Construction toys are usually 9-year-olds. It doesn’t just have to be Lego. Other fun building toys are Mekano, Eazy Mek, Brio’s wooden Meccano, model aircraft, and Mag Formers.

Lego building with the Hogwartzexpressen is a fun Christmas gift for a 9-year-old
Brios wooden Meccano is an enjoyable Christmas gift to get this, is a very fun Christmas gift to get
Even the classic Meccano with small metal screws usually 9-year-olds like
Magformers are geometric figures that are built together using magnets.
A crane is a fun Christmas gift to give a nine-year-old


Fun puzzles for nine-year-olds are, for example, Ball puzzles and puzzles. There are fun metal puzzles that both children and adults usually love: puzzles, clever IQ puzzles, IQ puzzles, or a regular puzzle with planets.

A very common puzzle about space
3D puzzle ball from Harry Potter
IQ puzzle in beautiful wood


Space Coaster is a roller coaster for bullets. It is a toy that keeps children busy for several hours. Parents also find it challenging to stay away. This is a path that you build together yourself. With the web pieces, it is possible to construct both screws and loops. A neat feature of the Space Coaster is that he doesn’t have to restart the bullets all the time. The Space Coast has an elevator where the bullets go to the top and start over.

This is a toy for the whole family. Together they build a mountain and coaster for the bullets‚ÄĒa little time-consuming but fantastic fun.
The timeless maze is just as famous today as when you and I were children. It is brilliant to get the ball rolling properly. A good Christmas present to give a 9-year-old.
Another kind of maze where the path is inside a plastic ball. It also involves holding the tongue right in the mouth to get to the finish,

Give the 9-year-old a game for Christmas

Party games that 9-year-olds usually like are Twister, Ticket to Ride, and ludo games. The alphabet, Let’s beat what, Fia with a nod

Twister is an old and well-known game. As much fun as before.
Game ticket to ride
Another timeless favorite is Ludo.

Stress balls

Various forms of stress balls have become very popular with kids. Here you will find a variety of stress balls (a so-called squishy) containing lots of small balls. Don’t ask me why, but kids and teens love these and would like them to be as big as possible too. It’s a good Christmas present for a 9-year-old.


Another novelty in the toy industry since I was a child myself is Styrofoam clay. It is a kind of model that you can bake together into different figures. NOTE: It does not, therefore, work as styrofoam balls that spread throughout the house. It is like a kind of clay, and the remaining crumbs can easily be collected again. 

Frigoglit clay to make small figures
Doe press for the play-doh clay

Window color

Let the children make decorations for the windows with the help of window paint. It takes about 24 hours for the color to dry. When completely dry, it can be moved to the windows. 

Window paint is a fun Christmas gift for a 9-year-old and the whole family actually

Movies and tv-games for a 9-year-old

  • Games for the computer¬†eg,¬†My animal hospital
  • DVD movies¬†¬†Grinchen Harry Potter or Sune maybe
Movies with Harry Potter usually 9-year-olds like to get
The Christmas hostile Grinch is fun at Christmas time
Robin Hood
Nintendo switch
Yoshi’s crafted world for Nintendo Switch
Super Mario Super Bros Nintendo Switch 

Christmas gifts for a girl 9-year-old

Toy animals of all shapes and designs tend to be high on the wish list. Unicorns, Pokémon, and teddy bears.

A cute dog they usually enjoy getting as a toy animal.
9-year-old girls really like these toys with big eyes.
Unicorns are gifts that will make a 9-year old happy.
Unicorns are super poppies when 9-year-old girls get to have toys
A 9-year-old still likes to have fun toys.
Unicorns in all its forms are much loved by 9-year-old girls

Clothes for the 9-year-old girl

If it’s a little pink princess, she probably wants a princess dress with glitter and fluff. It is likely that she also wants unicorn clothes. Unicorn clothes are not as worthless as one might think. Unicorn clothes can also be used as a cozy dress and are great to wear both in the evening and in the morning when they are a little frozen. It can advantageously be combined with a pair of unicorn slippers.

Getting one in mint green is also a very good Christmas gift to get if you are a 9-year-old girl.
Unicorn clothing is something that 9-year-old girls really want in Christmas presents.
A 9-year-old girl wants a princess dress as a Christmas present
On cold evenings it is good to have a pair of unicorn florals

Mobile accessories for a 9-year-old girl

If the 9-year-old already has a mobile phone, she or he surely wants to: power bank unicorn, power bank llama, or a cute mobile case. 

Having a power bank for your mobile phone is great. For a 9-year-old girl, a unicorn is a good Christmas present.
Having a power bank for your mobile phone is great. For a 9-year-old girl, a unicorn is a good Christmas present.
A power bank is also a Christmas present that 9-year-old girls wish for. Cute animals are very popular right now.
A mobile case from iDeal of Sweden is also very high on her wish list.

Beauty products and other fun stuff as a Christmas gift to a 9-year-old girl

9-year-olds also want to make themselves beautiful, so why not give her some beauty products? Toys that probably only girls like are: makeup doll, pet shop, my little pony, Puppy in my Pocket, and Polly Pocket dolls. 

A make-up bag that you fill with shampoo, conditioner, and fine hair tufts.
Bag with hair accessories
Nail polish
9-year-old girls usually find it fun to get some makeup
Cute hair clips
A real diamond necklace is actually not that expensive and it is a Christmas present that the 9-year-old girl will find under the Christmas tree.
Make-up and hairstyle heads are usually liked by the girls. They like to test different hair sets, put in the colored hair, and make-up and style the doll.

A make-up table with makeup and a little lip gloss is usually a very fun Christmas gift to get for a 9-year-old girl.

Funny toys for girls

There are quite a lot of toys that cater primarily to girls. Here are some that girls are usually very fond of, but not guys.

Exclusive dolls from the movie Frost Elsa and Anna.
Petshop is a cute little animal that girls like.
A diary with unicorns
3d puzzle castle Disney

Music that 9-year-old girls like for Christmas

If you want to give her music at Christmas, I think you should choose some girl-power music or a record from the latest tune festival. This is what a 9-year-old girl likes to listen to.

CD Pink
Rihanna Loud

Magazines for 9-year-old girls

Beautiful magazines that usually appeal to 9-year-old girls are Girls’ life, for example, girls life. It is also ok to get a gift certificate to choose one herself.

Funny Christmas present for a 9-year-old guy

The best Christmas gift for a 9-year-old guy is his safe. He can lock in the weekly allowance or Saturday candy in the cupboard. The safe can be unlocked with a key or a numeric combination. Walkie-talkie and flashlight are fun stuff to get in Christmas gifts for 9-year-old guys.

A good flashlight is a fun Christmas gift
Walkie talkies are a great Christmas present for a 9-year-old boy
Toy kits to build their own ukulele

Lego as a Christmas gift for a 9-year-old

Building Lego is a lot of fun. There are lots of fun builds for 9-year-old guys. The research station, fire station, Batman, Starwars lego, and Ninjago. It is essential to get a lego with the right level of difficulty. It should be hard enough, but still not too hard.

Lego superheroes invading bat cave
Lego Ninjago Firstbourne
Lego Rescue Helicopter
Lego Star Wars Rather Escape 8-14 years

Mobile accessories for 9-year-old boys

Even 9-year-old guys like to have excellent cell phones and headphones. Of course, it is good to have a power bank to charge your mobile. Why not this cool power bank with solar cells?

Mobile shell with Fortnite motif
Powerbank with solar charger


Your own robot is a Christmas present that all guys wish for. Silverlight’s Maze breaker is the robot outbreak king! The maze takes out the accompanying maze. He can follow lines, dance and so has the talkback function.

Ruko Smart Robots for Kids
Programable robot ball

What is a good gift for a 9-year-old daughter? An excellent gift for a 9-year-old daughter is games, a princess dress, a cellphone, a mermaid blanket, a swan, a hug, or a ninja track. More tips on a gift for a 9-year-old daughter can be found here.

What is a good gift for a 9-year-old guy? Good gifts for a 9-year-old guy are a radio-controlled car, kite, splash frog, video games, chocolate, and basketball cards. More tips on good gifts for a 9-year-old guy I’ve written about here.

What is a good gift for an 8-year-old girl? An excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl is a bicycle, cable car, climbing wall, china chess, Barbie, flamingo, and banana lamp. More tips on an excellent gift for an 8-year-old girl can be found on this page.

What to give a Christmas gift to a 7-year-old boy? Good gifts for a 7-year-old boy are slime, transformers, a monster truck, microscope, knight’s castle, snowball maker, a book of toys, or spider-man decor for the room. More Christmas presents for a 7-year-old boy are here.

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Christmas gift for a 9-year-old
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