Anime wedding

You nod your head and wore the gorgeous engagement ring he presented to you. No matter the manner of the question-popping, you said yes and now you are engaged, yay!

Whether you are the blushing bride-to-be or the nervous groom-to-be, you are now faced with the seemingly daunting task of arranging and planning a wedding. Among a gazillion things to prepare and think about, thinking and deciding on a cohesive theme can be quite stressful and overwhelming.

An anime wedding theme can be a perfect wedding theme for couples who share a love for the animation style.

How to arrange an anime wedding?

Anime Themed Weddings

The reasons for opting to peruse the anime wedding theme may vary from couple to couple. Some couples chalk up their fateful meeting due to their passion for anime, citing the genre as the reason that brought them together. Others meet through online forums and message boards, sharing anime memes, updates, and reviews. And then, there are cases when the passion for drawing anime figures attracts singles and brought them together, with romantic sparks flying everywhere the moment they met.

Now, you may ask, can we pull this off? This is a pretty big decision, one that will forever be remembered and reminisced. Fear not, your wedding is a good venue to bring out your unique style and personality. And if anime occupies that much special place in you hearts and in your relationship, no one can ever stop you.

For the uninitiated, anime wedding is an animation style originating from Japan. The term describes all animated works produced in the said country. Dating back to 1917, the style re-emerged in the 1960s, thanks to the works of Osamu Tezuka, a cartoonist. From then on, the style spread and garnered a huge domestic audience which bloomed and eventually included audiences and fans around the world.

Contrary to popular but untrue beliefs, anime is not exclusively produced for children. Some detractors will dismiss the animation style as children’s cartoons. However, there is a diverse range of genres targeting different demographics such as girls’ (shojo), boys’ (shonen), children’s (kodomo), and adult audiences. With the advent of globalization, anime wedding has become commercially available and profitable in Western countries starting in the early 198os.

Whether you are hard-core anime fans or just really, really love the cuteness and vibrancy of the animation style, using it as a theme will need some (or a lot!) of planning. Read on and you’ll have ideas or pointers you will need to set up and execute an anime wedding-themed wedding party that all your friends and loved ones will surely remember for years to come.

Decide On The Specific Theme

Before you decide on anything else, the theme is the first thing you need to agree on. Yes, the theme is anime weddings, but you cannot possibly mean ALL anime, do you? The genre covers many topics and themes and shows that deciding on one might be more manageable and realistic. Deciding on a specific theme will put into perspective the other choices you need to make. The theme you will choose will affect the overall vibe of your wedding, so set aside time to figure what you want.

One option is to go for a wider, generalized anime theme, focusing on one part of the genre, for example, cooking anime or fighting anime or tournament anime. This way, the choices for the design, costumes and other aspects can be broader. Friends who are new to the genre and had just exposed to one or two shows can be accommodated.

Or, you can opt for the single show route. The focused theme can make the choosing of other party aspects easier and simpler.

Here are a few popular anime wedding themes you can consider:

Kawaii Anime wedding

With this generalized theme, you can insert ideas from popular Kawaii shows such as Hello Kitty, Zelda, My Neighboor Totoro or even Gizmo. The possibilities are endless and cute!

Sailor Moon Theme

If you want to tie the knot “in the name of the moon”, a Sailor Moon-themed wedding is beyond perfection. Everything from the cake to the bouquet can be styled according to the beloved show.

Pokemon wedding Theme

When you want to catch ’em call , this theme lends cuteness and color to your special day. Ash, Pikachu and a host of your favorite pocket monsters will bring fun and vibrancy to your wedding.

Dragon Ball Theme

Fancy dressing up as Chichi and Son Goku? Ready to raise your own little Gohan? If you can, include a flying nimbus cloud and ride to the sunset together.

Naruto Theme

Channel your inner Naruto and Hinata and go all out Naruto Shippuden theme on your magical day.

One Piece wedding Theme

For a nautical anime wedding twist on your day, One Piece can lend uniqueness and fun on your decorations. Pirate accents a la Monkey D. Luffy would be cute to add to everything from your costumes to the venue decorations.

Studio Gihbli Theme

Fan of the popular animation studio’s shows? Decorations inspired by Spirited Away and Totoro will make for great additions.

Food Wars! Theme

Row upon row of tasty and delicious food inspired from the popular anime show sounds so appetizing! Don your Totsuki uniform and say I do in elite culinary style.

Detective Conan Theme

If you are a fan of the wonder boy’s detective skills, having the show’s theme as your wedding theme is a no-brainer.

Lupin The Third anime wedding Theme

Capers and heist decoration lends a sexy and mysterious vibe to any party. If you both love Arséne Lupin III’s skills and antics, the theme is perfect for your much awaited wedding day.

Send Your Invitations

Now that you have decided on a theme, it is time to actually start on the nitty-gritty details. To start off, after deciding on a date and time for your actual wedding, you should start sending out invitations to your guests. Finding a suitable design that will compliment your chosen overall theme should be quite easy. Your invitation cards will give your guests a sneak peek or a little taste for what’s in store for them in the big day.

Read on for anime wedding invitation card ideas you can use. Just be sure to include the theme and dress code so your guests have plenty of time to prepare their costumes (and attitude!).

Comic Book wedding Invitation

The most obvious and quite adorable way to invite your guests is to send a customized wedding invitation in comic book style. We love the Comic Inspired Wedding Invitation available at Etsy. These come in different sizes and configurations that will fit any kind of style you are going for.

Sailor Moon Wedding Invitation

Perfect for your Sailor Moon themed wedding, these cards will lend a timeless and classic vibe to your wedding guests.

This Sailor Moon Inspired Wedding Invitation Template (Photoshop RAW File) is perfect if you want to customize. You can have it printed by your favorite printing stores.

Laser Cut Tree Invitations

Laser cut designs are popular even among traditional weddings. This Wishmade White Bride and Groom Laser Cut Tree Wedding Invitations with Pink Watercolor Insert gives off fairytale anime wedding vibes.

Laser Cut Hollow Rose Invitations

The DorisHome Blank Gold Laser Cut Wedding Invitation Cards with Envelopes is perfect for bride and grooms who do not want to stray too much from tradition while showing a little hint of their passion for anime. You can include a personalized insert with imagery of your favorite anime wedding characters.

Traditional Wedding Invitations With Customized Wax Seal

Amp up your traditional wedding invitations by adding a wax seal of your favorite anime logos and figures. Check out the Gpeal Personalized Wax Seal Stamp that lets you create your own anime design. Seal that invitation in everything, from a bright yellow Pikachu to a vibrant pink Sailor Moon sigil.

Card Captor Sakura Invitations

Fans of this anime will surely appreciate the Printable Magical Girl Sakura Wedding Invitation by NerdyNuptial in Etsy. The template features bright pink and yellow tones with the character’s logo. The seller will also do the editing and design so you won’t have to worry, all you have to do is send it for quality prints to your local printing shop.

Original Personalized Invitations

If you really want to go the unique path and don’t want to buy ready-made invitations, you can always opt for original designs based on your preferences. Laser cutting can be done in a wide range of designs that might include your favorite anime imagery. Just get in touch with your local wedding supplies and printing store.

Set The Dress Code for the anime wedding

For your guests, you have the option to have them wear something according to the theme or just let them dress up in a casual way. If they must dress up according to the theme, they do not need to have cosplay-level costumes. They can always wear casual outfits based on the style of the anime characters.

For you and your partner, you have a choice if you want to introduce your theme to your wedding gown and tuxedos. Having both your outfits specially tailored is the most obvious and safe choice.

Here are a few ideas and choices you can check out:

Sailor Moon Wedding Dress

The bride can go all out on the gown. I absolutely love high-end wedding designer Mariarosa’s take on schoolgirl design. Bridesmaids can also dress up in matching characters, complete with wands in lieu of flower bouquets.

Sailor Moon Wands

Speaking of wands, elegant versions are now available for purchase. Stay away from gaudy plastic ones and check this version from Amazon:

Tamashii Nations Moon Rod

Tuxedo Mask Outfit

For this theme, the groom can dress up in tuxedo reminiscent of the style of Tuxedo Mask, after Sailor Moon’s love interest.

Check out: Mariarosa Sailor Moon Tuxedo

Pokemon Cufflinks

Grooms can opt for subtlety and wear their hearts on their literal sleeves.

Check out: Joyplancraft Pokemon Inspired Cufflinks

Pokeball Tie Clip

If the groom favors neckties instead of bowties, this recycled paper tie clip is perfect.

See this: Pokeball Tie Clip

Yellow Bumblebee Gown

When choosing to have a Pokemon themed wedding, the bride can also incorporate the anime colors to her gown if she does not want to go all out and wear a cosplay-quality costume.

Excellent choice: Teuta Matoshi Charming Ella Gown

Dragon Ball Charm Necklace

Everyone attending a Dragon Ball-themed wedding party, from the bride to the wedding guests can wear this adorable anime-themed jewelry. The necklace features the iconic Dragon Ball stars.

Check it here: Crystal Acrylic Dragon Ball Charm Necklace

Naruto Costumes

Determined to have your entire wedding entourage in matching Naruto costumes? Why not? Just be sure to assign your characters properly as we don’t want to have multiple Narutos or Sasukes running around the place.

Check out: Amazon Naruto Cosplay Costumes Page

Detective Conan Detective Boys Pins

This pin is perfect both for the groom and the attendees. Try not to get into crime scenes though.

Detective Boys Pin

Vintage Tailcoat Jacket

This frock is an anime staple, worn by protagonists and antagonists alike. If the groom wants to ditch the traditional tuxedo coat, this is a pretty nice alternative.

Mens Vintage Tailcoat Jacket

Hello Kitty Pink Gown

Blushing brides who are not afraid to veer off tradition can wear pink or blush colored wedding gowns.

Perfect choice: Teuta Matoshi Blush Mademoiselle Gown

Food and Party Treats for an anime wedding

Your wedding party will not be complete without food and treats for the guests to partake and enjoy. The theme does not need to stop at the intricate themed wedding cake. The anime genre is usually associated with the Japanese culture so its only right to include some of it in your menu. This way, your party will truly be on a whole new level.

Some food and party treats you can include:

Themed Wedding Cakes – Designed according to your specifications. Intricate details and toppers will emphasize your theme.

Designer Icing Cupcakes – Cupcakes topped with icing designs of your favorite anime characters and symbols.

Noodles in Take Out Boxes – Do not be afraid to serve non-traditional wedding food to your wedding guests, after all, you already did have an unconventional theme.

Bento Boxes – Bento boxes are not standard wedding fare, but nothing says anime more than bento boxes! Amp up the boxes with familiar treats if you’re worried its not everyone’s cup of tea.

Anime-inspired Beverage – Milk or boba teas are now widely popular and adding them to your beverage list will provide a variation from standard wedding drinks. The bubbles of tapioca are eye-catching and charming.

Anime Stirrers – Themed liquor stirrers are a great way to incorporate your theme.

Creative Food Container Labels – Place cards and labels can also be tweaked to reflect your anime obsession. Label food as MANA upgrades, POWER UP for drinks, etc.

Wedding Gifts And Party Favors

Wedding party favors can make your event truly memorable. Guests can take them home and display them as keepsakes. Anime party favors and merchandize are widely available, however, show your extra special care by wrapping them in personalized boxes with your names or put labels in them. Here are amazing choices for you:

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