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Christmas gift for a 1.5-year-old

Are you trying to find a good Christmas present for a 1.5-year-old? It’s super easy! Here you will get my very best tips. 

So what is a good Christmas present for a 1.5-year-old? Nice gifts for a 1.5-year-old are a parking garage, notebook building blocks, or a pirate ship, taxi, a dog, and a baby doll.

What is a nice Christmas gift to a 1.5-year-old?

But keep reading for more Christmas gift tips! 1.5-year-olds are very easy to find gifts for. Children of this age are not at all picky. They will surely LOVE EVERYTHING! Also, the cardboard box, paper, and lace they get from you. So don’t forget to wrap the Christmas presents nicely!! 

A parking garage is usually able to employ the child for a long time. It is generally enjoyable to drive the cars up and down. It also has a gas station and helicopter plate.
Books tend to be a great Christmas present when the child is 1.5-years-old. They usually like to look at the pictures and talk to the parents about what they see.
Regular building blocks are a fun toy that a 1.5-year-old will like to receive in Christmas presents. It’s fun to tear down everything that mom and dad build.
A fun and different dollhouse here this knight’s castle. Fun Christmas gift to give a 1.5-year-old!

My first suggestion of a good Christmas present to a 1.5-year-old is a toy train. Now start with a package with few parts. As the child grows older, you may want to supplement with more pieces, railway gears, battery covers, parking garages, horse stables, and more rail parts. There are lots of things you can buy for then if you want. But for a child of 1.5 years, a simpler railway is enough. A train set is a perfect Christmas present that the child will enjoy for a long time. 

It is really enough to buy a simple train path in Christmas presents for a 1.5 year old.
As the child gets older you can buy some more advanced parts.
Or buy all parts they need from start.

Other Christmas presents for a 1.5-year-old who will be happy for a long time are a doll kitchen, toy food, and kitchen equipment. The 1.5-year-old might get some plastic boxes and a spoon to cook for so long, it will work as well.

A play kitchen is something children usually love. They can cook for hours. They even seem to enjoy washing dishes.
A good Christmas present for a 1.5-year-old is also food to have in the kitchen. Here I found some fun burgers.
A tea set may also be needed. This one does not contain small parts and works well for a 1.5-year-old

Kid loves to travel

A nice gift for a 1,5-year-old is a car. They love to travel at a high speed on a nice ride.

Why not give him or her a real laugh when Christmas comes. This is a Christmas present that will be greatly loved.
There are also retro kick cars that are very tough. This is nice decor in the room too.
Whatever you choose to buy, it is a great Christmas gift for a 1.5-year-old!

Books for a 1.5-year-old

There are a lot of good books to read for a 1.5-year-old. Here is some books that my children loved a lot.

Sams cookie

Good night, Alfie Atkins

Toys for building

Nice Christmas gifts for a 1.5-year-old are Duplo, blocks and block boxes.

Duplo is fun toys for a 1.5-year-old. Not many people are suitable for smaller children. But this one with cars does.
It is fun to draw toys in a string and to play with block boxes. Here is a toy that has both as well. Merry Christmas!
Letter blocks are a good Christmas present that is suitable for both a 1.5-year-old and a little older child who started reading.

Important to consider when buying Christmas presents for a 1.5-year-old

When buying Christmas presents for a 1.5-year-old, it is essential to remember that small child put things in their mouths.¬†Therefore, it is crucial to buy Christmas presents that are not marked ‚Äúnot recommended for children under three years.‚Ä̬†

When buying Christmas presents for a 1.5-year-old, it is also good to remember not to buy too many toys. Having a room full of gadgets does not make any child happier. Instead, invest in a few high-quality toys. 

Other good toys to give a 1.5-year-old

Christmas presents that young children are guaranteed to enjoy, of course, toys such as rabbits, dogs, bears, unicorns, toys with built-in night light, teddy bear,s and elephants. 

Dogs tend to like children. Here are several different cute breeds to choose from.

Star projector

An ordinary teddy bear is a nice Christmas present for a 1.5-year-old.
Rabbits also tend to be very stuffy. These are Christmas presents that 1.5-year-olds wish for.
When my son was little he got a toy elephant, which he named the name ‚Äúspade‚ÄĚ.
A fluffy pink unicorn will also do well in the baby’s bed.
Unicorns are magical and are toys that children want to keep for a long time.
Even the cutest of bears can be useful to blame when suddenly it gets messy in the room.

Small animals and cars that you can drag in a leash are enjoyable. Don’t ask me why, but all the kids I know have loved them. 

A nice crocodile to drag is a good Christmas present for a 1.5-year-old.
Elephant on a leash to pull after the baby will like!
Elephant on a leash to pull after the baby will like!

Dolls are toys that tend to be a good Christmas present for 1.5-year-olds with some small accessories like a baby bottle. This doll at Adlibris is not that expensive. Keep in mind that a baby doll for such a small child does not have to be costly at all. The child is not happy that the doll can talk, walk, or have 200 accessories as well. This doll is just good enough to give in a Christmas present to a 1.5-year-old. 

Pippi Longstocking doll

A doll wagon can be used a lot. You can sit in it. You can transport all bricks between your room and the kitchen. You can also run dolls and siblings in it. 

It may also be good to have a doll wagon to run the doll in.

What’s on a 1-year-old’s wish list? A one-year-old doesn’t want anything special. They get excited about what they get. A beautiful cardboard box, lots of laces, and a wrap-around wrapping paper is probably the most popular gift. Jokes aside, a kick truck or doll wagon is usually two favorites.

What should you give for a gift book for 1-year-olds? Books that fit a 1-year-old are, for example, textbooks, the popular Sam books, or Pippi Longstocking.

What should I give a 1-year present to a godchild? An extra sweet teddy, perhaps. They tend to be a dear companion for many years to come. Other super favorites among young children are the doll kitchen and the kick truck. There are extra lovely gifts that are suitable for giving a 1-year-old goddess in a birthday present.

What is an excellent gift for a 1-year-old? Good gifts for a 1-year-old are swing, lamb, tool trolleys, a baby sled, or a Pippi film. You can find more great tips for a 1-year-old here.

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Christmas gift for a 1.5-year-old
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