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Candy Charms Gifts

For years candy charms have made a lot of children and adults as well all over the world happy and giggle with smiles. Who could ever resist the sweet, fruity goodness of candy charms? After unwrapping one, you can play these richly flavored candy charms with your tongue and it will help get rid of the boredom instantly. It is just a treat that everyone could enjoy in an instant.

Get Your Finest Choice of Candy Charms Gifts

We do like and love candy charms as well. And we would like to share this love of candy charms with the world. Pick a flavor and we bet, that is also the flavor the world loves. These candy charms are also a perfect gift item for kids and the kids at the heart of any age. Have your eyes play and enjoy the rich and fruity looks and we assure you, you will be soaking at the moment and turn any day magical.

Get Your Finest Choice of Candy Charms Gifts

Holicolor Mixed Assorted Candy Sweets Resin Flatback Slime Beads Making Supplies

Be charmed and be in love with this cute and colorful mixes assorted eye sweets. Perfect for scrapbooking and other collections. This 120-piece of candy charms is carefully selected to give you the optimum enjoyment in every moment you are soaked in. The all-time favorites like gummy bears, marshmallows, lollipops, cloud stars and many more will surely not disappoint you.

These candy charms are lightweight and brightly colored. It will not be damaged easily which you can use for a long time. Use it for crystal slime decoration and perfect for making hair clips to make girls pretty. Use it to decorate your phones, photo frames, shoes, and other D-I-Y projects that are surely an outstanding work of art that everyone will be going to love.

Perfect for kids, teenagers, and all the kids at heart. Tap your creative side and create different arts and crafts projects with these cuties and help spread love.

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Charms Assorted Sour Balls 12oz Canister

Working with your hands for hours can surely make you want to grab some munch. These assorted sour balls could make you giggle with glee with every taste. Bring back those happy memories with a taste of these sour balls. Get a few explosions in your mouth and creates a different level of excitement as it brings a contrasting taste of sourness and sweetness that we assure you, that you will be asking for more.

It has different colors, the assortment is just perfect for giving a bit of color to your everyday activities. It is perfect for watching countless hours of tv shows, playing with your phone, or for taking a quick stroll outside. It can make any day exciting, we would love you to try it now.

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Charms Squares, Assorted Fruit Flavors, Box of 20 Packs

This box of mouth-watering fruity-flavored goodies is a sure hit for both old and young alike. Share a candy and win a friend. Perfect for a quick grub while doing candy charms arts and crafts for countless hours. The classic flavors of grape, lemon, orange, and raspberry will sure make you want more. It is like eating a lollipop minus the stick.

Each box has 20 packs of assorted sweet goodness. The fantastic and tasty fruit flavors will explode in your mouth giving you an insane experience like no other. Pop some in your mouth and enjoy the passing moments having to taste the extraordinary flavor that leaves you stunned in an instant.  Enjoy the rich burst of flavor, have yours now.

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Colorful Candy Shape Charms Assorted with 15 Pieces Expandable Bangle Stainless Steel Adjustable Wire Bracelets

Jewelry made with the assorted colors of goodies. Make one for you and your friends and enjoy the countless hours passing. The assorted colors are the perfect eye candy that will leave your friends mesmerized for a moment. Make jewelry of lollipops and candy and everyone will end up wanting to have some.  The attractive and bright colors will surely be a hit among your family and friends.

Each package includes 15 pieces of expandable bangle bracelets in 3 colors. It also comes in different candy penchant charms and some bear pendants are adorable. Each item on this package is filled with cuteness overload that once you open the box you will want to immediately soak at the moment. Perfect for kids of all ages.

The expandable bangle is made of stainless steel and is proven friendly to a child’s skin. It is durable and strong can last for a very long time. This D-I-Y jewelry set can be customized to create different sets of necklaces, keychains, and other arts and crafts. There is no limit to what your imagination can do. You can make decors out of this set and enjoy your creativity to the fullest.

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Flatback Resin Candy Bear Charms

It is hard to stop candy charms. Bear pendant charms are simply unstoppable and irresistible. Who does not like bear pendant charms? You’re right no one. Kids of all ages simply love and adored candy charms like these bear pendant charms. These bears are cute, adorable, and very versatile for almost all kinds of D-I-Y projects. Try something and you will definitely hook doing it.

What would you possibly get from this bear package? For starters, you’ll get 80 pieces of mixed bear pendant charms in assorted colors.  Do all your scrapbooks, decorate your phone with these bears, or make them as an accessory for your hair. There is no limit to your imagination, feel the energy and start crafting your works of art.

It is safe to use, each bear is made of non-toxic resin that is colorful, smooth, and can be glued easily for different D-I-Y projects and crafts. Create a bracelet, or make a pendant, or simply customize it to create a stunning set of earrings and rings, and everything you touch simply turns to gold. Who would have thought that bears could be fashionable? Get yours now and set the trend.

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Shiny Lifelike Acrylic Candy Beads for Jewelry Making or DIY Crafts

Cute, attractive, and colorful, this is exactly how you will describe these lovely candy charms. It is the perfect gift items for kids and adult alike that loves arts and crafts. Do something with your hand and enjoy the countless hours of creating works of art with these candy charms beads. Each pack contains 100 grams of assorted goodies, about 78 pcs of richly colored candy charms beads.

With a piece of string and lots of imagination, you can create a wonderful and stunning piece of D-I-Y beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, hairbands, and more. Make a stylish keychain and make it a gift for your friends and loved ones. With a little bit of creativity, you can have stunning decors, perfect for your every friend’s home.

The assorted colors are an endless supply of creative inspiration. Each candy charms beads is made of acrylic that is safe to use by kids. Be inspired to craft beautiful and lifelike hand-crafted items and spread a lot of love. All of these candy charms beads can be yours if you are going to swipe and click your phone now.

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Random PVC Different unisex-adult Shoe Charms for Shoe Decoration

Walk stylishly and with confidence with these candy charms. These beautiful and cute shoe decorations are the perfect way to go to infuse fashion and glamour with your favorite sneakers and shoes. Make any day lovely as this shoe decoration is the perfect fit for any shoes and sneakers out there. Each pack contains a random piece of the good stuff.

Decorate, accessorized, and highlight your sneakers for a definitive fashion statement.  Be confident and beautiful with this shoe decoration. They are just charming and we are sure that these are the perfect gift items for your friends and loved ones. You can play with it or experiment with it all and still come out fashionable and beautiful.

Each item is made of non-toxic PVC which is very safe to use and made into beautiful accessories. Get yours now and start walking like you are walking in a modeling ramp.

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Initial Letter Keychain Alphabet with Tassel Candy Key Ring

Are you choosing the best gift for your candy-obsessed friend? Have you found one? Why not try this Letter key chain with a tassel candy key ring and see how it works wonders. Choose from A-Z and your friends will surely going to love it instantly. This candy charms key chain is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more. Spread a lot of love with his key chain.

This key chain has a clip closure for easy use. The bright colors are attractive. It is a beautiful accessory perfect for everyday use anytime and anywhere. It is lightweight and can be clipped on handbags and wallets. Organize your keys and don’t lose them again by binding them securely on this key chain. Give one of these to your friends and see how you have brightened up their days.

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Candy Charms Gifts
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