Gift for someone who lost a pet

“Grief is the price we pay for love” -Queen Elizabeth II Pets have always occupied huge chunks of human affection that sometimes, losing one results to complete devastation and heartache. We humans have long stopped treating our beloved pets as just mere animals. They can be anything for us, really. Some think of them as …

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Gift for a cat

What is a good gift for a cat?

Both for Christmas and when the cat turns one, you want to give it something extra. But what is a good gift for a cat, really? Cats usually like to play and eat, so why not give it a nice new toy or something tasty to eat. A bed to hang in the window over the element …

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Gifts for cat owners

What is a nice giWhat is a nice gift to a cat owner?ft to a cat owner?

Cat owners are very special, and we often hear about the crazy cat women. When you give a gift to a cat owner, it’s usually a gift for the cat really. But what is a good gift for a cat owner? A good gift to give a cat owner’s toys to the cat, stuff with cats on, …

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