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30 Gift Ideas For Christian Women

If there is a unique Christian lady in your life, or you are a Christian looking for the right gift to convey a Christian sentiment to another lady, you may wonder what gift may be the best to give. You may want to give her something to inspire her in her faith. She may have a recent accomplishment you want to help her celebrate. She may be under a lot of stress and need help to relax.

Your gift could also be intended for more than one Christian woman.  You may be planning a special event where Christian women will attend, or even be planning the perfect Christian wedding.

If you are a Christian, too, I encourage you to pray about the person who will receive the gift. God will direct your thoughts. It would be best if you first considered the occasion, and also your relationship with the person who will receive the gift. You may be on a budget or choosing from a specific category of gifts. The range of gifts for Christian women is as varied as the many types of Christian women you may know.

Gift Ideas For Christian Women

Suppose you want some great ideas for gifts that could appeal to your Christian friend, colleague, or family member. In that case, Amazon.com has a wide range of quality gifts with always-prompt shipping and satisfaction guarantee.

Blanket Her With Comfort

This is a soft, supple. light blue. cozy throw features a beautiful inspirational saying. The blanket will remind her that God/s love is with her through every situation. Its enfolding warmth will remind her of the covering of His Precious Holy Spirit. The blanket is 40″ x 50″ and is sure to warm the heart of any Christian lady. Read more and order

A Plethora of Pretty Ways to Pamper

Any woman would enjoy this gift-crammed basket of floral-scented items to turn any shower into a luxury spa. Her soul is beautiful; help her remind herself she is beautiful, as these relaxing spa products allow her to float away in a cloud of relaxing bubbles. There are boxes available in varying sizes, and the boxes are pretty in pink. Read more and order

Celebrate Accomplishments With An Inspirational Bracelet

Is your favorite Christian lady graduating from college or completing an important goal? Give her this stainless steel bracelet to show her you know she’s an overcomer. It says, “She Believed She Could; So She Did.” With God’s help, she achieved her goal, and this bracelet will show you celebrating her victory. Read more and order

Gratitude Devotional

This 52-week Christian devotional will guide you through a weekly lesson about the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude. Gifted Christian teacher Desiree Ackerman will help you discover the ways God is already moving in your life and encourage you to offer up praise in any and every situation. Read more and order

She’ll Be Calm And Travel On

This beautiful, sturdy travel mug is made of stainless steel. It is insulated inside, but its cornflower-blue surface is decked with flowers on the outside. It reminds your Christian friend to follow Psalm 46:10 (“Be Still And Know That I Am God”}. It will carry her coffee and remind her where to place her trust. Read more and order

Give Her A Golden Bangle

Grace her wrist with a gold-finished cross. This elegant thin bracelet features not only a sturdy gold band and a cross but has the option of adding charms. There are many charms you can choose to adorn this beautiful bangle and make it as unique as she is. If you choose this for a family member, think how much fun you will have giving her a charm for each successive holiday or birthday. Read more and order

Let Them Wear Their Faith Proudly

A beautifully crafted thin golden link chain with a lovely cross will help any Christian woman visibly proclaim her faith. There is also a version that adds a faux diamond. This is the go-to jewelry for any Christian lady. If she doesn’t already have one, I’m sure she wants one. Read more and order

Let Her Faith Go to Her Head

This adorable cotton hat has a cute sunflower on its front, to make anyone smile. But it also confidently states the wearer is “blessed” with a sterling silver charm. It’s jaunty and trendy, and I’m pretty confident she doesn’t already have one. One size fits most heads. Read more and order

Let Her Faith Adorn Her Wrist

this elastic bracelet features beautiful multicolored beads and reminds her to always put “Faith Over Fear.” In any circumstance, your favorite Christian woman will be reminded that God is in control and that our faith in Him can help us walk through any storm without fear. The bracelet comes on a card with a Bible verse to remind her that faith will ensure she will not fail in God’s purpose for her life. Read more and order

Do You Know A “Proverbs 31 Woman”?

If so, this clear heart-shaped paperweight is engraved with beautiful calligraphy. It reminds her of Psalms 31:25: “She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” I’m sure you know a Christian sister who embodies these sentiments. It would be perfect for a Christian teacher or Mother’s Day. Read more and order

Give The Gift of Perpetual Joy

This cheerful spiral-bound desk calendar has smiling emojis, inspirational verses, and an encouraging saying about joy for each day. It’s a perpetual calendar, so it works every year. Well-known pastor Max Lucado designed it. Let your Christian lady friend be reminded daily to smile because her days are full of joy. Read more and order

Give Her God’s Word: Ladies’ Style

Your Christian friend or family member will surely appreciate a specially-made copy of the Precious Word of God. This Bible has a pink faux-leather-bound cover and features a “red letter version” of the King James Version Bible. (The words said by Jesus are printed in red, so they stand out.) It has an easily seen thumb guide to help them quickly help find their desired passages, and it is also available in a large print version. There is a beautiful pink ribbon included to use as a bookmark. A unique gift for a particular Christian lady. Read more and order

Let Her Drink In Some Encouraging Words

This is a 4-pack of stemless drinkware. It is a beautiful set of 4 clear and shining glasses. Each is printed with an encouraging verse from the books of Psalms and Proverbs. For example, one of the glasses says, “Take Delight In the Lord, and He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart.” (Psalm 37:4) Let her drink in these encouraging words because you cared enough to give her these glasses. Read more and order

This One’s For Your Favorite Bookworm

Here is an adorable and inspirational bookmark, with an attached metallic cross. It’s hard to misplace because it is made of stainless steel and is a frequent reminder of how beautiful, precious and unique each Christian lady was created to be. When you give this to your favorite Christian lady, you can be sure she will think of you each time she opens or closes her book. Read more and order

Help Her Pass On Her Prayers

give her this box of flower-adorned prayer cards. The case is made of sturdy tin and holds 50 double-sided cards. These will give your favorite Christian lady a prompt for prayer, or even a prayer to pass on to another sister in the Lord. It’s an invaluable gift for any lady trying to upgrade her prayer life. There is also a version of cards featuring Bible verses. Think of what a witnessing tool this will be. Read more and order

Blessed Be the Butterflies

Give your Christian family member a beautiful mug to remind her of her many blessings – even on her saddest day. This strong, stylish ceramic mug is artfully painted with a lush purple butterfly. Under the butterfly is written the word, “Blessed.” This comforting cup will hold 12 ounces of her favorite beverage and bring her an elegant reminder of how blessed she is. Read more and order

Liven Up the Conversation At Her Next Party

This is an excellent gift for a Christian lady who is a hostess, a youth group leader, or the leader of a Christian ladies’ retreat. This is a box of “Talking Point Cards.” Each card asks questions about faith, life, and the world around us. Any lady who gets these cards will surely be the star of her next Family Game Night, or easily entertain her ladies’ coffee group. These cards can help everyone in the group discover more about themselves and each other. They are suitable for people at every stage of their faith walk. Help your Christian lady to have fun and build her faith at the same time. Read more and order

Let Her Tote Her Makeup In Style

This beautiful flowered faux-leather bag can be just the thing your Christian lady friend needs to carry her cosmetics, hair care tools, hair clips, and other daily needs. The inside of the case is cotton, and it has an easy zipper closure. This lovely case also proclaims, “I Can Do All Things Through Him, Who Gives Me Strength” (Philippians 4:13) Read more and order

An Assorted Array of Pretty Pens

This is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a reasonably-priced gift for a group of Christian ladies. These inspirational pens come in sets of 10 and in various bright and cheerful colors. The pen’s nib is stainless steel, and the pen tip is stylus-styled and will help its receiver write her thoughts. Each pen is also adorned with an inspirational phrase, such as “Cherish today,” or “Be The Light.” This is also an excellent choice for a teacher, nurse, or another worker with a group of people they want to gift. Read more and order

Help Her Lie Back and Relax

This soft and supportive pillow is designed like a patchwork quilt. It is made with warm and comforting shades of brown. The center of the pillow has a large, ornamental cross and reminds the gifted lady of the power of prayer. It also reminds her to enjoy herself and reduce her stress. It especially encourages her to be grateful for God’s blessings. Your favorite Christian lady will thank you for helping her relax and trust God wholeheartedly. Read more and order

Sweet Treats With A Message

Who Knew? Jelly Belly offers you a way to send their delicious treats to your favorite Christian ladies. And here’s the bonus: the delicious jelly beans come in individually portioned bags. Each bag has a prayer written on the back, and each jelly bean’s color stands for one of the words of the prayer. It’s a sweet way to remember some inspirational verses. This would be an excellent choice for a party with Easter baskets, or just for someone who loves jelly beans and scriptures. (And who doesn’t?) Read more and order

Celebrate the Lord’s Supper

If the lady you are buying for is the leader of a ladies’ group who celebrates communion, give her this beautifully feminine communion set. This is perfect for sharing communion in today’s post-pandemic world: the kit contains sealed individual portions of juice and individually-wrapped communion wafers. If she brings this box with her, she can easily lead this Sacrament for her group. Read more and order

Put Her Papers Together With Precious Paper Clips

If your Christian lady friend works in an office or handles a lot of paperwork, this may be the perfect gift for her. It’s a box of 50 gold-plated paper clips. Best of all, they are all shaped like little golden crosses. Imagine her clipping her pages together with these adorable clips! The storage tin is made out of sturdy metal. Read more and order

Carry Your Laptop In Style

This beautiful laptop bag is sturdy enough to carry your laptop, but it could also double as a carry-on bag for your next vacation. It could also be an overnight bag, a book bag, or a smart-looking shopping bag. The front of the bag is made of a soft grey plaid, decorated with a giant shimmery pink bow. The straps are strong and made of leather. The inside of the bag measures 16.93 x 5.12 x 12.01 inches. Read more and order

Help Them To Mend their Broken Pieces

If you know a Christian lady facing a challenge, help encourage her with this amazingly rejuvenating book. It’s called: “The Broken Way: A Daring Path Into the Abundant Life.” The book helps any woman explore how the Presence of God can help her learn to sense God in every aspect of her life. Reading this book can help her to choose to glorify God in every situation. Read more and order

Let Her Put Her Heart’s Desire On Display

This is a clear heart-shaped picture frame that can be customized with a picture of your favorite Christian lady and her family or sweetheart. She will shed tears of joy when she sees this display to put on her desk; it will remind her of God’s gift to her favorite person. The base of the heart has an LED light, so the picture can continue to be seen even when it is dark. Read more and order

Someone’s In the Kitchen, And This is Her Gift

If your Christian lady is a cook, gift her with this apron. It looks like it’s made of homespun cloth, and it has a giant sunflower on its front. It is also decorated with several inspirational words and verses where the lady can find those words. Cook up some fun with this gift. Read more and order

Let Her See Her Sweet Reflection

this rose gold makeup mirror is an excellent gift for any lady, and your Christian friend will treasure it. It is engraved with the sweet verse “A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul,” (Proverbs 27:9) If rose gold isn’t her cup of tea, there is a choice of several other metallic finishes. Read more and order

Help Her to Buff Up Her Nails

This is another gift that would be good for the leader of a group – or for a Christian lady who takes pride in doing her nails. This package of 12 emery boards is each printed with a special verse. These would even be an ideal item for a goodie bag, Read more and order

Let Her Slippers Do the Walking

These adorable fuzzy slipper socks will help your favorite Christian lady to keep her feet comfortable. The outsides are a soft pink, embroidered with “Be humble and Pray.” The inside is full of soft, comforting fleece. The bottom of the slippers is made of non-skid material for her safety. She will be walking in victory – and comfort with these special slippers. Read more and order

By now, I’m sure you probably have more than one idea for a gift to your Christian lady friend or family member. But if you need more ideas, you can find many great ideas at Amazon.com.

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