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Candle Warmer

Having something to keep you warm and well lighted is a great feeling. The night’s coldness seems to lessen with a candle burning brightly. Over the years, scented candles became common as having to smell and be relax with the scent takes away some of our troubles and stress. Candle warmer begins to become a choice for candles to give off their scent and takes away your troubles.

With these, we hope we would be able to give some meaningful and useful insights on the why’s and how’s of a candle warmer. We will try to cover as many bases as we can to give you an ample idea of why you need to get and choose for yourself a candle warmer as opposed to a traditional candle. Please be patient as we dig deep with some points.

What is a candle warmer?

What is exactly a candle warmer?

A candle warmer is a device that is electric-operated that will melt a candle or a scented wax for it to release its scent. There are variations on how a candle warmer would operate. There is a candle warmer that has a built-in bowl in which the candle is placed and then melt it, and the other one does not have a built-in bowl wherein you need to place a jar or cups on top of the warmer.

A candle warmer does not use an open flame for the scent of the candles to be released. Somewhere on the device is a heat-producing mechanism that melts wax. Plug the candle warmer on an outlet and switch it on and the process of distributing the scent slowly starts. It is practically easy and does need any elaborate steps to operate and use a candle warmer.

What are the benefits of using a candle warmer?

Candle warmers are considered a safer option for burning candles or wax because you will not be using an open flame in releasing the scent from the candles. The risk of starting a fire is minimized to zero because some candle warmers are designed with an auto-off function.

A candle warmer does not produce soot or anything that turns a part of your house discolored due to flames and it burns candles more efficiently. A traditional large candle will not be burned or melted completely like those parts that are farthest from the wick. The candle warmer was able to solve that issue by heating the candle evenly.

Are there any safety issues that I need to be aware of in using a candle warmer?

There are some reports of vegetable-based was candles exploded when used in a candle warmer. Explosions are explained to occur when the wax at the bottom of the candle expands while it melts and it builds pressure until it forces the solid wax layer above it or the glass container. A candle heated by its own flame will start to melts from the top and then slowly goes to the bottom and in doing so will not result in an explosion.

It doesn’t mean that a candle warmer does use an open flame to burn/melt a candle, the surface of the plate is hot. Extreme vigilance and care must be observed in using it. Keep the candle warmer away from any flammable. Children and pets must be kept away from the warmer to avoid any accidents. Another thing to take into consideration is the voltage that is to be used, it is advised that you have to check the voltage requirement before plugging it into your home’s wall socket.

Are there any disadvantages to using a candle warmer?

One thing that candle warmer users complain about is that the wax can easily lose its scent or fragrance quickly compared to a candle that uses a flame. A candle warmer also costs a little bit more compared to a box of matches or a lighter. There are candle warmers that cost $8.00 and up to $50.00 just for a single candle warmer, and you know, you will need several warmers for several candles.

And if you happen to have a few outlets at home, burning several candles using several warmers could become an issue. And the worst part is not all candles can be used with candle warmers. You are to use only candles that are in glass jars that would have to fit perfectly with the warmer plate. So if you have tapered candles or candles that do not come in containers, or are small or too big, we are sorry to tell you, you just can’t simply use them.

Choose from our list of candle warmers that would perfectly suit you

CozyBerry Candle Warmer Lamp ‚Äď $55.45

Create the best mood by having the best lighting effects at your home. Adjust your lamp’s brightness with this candle warmer’s built-in dimmer switch. Slowly melt your candles that would give you a relaxing fragrance and feel that will last long. Be safe, stop using open flames indoors, CozyBerry candle warmer is just the thing that you need for a relaxing night of comfort. CozyBerry is a perfect home decor, its elegant design complements well your background and your environment. Your best choice of a perfect gift for your family, friends, and office buddies. Spread all the love and positivity with a CozyBerry candle warmer.

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Magic Candle Warmer Lamp by Hestia ‚Äď $48.99

The perfect way to release your stress and relax the night away is in this classic and elegantly designed candle warmer by Hestia. It is more than just a lamp, it’s a magical experience waiting to unfold. Enjoy every moment of smelling the scent and fragrance of every melted candle that will leave you with an elated feeling of bliss. You can easily configure and adjust the height of the lamps to prevent any chance of heat leaks. It is so easy to use, just plug it in and you are good to go for a night of relaxation. You can also use the lamp as decor for your home. Give your room a touch of elegance and style, its perfect sleek design matches every corner of your home for a more relaxed and vibrant aura. It is available in several colors options to help you better with your mix and match for more stylish looks that will help you relax more.

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Exquisite Crystal Lampshade Candle Lamp Warmer ‚Äď $58.99

If your preference for a relaxing moment includes appreciating a modern European touch and design, this set of the candle warmer is the best choice for you. You can never get enough with this candle warmer. Enjoy every moment while the lamp melts the wax and your troubles away. Be completely relax smelling the scents of your favorite candles melts slowly. The 50-watt halogen bulb is the secret for a slow melting motion that maximizes the moment of being captivated with its magic. You can easily adjust the level of brightness and the temperature to suit your preference. The stylish and exquisite design is a perfect gift for your family and friends that would enjoy every moment that slowly melts away.

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Kobodon Ceramic Candle Wax Warmer ‚Äď $16.99

Burn and melts away your favorite candles and wax for countless hours while indulging your senses and spoiling your mood with Kobodon Ceramic Candle Warmer. Safely burn and melt away stress and pressure and enjoy every moment slide away slowly. Turn on your candle warmer and freshen up your entire room to induce a relaxing effect that everybody will surely enjoy. Smell the scents of fragrant oils and essence with this warmer. Be safe, be relax, and enjoy to the fullest your life by plugging in this warmer and see your troubles melt away.

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Bobolyn Ceramic Candle Warmer ‚Äď $19.99

Enjoy life to the fullest with Bobolyn Ceramic Candle Warmer, it illuminates your room with its contemporary and vibrant design to suit your mood and personality. This warmer is made with excellent handiwork you are sure that it won’t fade and scratch easily. It is very easy to operate and use, simply plug it in, and with a flick of a switch and everything becomes magical. It effectively removes odor and helps you freshen up your living room, your kitchen, basement, and your office. Slowly melts the wax and candles leaving you with new vigor and energy and optimize your vitality. The night light is just perfect for helping you to sleep better to face the busy day ahead. A perfect way to light up your room and help you keep the best relaxing mood you truly deserve.

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ROVO 7 Color Changed Light Wax Warmer ‚Äď $18.69

If you are looking for a perfect gift not only for yourself but also for your friends and loved ones, ROVO 7 candle warmer is the perfect gift item. The classy and elegant rose design complements the scent that this warmer brings. It is intricately designed allowing you to enjoy every moment of your relaxing time. The 7 color lights are designed to give you the best set of lights that would make you feel comfortable and relaxed, set the lights to turn alternately to give you the best satisfaction. It is energy efficient and is environment friendly, it has a built-in overheating protection mechanism adding a layer of safety for and more enjoyable moments.

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Original Candle Warmer- $14.25

This original candle warmer allows you to place a jar or a cup of your favorite candle or wax and be relieved of the stress and troubles after a hard day‚Äôs work at the office. Melt some scented candle from bottom to top and slowly smell the magic and be caught up in the moment of serenity, tranquility, and peace. As they say, ‚Äúnothing beats the original‚ÄĚ, and they are right, it is made from excellent quality materials making sure that every warmer is built to last and stay for a long time. It is proven safe and effective for your relaxation needs. The classic white color complements every surface that is in your home, put on top of the counter or the shelves, or the corner perhaps and everything would look better and functional while you enjoy the relaxing sweet smell of herbs and oils.

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Make your choice and get the best candle warmer for your relaxation needs

Sometimes, pampering yourself is what you need badly to take a break from this busy and competitive urban jungle. The day-in and day-out heavy workload would lead to some negative effects that will decrease our efficiency and effectiveness in handling some of our daily tasks and workloads. These sets of warmers will aid you in your quest to bring back the balance.

The use of these therapeutic candles is backed by science. Our mood, stress tolerance, and overall well-being can be enhanced by the scents that these candles bring. A little extra push that these candles can provide proves to have some positive effects on our brain that makes us happy and ready to tackle another set of challenges for the next day. Allow us to share some meaningful insights on the effects of these candles.

According to an article written by Chryssa Chalkia, an accredited clinical integrative psychotherapist and a cognitive-behavioral therapist said that the soothing effect of candles can influence the brain. The brain is stimulated by scents emitted by the scented candles. The part of our brain that is in charge of memory and emotions gets benefited from the effects of the scented candles. Our brain induces the release of serotonin and dopamine hormones that helps regulates our mood. Our emotional state, as stated by Chalkia is influenced by the relationship between scent, memories, and emotions.

Having something that will help you attain your total and the ultimate relaxed state does need to be expensive. A few dollars could spell the difference between feeling refreshed or being soggy and tired the following day. The little push that these candle warmers will bring to the table could be the little extra motivation we badly need to bring back happiness and joy in our day-to-day dealings with our busy schedules.

Candle Warmer
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