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Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10 | 18 IDEAS

Looking for cheap gifts for dad? Regardless of the gift’s cost, a present is a beautiful gesture that shows you are thinking about the person and thankful for their role in your life. Therefore, if you plan to buy your dad a gift, but your budget won’t allow you to get an expensive one, this is the right article to read.

What are good cheap gifts for dad under $10? Great cheap gifts for dad under $10 are a funny dad mug, useful multi-tools, a book with Wisdom for fathers, funny or thoughtful keychains, Star Wars stuff, budget-friendly socks, or whisky stones.

Listen, there are great gifts that cost less than 10 dollars for dads that you can buy yours on that special day of his life or remind him that you love him. I believe a gift should not drain your bank account as long it has a good message and you genuinely present it to the person.

18 Best Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10

Well, below, we review the best cheap gifts for dad under 10 dollars; you may be interested in checkout.

1. World’s Greatest Farter Funny Father’s Day Coffee Mug

How often does your dad tease you that you have gained some weight? Well, get back at him in a sweet way by buying him this most excellent farther father’s mug. It is a cute mug with this message for kids who like to tease around with their dads. The cup cost about 9 dollars, falling on your budget line. It can hold 11 ounces, just enough coffee for your papa. You can gift your dad this mug on father’s day or even Christmas.

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World's Greatest Farter Funny Father's Day Coffee Mug

2. You Are the Luckiest Dad Tumbler

Does your dad’s job involve him traveling often? Well, let him know you are always thinking about him with this tumbler. It is an excellent and cheap gift for dad from dad’s girl as it explains your great bond with your dad in a funny way. The tumbler is suitable for carrying beverages and water. The tumbler fits 20 oz content, plus it is made of high-quality 18/8 304 food-grade stainless steel materials.

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You Are the Luckiest Dad Tumbler cheap gifts for dad

3. Keychain Gifts Father’s Day

It takes a real man to step in and raise a kid that he did not sire. So, if you are looking for an affordable gift to thank your stepdad for stepping in and taking care of you as your real dad, here is a good idea for a checkout gift. The keychain cost around 8.30 dollars. It has a beautiful admiration message engraved and quality stainless steel materials. Your dad can use it as a key chain, or he can display it in his office or room.

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Keychain Gifts Father's Day

4. Top Plaza Father’s Day Gifts

Is your dad an engineer, or does his job involve working with tools? Get this keychain as a gift on his special day. The keychain has a beautiful black matte finish with the words” if dad can’t fix it, no one can” engraved. The chain has three tools attached to describe that your dad is the best in what he does. The keychain features metal alloy construction so that it will last your dad long.

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Top Plaza Father's Day Gifts cheap gifts for dad

5. I Couldn’t Pick a Better Dad Guitar Pick

This one is a simple and budget-friendly reminder to your dad that he is the best, and you could not change anything about him in a gift. This gift is unique, and the message engraved on it speaks of your love and admiration for your dad. This guitar pick is made with quality stainless steel material resistant to rust and corrosion. It is a gift you can give your dad on special days like Christmas, birthday, or father’s day.

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I Couldn't Pick a Better Dad Guitar Pick

6. Magnetic Wristband Dad Gifts

A gift should not only be memorable, but it can be functional as well. This is a great practical gift to consider buying for your dad, a constructor, carpenter, auto engineer, or just handy. It is a wristband made with a magnet for holding small building tools like nails, nuts, screws, etc. The wristband has 15 magnets that can hold several building tools. The crafting of this magnetic wrist band consists of 1680D bulletproof polyester fiber that is lightweight and scratch-resistant.

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Magnetic Wristband Dad Gifts cheap gifts for dad

7. “BEST DAD EVER”, Universal Socket cheap gifts for dad

This is an excellent gift worth getting for your cool dad, and the best part is that it costs around 6 dollars. This universal socket is recommendable for dads who love to do DIY jobs like; carpentry, electricity, and auto repair at home. It is engraved with a “best dad ever” message on the body to remind your dad that there can never be anyone like him. This is quite a functional socket that adjusts in different sizes to handle most types of bolts and screws.

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"BEST DAD EVER", Universal Socket cheap gifts for dad

8. Funny Socks Novelty Are cheap gifts for dad

Does your dad love bacon? Well, these socks are just a reminder that you know his addiction to bacon in a humorous way. The socks are knitted with the words” if you can read this on one sock and the other one “bring me some bacon.” These socks come in different colors so you can always get your dad’s favorite color. They are fantastic gift ideas for Christmas or birthdays for people on a budget.

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cheap gifts for dad Funny Socks Novelty Are cheap gifts for dad

9. Financial Burden Mug

No matter how grown you are, your dad will always treat you as his child, and this mug is designed to pass the message across. It is an excellent gift from a daughter to their dad, reminding them they know their dad will always be there for them, even financially. The cup is made of ceramic materials, and the engraved words plus the white colors blend and look great.

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Financial Burden Mug

10. Chaps Men’s Assorted Socks

These are versatile socks that every man should have. You can buy the socks for your dad as a birthday or Christmas gift. The socks have quality crafting materials, plus the colors they are made of complements casual and office clothes. The materials are comfortable and waterproof, so if your dad has sensitive feet, these are socks to get him.

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Chaps Men's Assorted Socks cheap gifts for dad

11. Whisky Chilling Stones Is cheap gifts for dad

If your dad loves whiskey, I bet he will love these whiskey stones. The stones are recommendable for chilling whisky and other beverages. The best part is that they are reusable to use for a while. These stones are made with natural soapstones, so they are safe.

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Whisky Chilling Stones Is cheap gifts for dad

12. Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

Is your dad into Star Wars? A Star Wars gift might be a good gift for him? This is a multifunctional gift your dad will use to hook his keys and for lighting as well. The keychain is crafted with an LED light that provides excellent illumination in dark areas. The keychain also has a snap hook so your dad can comfortably clip it to his pants or slip it into his pocket.

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cheap gifts for dad Star Wars Darth Vader Keychain

13. Dad’s Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers

This book is made with knowledgeable ideas of helping fathers become the best version of themselves for their kids. So, the book guides the dads on becoming great role models to their kids, motivating and even mentoring them. The best life coaches write the book all over the words, so it bares excellent knowledge for your dad for less than 10 dollars.

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Dad's Playbook: Wisdom for Fathers

14. cheap gifts for dad Beard Brush for Men & Beard Comb Set

Grooming is crucial for ladies, but men should take care of themselves too. If you are looking for a budget-friendly gift for your husband on his birthday or father’s day, get this beard comb set. The set has four different beard tools and comes with suitable packaging to travel wherever he is going.

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cheap gifts for dad Beard Brush for Men & Beard Comb Set cheap gifts for dad

15. Silove Love You Dad Mom Stainless Steel Necklace

Surprise your dad with this masterpiece on his birthday to show him that you love him. The chain comes with a ring pendant engraved with “I love you, dad” inside, while the other part has a “Dad” word engraved. The chain has quality stainless materials crafting, and the silver finishing gives it a classy look. This dad gift is a good choice for budget cautious people as it costs less than 7 dollars.

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Silove Love You Dad Mom Stainless Steel Necklace

16. Father Daughter Keychain Dad

A father-daughter bond is strong and never breaks even when she grows to be a mother. This keychain is a good gift for your dad to remind him that your bond will never end even if you are apart. It is a good gift idea from a daughter to her biological or even stepdad who raised her. The keychain has a beautiful message engraved and a picture of a father and daughter.

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Father Daughter Keychain Dad cheap gifts for dad

17. LED Flashlight Gloves Gifts

Buy your dad this glove if he loves fishing, as it comes equipped with LED lighting for illumination when fishing early in the morning. The glove is powered by two lithium batteries bought separately. Also, note that the glove is multifunctional as your dad can use it for other outdoor adventures like camping or hiking.

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LED Flashlight Gloves Gifts

18. Hammer Multitool are cheap gifts for dad

This is a classic gift for your dad, who enjoys DIY projects at home since it is a single tool attached with numerous others. It is a 12 in 1 device that comes as a hammer but is attached with other 11 mini tools. The handle has non-slip crafting to offer comfortable grip and comfort when working.

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Hammer Multitool are cheap gifts for dad


If you are on a budget but still want to buy dad or husband a dad’s gift, these are good options to explore. The gifts have different meanings and retail at different prices. But, they are all affordable as they cost less than 10 dollars.

Cheap Gifts for Dad Under $10 | 18 IDEAS
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