Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

What makes a birthday celebration memorable? Is it the large cake? Or the large turn-around of gifts and guests? Or is it the wonderful and meaningful memories created? All of those things make a birthday celebration memorable. Capturing and making it alive for years to come will make it worth the smiles and the laughs worth remembering forever.

A birthday is a really special celebration. Even if it’s not yours, the excitement should still be felt, and you should make sure this person feels like they’re the most important person in your life (at least for that day). If you’re looking for some creative birthday photoshoot ideas to make your event fun and memorable, then we’ve got some of them right here. Many of these ideas will only take a few minutes to set up, but all will provide hours of entertainment for everyone involved.

Birthday Photoshoot Ideas
Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

A photoshoot is a must for every birthday celebration, for starters, it doesn’t have to be expensive and star-studded. With a great concept and some flashy ideas, you can do a birthday photoshoot that looks professional and vibrant. The tricks in bending lights and photo effects that would make a photoshoot look like a centerfold can be attained with a few tweaks and some camera magic.

Getting perfect quality photos can be a challenge and you can’t buy them at a candy store. Photographer’s skills will come into play with their every click that would capture all the moments into a single shot that will make it a part of history. We know that you are excited and can’t wait to make your pose for your birthday photoshoot. We can’t wait to see you perform your favorite pose and post it on your account.

How much does it cost to do a birthday photoshoot?

Do you need to have a photoshoot? In case you haven’t realized it yet, photoshoots are not only for actors and actresses. You can also pose and take some photoshoots on your birthday or on any occasion that you see it fit. Just be comfortable with it and everything will just turn out fine. You only have one birthday in a year. We suggest that you do the best you could about it and have a blast.

If what’s troubling you is the cost of having a professional photographer to get your photos, you don’t need to trouble yourself that much. You may opt to just get your photos yourself but you know exactly how it will turn out. And besides, it is your day, stop thinking of what is going to happen and just soak at the moment. Getting the services of a professional photographer would not leave you in financial ruin.

A photographer charges around $25 to $500 an hour. It would depend on the skills and the “brand” of the photographer. When we say “brand”, we are referring to his or her reputation as a “camera guy”. An amateur would charge less compared to a professional. While a “very professional” “camera guy” would charge exuberant and high fees. It is like wine, the older they get the more expensive they become.

Let us continue, a photographer charges you for a minimum of 2 hours. Just to give you a more concrete example, in a wedding, a photographer may charge between $1,000 to $3,000 for 6 hours. But we are not doing weddings, we are doing birthday photoshoots, so the price would be reduced quite significantly. There are low-end photographers, average photographers, and high-end photographers.

A photographer would get all the best angles and shots and would delve into the right moment to get that perfect shot. They have a perfect understanding of what the client wants. A photographer would bring with them their stuff and their gadgets just to get that picture-perfect moment to be trapped in a picture. After a tiring session, they would be spending hours of photoshop to get the best-looking photo.

When you want something that is of excellent quality, it is needless to say that you need to shell out a couple of bucks for it. You can always do the photos yourself but come on, it is your birthday, it is not a random field event that you can just take your phone and point and click as much as your heart wants. Your birthday is special and so are you, spare a bit of cash for the wonderful memories that will be going to take place.

Categories of photographers

Photographers can be classified. Their rates also differ since they are not of the same level and offer a different degree of proficiency in getting shots. You need to understand that a professional would charge higher compared to an amateur, and a semi-pro would charge differently compared to a student and hobbyist. For a more detailed discussion, let us have a look a this.

  • A hobbyist charges less than $50 an hour and would charge about $10 to $25 on an image. This category is for people who do it on a sideline basis and did not undergo formal photography training, techniques, and best practices. They could be your drinking buddies, your fellow club member, or your regular fishing partner type of guy.
  • An amateur charges $25 to $100 an hour and would charge $25 to $50 on an image. These are the start-up guys. They are building up their online portfolio and have experience seeing images of clients. They haven’t attended any formal training on professional photography and they offer a little bit low price.
  • A student charges $50 to $100 an hour and would charge $25 to $100 on an image. These guys may have experience apprenticeship with a professional photographer and have taken up units in photography and media classes in college.
  • A semi-pro charges $75 to $150 an hour and would charge $50 to $150 on an image. Most of these guys are part-time photographers with education in the photography field and have more than one year of photography-related work experience.
  • A professional charges $100 to $300 an hour and would charge $75 to $350 on an image. These are full-time guys, have an extensive portfolio, strong photography skills, and have been doing photography for several years.
  • A top professional charge $200 to $500 an hour and would charge $400 to $1,000 and more on an image. These are the “go-to” photographers of magazines, advertising companies, and film industries.

We hope that it helps clear some points on how much you would need to spend on a photographer.

How should I pose for my birthday photoshoot?

Posing for your birthday photoshoot is technically not that very challenging. Since it’s your birthday, nobody could tell you what to do and how you should pose for your birthday photoshoot. It’s not like a modeling photoshoot where a director would yell at the top of their lungs to do this and do that. You are perfectly fine with whatever pose you are going to do.

Have a Photo Shoot in the Front Yard

If you want to make your front yard a place where your children will want to spend their time, there are many ways to do this. You can have fun photoshoots, play games, have soap bubbles, and more. Please remember that you need to monitor what they’re doing at all times when they’re outside so that they don’t put themselves in danger.

Have a Photo Shoot in an Inflatable Pool

An inflatable pool might not be something you already have lying around, but it’s one of the best things you could buy if you’re having birthday parties for your kids. The best part is that this will provide hours of entertainment when nothing else is there.

Have a Snowball Fight

You don’t need snow to have a snowball fight, but this makes it better. That can be done at any time of year if you get creative, so it should be on everyone’s list of things to do during their photoshoot.

Crafts for Kids Birthday Parties

There are so many fun and creative craft projects your kids will love that will put them in charge when they’re on their birthday party activities. That can give them a sense of control and ownership to make them feel special. The projects are also easy enough to set up to be done with a little help.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Of course, once you have your photoshoots planned, you’ll need to know how to organize them into a scavenger hunt. It’s possible and easy for you to do. All you’ll need is a bit of inspiration, experience, and some creativity! This idea can be adapted in so many ways that picking something simple is always the best way to start.

A walk in the park

You can take this chance to hang out with your friends and go on a walk through nature. The great thing about this photoshoot is that you can get some amazing shots of yourself and your friends hanging out while also having some fun and getting away from civilization. Set up the camera in one unique spot and make sure everyone gets in the frame as much as possible. This idea is perfect for when it is nice outside, and you can have everyone over for an afternoon of pictures.

Let’s check out the beach.

This fun idea is bound to get everyone laughing and having fun! To get this photo, you will need to make sure you have the right clothing on before beginning the shoot. Next, set up the camera on self-timer and give your friends enough time to put on their bathing suits. The intriguing part about this idea is how creative you can get with your poses and how funny it looks when everyone is dressed up as their favorite pirates or beach bums.

Public Place

There might be some off-limits places (like inside of stores), but there are a lot of places you can still go. You could get creative and work the background into the photoshoot or include it as part of your props. I’ve done this a few times and have even made getting the right picture an impromptu scavenger hunt for my kids. It’s a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Make Your Backdrop

If you’d like to make your backdrop for your photo shoot, then you could cut out some large shapes from different colored paper and hang those behind where everyone is sitting or standing. You can include those shapes in any photo you take, and they will make it that much more fun.

Make a Styrofoam Box Photo Shoot

If you have access to styrofoam boxes, they can be used in fun ways! You could even cut them down to size and use them as props if you like. Alternatively, you could use a cardboard box and cut holes for the kids to stick their heads through (you can get those from the store or make your own). Once you quickly saw how well works for your children, you might make it part of your schedule every year.

Reindeer Games

You can’t go wrong doing this type of photoshoot with kids. Pick a festive holiday and get everyone involved. You could even have them come dressed in costumes to match their favorite holiday. If your children love any reindeer game, you might make sure to choose one that matches your Christmas card this year. You might manage to get many cards taken that day and still have a lot of fun.


This one is simple and fun. All you need is some sparklers, a friend to help with lighting, your camera, and some protective gloves (they can get pretty hot!). Fireworks are pretty dangerous, so make sure you’re constantly monitoring the situation – don’t let the sparklers get too close to anything flammable or burnable.

Sultry Legs

This photoshoot idea is simple and only requires an assistant to help you move around. That will be the perfect look for your holiday party photos. All you need is a comfortable red dress or pair of pants and heels. Make sure that your outfit can open in the front (girlfriends if you’re reading this – save you all some embarrassment and make sure she’s wearing something easy!).

Flowers in the Wind

Maybe you don’t have time to put together a full photoshoot today, but you still want to capture that feeling of being carefree. That is a super easy one. All you need is a small bouquet, your camera and an assistant with some good ideas. Just make sure that the flowers don’t get too big or heavy and that the wind doesn’t cause them to fly away.

Creative with lampshades

If you have an old lampshade with a broken lampshade, you can use it for your next photo shoot. You can prop it up anywhere and have someone pose inside of them for a creative photograph!

Pets photoshoot

Most people have pets as their companions. In reality, you might even want to get a few of your friends or family’s pet for this photoshoot. Have each pet pose in front of the clean background and then take a fun picture with that one being the main focus, but not necessarily looking at it.

Food photos

Why not get some food-themed pictures of your family and friends? You can take pictures in front of a kitchen, with some dishes in the background. You have the chance to determine how creative you want your photoshoot to be!

Water balloons

What happens when a bunch of friends goes outside armed with water balloons? They create some great pictures that are bound to look hilarious no matter what angle they come from. All you need to do is get some friends together and go outside to create a water balloon fight. The catch is that you will need to make sure everyone brings at least one handful of water balloons with them, so make sure you all know how the waterworks not to get anyone hurt during the fight.

Dress up like a sea creature

This fun idea is bound to get everyone laughing and having fun! To get this photo, you will need to make sure you have the right clothing on before beginning the shoot. Next, set up the camera on self-timer and give your friends enough time to put on their costumes. One of the intriguing parts about this idea is how creative you can get with your poses and how funny it looks when everyone is dressed up as their favorite sea creatures.

The Love Tree

This is a great idea for the more artistic couple. Grab some rope and a tree, then tie the rope around the tree and have your partner pose for some pictures. You don’t need to purchase anything or take too much time to get these photos taken – they’re unique, fun, and will make beautiful presents!

Portrait race car

Get someone in your family or friend dressed up as a race car driver. Get them ready by putting on fancy goggles, getting them fitted for gloves, and finding the appropriate costume they need. Then get your camera ready and have them drive a few laps around you.

The Lying Down

 This is great for anyone who loves to laugh or likes a challenge. Lie down on the ground and let your partner take a picture of you. You can be funny or serious, whatever you prefer! You can add props to make the photo even better.

A box of snacks

Shoot a picture of you and all your friends with a bunch of snacks in a plain white box. To make it even better, take pictures from different angles to show that you could be making food for a family. Try to get as many people in the frame as possible to get a group shot. The idea here is not just about getting your friends together for some great pictures, but about having everyone have fun with this fun idea. The catch is that you need to provide the snacks and keep them simple, so make sure no one brings home anything too crazy or unhealthy.

Dress up as your favorite wrestler

This fun idea is bound to get everyone laughing and having fun! To get this photo, you will need to make sure you have the right clothing on before beginning the shoot. Next, set up the camera on self-timer and give your friends enough time to put on their wrestling costumes. You are not limited on how creative you can get with your poses. You will also be intrigued about how funny it looks when everyone is dressed up as their favorite wrestlers.

Find a child’s room and take a picture.

This idea is perfect for when you have many people over for your birthday. The catch is that everyone needs to have fun with this idea, so make sure you trust everyone in the group. You will need to find an old house with an abandoned kid’s room or playroom somewhere inside to get this shot. You must find a place where no one ever goes, so you will want to make sure this is in the basement or somewhere else not many people will go into.

Next, set up the camera on self-timer and let it capture how funny it looks when everyone gets inside the tiny space of a kids’ room. Boys, try to act like many girls, and girls, you can act more like boys. The best part about this idea is that you can set up the photos how you want and even create your own story around them.

Make monsters

To enhance your creativity, try creating your monster in the shape of your friends. To do this, start with a sheet and head to the next step by taking some pictures from every angle of your friends in their monster costumes. Next, move to small appliances and around the house and get everyone lined up so you can get a picture from every angle of them. You need to have someone behind each appliance or object, so do not worry about blocking a camera shot.

This idea works for kids of all ages and is sure to give you some great pictures after everyone gets finished posing as their imaginary monster.

Creative with fruit

Have you ever seen a picture where people took pictures of themselves in a fruit bowl? Well, now is your chance to take one! You can get creative by having someone lie on top of a bunch of fruits or throwing them up high in the air to catch them in mid-fall!

Here are some more suggestions you might want to consider

  1. You can be dramatic by dimming the lights and use a candle for more effects and drama.
  2. You can carry your cake and show it to people
  3. You can carry your cake and blow it with your eyes closed
  4. You can put some cupcakes with happy birthday letters on top of it and some candles and pretend you look surprised.
  5. Put a lot of balloons at the back, with a lighted happy birthday sign and pose like Greta Garbo
  6. Hug assorted colors set of balloons and put on your best smile like Anne Hathaway
  7. Close your eyes and pretend that you are making a wish
  8. Pose a sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones look and have it in black and white
  9. You can look from afar, wearing a tiara.
  10. Cross the street with lots of balloons that match your OOTD
  11. Sit sexy in your bed and wear your birthday dress
  12. Place the date on top of the photo and pose like a movie teaser, it could generate a lot of likes and thumbs up.
  13. Shoot your photo with your partner, like your partner is going to whisper something.
  14. You can set up a picnic-themed photoshoot with lots of trees and grass and everything in between
  15. Get a lot of little lights to create a firefly-like effect and put your sexiest facial expression
  16. Wear your birthday hat while carrying your cake with tinsel in the background

How to take good birthday pictures?

A piece of advice when trying to get good photos for birthdays, mostly it is done indoors. We recommend using an ISO setting of at least 400-800. Refrain from getting any higher because the pictures will tend to get grainy and stuff. The shutter speeds play a vital role in this scenario. Set the shutter speed to at least 1/125th of a second to keep pictures crisp and sharp.

Children in most cases moved quickly and do unexpected things. The camera flash can be used to illuminate the face of the children, but care should be exercised always in over-using it. There is a tendency for flash images will look harsh, unnatural, and over-exposed.

Birthday photoshoot ideas for babies

Parents are proud to take their babies for a photoshoot. Birthdays are intended to be memorable and fun. When babies celebrate their birthdays they are the cutest and the most adorable thing in the whole world. Being to capture every moment is an important thing for parents. We understand that parents take great pride in showing the world how proud they are of their baby’s birthday.

  • Babies are adorable, but they are not very patient. They are the set of the toughest customers to work with. You can get them to calm down with those toy numbers. Those toys can come in handy on this photoshoot. When they see things that are familiar to them it can help them to remain calm and relaxed. It wouldn’t be nice if you take pictures that would make them appear uneasy and scared. You want to see them instantaneously get that infectious laugh and smile. Those are just priceless.
  • Bring everybody together, babies would love to see their siblings, their cousins, and friends. Make them to friendly with each other. This will help the babies to feel free, easy, and playful. It can be a great way of showing love amongst family members.
  • If you are a sporty kind of family, you can wear a sports uniform, it could be a basketball-themed party or a baseball-themed party you can even make the decorations that jive with your sports theme. Imagine your baby is in uniform and your MVP. This one great theme.
  • Get your baby to taste his first birthday cake, and when his face is already messy. Get that perfect shot. The icing and all sorts of mess would look adorable. Imagine cake sticking on your baby’s lips, face, fingers, and where ever. It is going to be fun.
  • Babies love bubbles. Create a lot of bubbles and soak your baby at that moment. Get that shot and it’s done. You just don’t have the slightest idea how wonderful it would look.
  • Fill your baby’s crib with balloons of different colors. Put your baby inside and see them have a blast of a lifetime. Just make sure that you get all those popped balloons. Colored balloons and babies just go well together. You’ll never get wrong with balloons as a theme for baby photoshoots.
  • Get all the toys in one place and your baby will instantly become the star of the show. Stuffed animals, trains, dolls, and everything that your baby loves. It would look great as it would make your baby smile in an instant. Don’t you just love that moment? Your baby’s facial expression is priceless.

You can never get enough birthday photoshoot ideas. Your creativity is limitless, your imagination can take you to places that would look great when viewed at the back of a camera lens. Considering factors like hiring the photographer you can find and afford could spell a lot of difference for birthday photoshoots. We have given you a clear idea of how much a certain level of photographer charges for their skills.

Photoshoots, whether indoors or outdoors can be quite fun and memorable. The most important thing is that everything you are going to do must be enjoyable and interesting. Don’t be pressured, don’t stress yourself out, and most of all try to maintain that fun vibe because anything that is done without fun usually doesn’t look good. Be as natural as you can and be ready for that ultimate birthday photoshoot.