Best Lightest Portable Massage Table

In 2022, the business is going to the clients, instead of the clients going to the business. Medical attention is always a priority, and therapists can provide the services right at the clients’ homes, because of that a portable massage table is easy to take anywhere, made of a light but resistant material, and comfortable for the clients. So today, I’ll list the best lightest portable massage tables that people can find on amazon this 2022.

EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

The EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX is its eco-friendly design made of hard maple wood, and it comes along with a carry case. The table design is made of non-slip hardwood legs, ergonomic knobs, and a full-length piano hinge. This massage table is eco-friendly because it uses farmed and renewable wood. The HARMONY DX also has a patented adjustable face cradle, where the client’s face can rest over a cloud fill poly-gel cushion that provides a perfect position and full comfort. 

This is an all-in-one massage table that is easy to transport. It is adjustable for different heights, and people of any size can fit in. EARTHLITE assures 3 years of warranty, and comfort not only for the client but the professional that will take the table anywhere. Also, the table cover is made of nylon and it is perfect for athletes.

The HARMONY DX is a very well-done massage table, its total weight is almost 20 Kg so it is not that heavy. It is easy to clean since the cover is made of nylon, easy to use, the price is very fair, just $280.00, and comes in a nice black color that would add a minimalist and professional look. 

Master Massage Montclair Professional

The Master Massage Montclair Professional portable table is made of a 3-inch thick non-flammable cushion memory foam. It has 3 layers of this 3-inch memory foam, but the bottom layer is firm enough to ensure comfortability for the client, and the other two layers are thick but soft enough to keep the table comfy and cozy; the client will never feel the table structure!

The Montclair Professional uses a patented Duo-Plane hinge to keep the table stable and in place, leaving behind the traditional piano-hinge. Master Massage designers discover that the typical piano-hinge puts too much stress on the wood, and after a certain time, the table legs may crack. So, the Master Massage Duo-Plane hinges provide durability and a better distribution of the weight over the table legs. Also, the Reiki panel allows the therapist to have a better position when giving the massage. Because of all these features, the table supports a weight of 680 Kg.

The table comes with a sculptured ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle made of the same memory foam that is used in the rest of the table, and also has an oversized armrest shelf. The Shiatsu cable allows the therapist to place the table on the floor, and its square corners give more relaxed support to the shoulders’ clients. The total weight of the table is 17 kg, so I can say it is one of the lightest tables on the market.

Luxton Home Premium 

The Luxton Home Premium is made of memory foam, and it is easy to set up. This portable massage table is effortless to open, and once the table is set up, the accessories and items are uncomplicated to plug into the table. The table height is also adjustable according to the type of client and the treatment the latter will receive; this will optimize the massage experience and comfortability of the therapy.

The Luxton Home Premium has a storage bag with two pockets placed on the side of the table, where the therapist can keep close any item that may be needed during the session. The table itself can support 250 kg. 

Luxton assures years of research to design a top-quality product, which is made of a “luxurious outer layer” of plush memory foams. “Everything has been carefully sourced,” they said. The foam used on it is divided into two; 2 cm of memory foam at the top, and below 3cm of regular foam to create “the best support for the body at any angle”. Adjustable for different heights, with a face cradle and a side bag to carry items that may be used in the session; the Luxton Home Premium portable table is 18.37 kg and comes with a carry bag.

STRONGLITE Shasta Portable Massage Table Package

The STRONGLITE Shasta Portable Massage Table Package comes with a pillow, an adjustable cradle, and a carrying case. The total weight of this portable massage table is just 17 kg!

The STRONGLITE Shasta is an all-in-one treatment table that is made of smooth vinyl hand upholstered and hardwood beech legs that offer the clients support and comfort. It is double stitched and has rounded corners. The hardwood beech legs have corner blocks and double knobs that in combination with the strong system make a stable and strong table that can support 400 lbs.

What makes me put the STRONGLITE Shasta Portable Massage Table is the fact that it came with a face pillow that the other massage tables on the list don’t have. Moreover, the table has a face cradle, and rugged nylon made with heavy-duty zippers. The buttery smooth vinyl that is used to cover the surface of the table is pleasant to the touch. Also, STRONGLITE ensures the client’s safety and 5-year warranty product.

Luxton Home 3-Section Premium

This time, I am going to talk about the Luxton Home 3-Section Premium. This portable massage table is made of memory foam, just as almost all of the massage tables are offered by Luxton Home. However, this massage is divided into 3 sections, not two just like the typical one. This third section allows the therapist to massage the clients from different positions and angles, giving, as a result, an optimized massage therapy. 

The table is made of a luxurious outer layer and push foams that ensure the clients’ comfortability. The massage table also has an adjustable weight, that in combination with its third section opens a ton of possibilities for the therapist to provide a top-quality massage by positioning the clients in different ways. 

The Luxton Home 3-Section Premium portable massage table is easy to set up, the therapists only need to open it up, and plug the accessories it may require to use in the session. The table comes in a comfortable carrying case that takes minimal space, it is flat and can be stored in any place. 

The 3-Section Premium is made of a combination of premium and memory foam that offers comfort for the sessions, and the third section can be raised at any time, whenever it is required. This is a spa-grade table and its final weight is just 21.7 Kg. This product comes with a PDF installation guide, so there isn’t any question left!

Master Massage Montclair LX Pro Portable

The Master Massage Montclair LX Pro Portable is made of memory foam and can support 454 Kg of static weight, and it can also give 340 Kg of working weight support. The Montclair LX Pro uses a multi-layer non-flammable small cell foam, it is a 3-inch thick cushion that has this unique foam combination that gives an incredible balance between support and comfort, and the clients will never feel the table structure. This foam combination and the cushioning upholstery will contour the clients’ bodies for more comfort.

This time, Master Massage shows its patented ultra-strong duo-plane hinge that provides the table massage a secure hold that makes the whole tabletop brace stable and keeps it in place. This patented duo-plane hinge prevents any cracks in the table legs and puts minimal stress on the wood. 

The Master Massage Montclair LX Pro also comes with a patented ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle that gives maximum comfort and support. This ergonomic dream face cradle is designed with a curve crossbar that allows for the cushion to adapt and fit all types of face shapes and sizes. 

The face cradle is covered by an ergonomic dream face pillow made of memory foam that has the shape of “two hands” to embrace the face naturally and comfortably. This combination between both ergonomic dream face cradle and pillow mold the clients’ face and neck in a perfect alignment with the spine, and so eliminates the pressure in that upper part of the body.

The total weight of this portable table is 16.3 kg. The Montclair LX Pro has a large contoured armrest shelf, a shiatsu cable support system, reiki endplates, and the mattress cover is oil and water-resistant but very soft and pleasant to touch. And finally, it has its deluxe carry case with 4 accessory pockets to take the table and items needed anywhere!

Royal Massage Sheffield Elite Professional

The Royal Massage Sheffield Elite Professional is a chiropractic massage table whose net weight is 12.6 Kg, but with all the accessories its weight is around 26.5 lbs. Even when this table is not the lightest in the list –if I add the weight of all the accessories–, it is one with the best reviews. With an average 4.6 star reviews in each category (value for money, sturdiness, comfort), I can say this table has a good balance between quality, value for money, and comfort; which makes it worthy.

They are made of a thick extra padded multi-layered 2-inch foam. The table itself is strong, easy to transport and set up, and it comes with all the professional items that may be in a session. The Sheffield Elite Professional has a headpiece that can be modified and adapted to every client in a few minutes! It also has a spaced armrest. Furthermore, this chiropractic massage table has a toggle pelvic drop and a toggle thoracic drop that can be adjusted whenever it is needed in a session.

Master Massage Carlyle LX Extra Large Portable

The Master Massage Carlyle LX Extra Large Portable table is a “spacious luxury and indulgent cushioning” massage table designed by Master Home Products. It has a 3 thick cushion of small cell foam and contains a 1 thick layer of heat-sensitive and pressure-point-relieving memory foam. This is a spa-grade table in a portable form that is easy to set up and has an auto-lock security system that prevents any unexpecting malfunction.

The auto-lock system also provides security when it is being used, the Clevis Block leg and the stabilizer bar add more strength to the table, and allow it to work from a seated or stand position. The table legs prevent any slip, but the footpads have a non-mark design so they will not scratch the floor. The Carlyle LX Portable comes in a nice dark chocolate brown color with an ergonomic dream adjustable face cradle and a padded armrest. It also includes a four-pocket carrying case.

The Carlyle LX Portable table is made of Stained European Beechwood and aircraft-grade steel support cables. The table is not strong but comfortable, it also has a nice traditional and fancy look that can support 454 Kg. The final weight is 17 Kg, and it is made for spa and beauty sites. It is a little bit expensive in comparison with other portable tables, but the Carlyle LX Portable is designed to be long-lasting!

STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Package Olympia

The STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Package Olympia is an all-in-one treatment massage table. The whole table only weighs 18 Kg, which makes it easy to carry anywhere, and it’s simple and flat design when it is in its carry case. The carry case is made of nylon and has heavy-duty zippers, so is very resistant. 

The table has rounded corners, and it is made of responsive cushioning covered by a hand upholstered double stitched smooth vinyl. Additionally, the STRONGLITE Olympia is available in two nice and professional colors, beige and black. The table legs and its base are made of solid hardwood beech, and it is supported by a strong cabling system. Moreover, the table is strengthened by corner blocks and double knobs, so it can support 450lbs of working weight. 

The STRONGLITE Portable Massage Table Package Olympia also includes an adjustable face cradle covered by a face pillow that offers comfort for the client during the whole session.

Master Massage Eva Portable Pregnancy Multi-Functional

This time Master Massage is showing the Master Massage Eve Portable Pregnancy Multi-Functional massage therapy beauty table couch in a burgundy color. This table offers full comfort for clients during their pregnancy. 

The Eva Portable Pregnancy can support 680 Kg of static weight and 370 Kg of working weight. The table has been through rigorous tests to prove its capacity and strength. It is made of hardwood and uses the Master Massage’s patented duo-plane center hinges that are placed around the center wood joint, so the table is strong and prevents any cracks when it is being used.

The table is made of the highest quality non-flammable small cell foam that is found in most of the Master Massage products! The cushion is a 3-inch 3-layer small cell foam, the bottom layer is thick enough that the client will never feel the table structure, and the top layer is the softest to offer complete comfort wherever the client is placed. 

The Eva Portable Pregnancy massage table comes with a universal face cushion made of “extreme soft molded polyurethane foam” that has a memory effect, its shape ensures that clients’ eyes will never feel pressure, and it is also water, oil, and abrasion-resistant! Additionally, the face cradle is adjustable so the therapist can align the face and neck with the spine or in any position needed.

The table has an ingenious auto-lock leg system, quick set leg adjuster knobs, exclusive numbered leg adjustment holes, and reiki endplates for both sides. The total weight of this multi-functional pregnancy massage table is just 16.3 Kg

EARTHLITE Calistoga Portable Masseuse 

The EARTHLITE Calistoga Portable Masseuse massage table is a flexible one that allows the therapist to place the clients in different positions to offer a wide variety of services. This massage table can be used in salons, spas, and for medical purposes. The EARTHLITE Calistoga comes with a neck roll salon pillow, sidearms, and footrest. The table is ergonomically designed so different body types, shapes, weights, and heights can fit on it! 

It is made of top-quality hard maple wood and thick but soft premium foam that comfort and stability during any session. The massage table comes with a patented mid-brace cradle-lock cabling system and a deluxe manually adjustable salon top. The whole table cushion is covered by luxurious upholstery vinyl. The table can support 1360 Kg of static weight (tested) and 340 Kg of working weight. 

The final weight of the EARTHLITE Calistoga Portable Masseuse massage table is 45 including the items that come in the complete package which comes with the neck roll salon pillow, sidearms, footrest, and a carrying case!

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Best Lightest Portable Massage Table
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