An advent calendar for boyfriend

There is something cute in advent calendars. You get a piece of chocolate every day and you know you’re one day closer to Christmas. Traditional advent calendars can be boring after a few years so in modern times there is a new kind of advent calendars. In them, you can find almost anything: luxury sweets, makeup, body products, clothes, whatever comes to your mind. But when it comes to your boyfriend’s advent calendar it is a little bit harder to create a personalized calendar for him. So how to make an advent calendar for your boyfriend?

To make an advent calendar for your boyfriend you need to plan all the gifts you will put in it. Once you’ve chosen what to give him each day, it’s time to make a calendar. You can put gifts in boxes that you will make yourself or simply buy them. On each box, write the number and the advent calendar for the boyfriend is ready.

An Advent Calendar for Boyfriend

If you plan to give your boyfriend big gifts, you can wrap them in decorative paper or put them in bags on which you will write one number for each date. You can arrange them in the shape of a Christmas tree or some other Christmas motif to add a little bit of Christmas spirit. Gifts do not have to be expensive or large. It is important that they reflect the personality of your boyfriend and that you know that he will like or it will be useful to him. If you can’t think of 24 things to give him, don’t worry. We have prepared a list of things you can give to your boyfriend, among which you will surely find a few ideas that he will like.

Things to put in advent calendar for boyfriend

If you want small gifts to wrap up and give him one every day until Christmas Eve, I have some ideas for small items that are good as an Advent calendar:

LED Safety Light (2 Pack) 

We will start with something simple. Many men love hiking. Maybe that’s not true, but if your boyfriend is one of them, a reflective west or safety lights is something you should put in an advent calendar. This Lights can be put on his bag, jacket, or anywhere. These led lights are made of plastic. In the night when he lit it, it shines bright so it will keep your boyfriend safe in traffic.

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Reflective spray

Does your boyfriend like to walk, ride a bike or run in the dark? If the answer to this question is yes, the reflective spray is a great gift for him. This is a washable spray with reflective properties used on textiles. The spray has a light gray shade that is almost colorless. In daylight, clothing will look normal, but when it gets dark, this spray becomes highly light reflective. It can be sprayed on sneakers, backpacks, hats, or any textile. The spray can stay on clothes for up to a week. It can be easily washed off in the washing machine so you don’t have to worry about ruining the clothes.

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Coffee gift box

For all coffee lovers, this is a great gift. The Coffee box has a perfect combination of several sorts. The gift box contains coffee from four different countries. All the products are carefully selected to allow for the true enjoyment of each coffee. These products come in an elegant gift box that you can use or give him one coffee sort a day.

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I love you Happy Socks

We all need an extra pair of socks, sometimes even two or three of them. If your boyfriend loves to wear printed socks, you need to consider buying him this socks gift box. In the box, he will find 3 pairs of socks from Happy Socks. The theme of this box is I love you so the socks have a cool heart design on them. The many hearts on them will show your boyfriend how much you love him.

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Notepad Mugg

Mugs are a classic gift, but this is not just any mug. The Notepad Mug is a mug on which you can write whatever comes to mind. This cup is an ideal gift for the forgetful ones as they will have a constant reminder of what they need to do while drinking their morning coffee. Notepad Mugg can be some kind of to-do list but on your mug. Of course, you can also write a sweet message on the cup that will bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face. The surface of the cup is made of a special material that can be written on with a pencil. To erase the text simply use an eraser and the surface will be like new. Who wouldn’t like such a creative gift?

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Colorful socks

If you’re not a romantic type, and you still want to give your boyfriend cool socks, don’t worry. You can give him colorful socks that will surely lift any outfit. Socks come in a variety of colors and patterns. On them, you can find a bike, lines or small UFOs. Actually, anything that comes to mind. Even if your boyfriend is not in the habit of wearing printed socks, he will surely be glad to have one pair of cheerful socks.

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3D Metal puzzle

If you want to give a boy something that will attract his attention and make him move his brain, this is the right gift for him. These metal puzzles are made of several parts. The parts are quite intricate, and the goal is to separate them all. There are 6 types of these puzzles that vary in degree of difficulty. The puzzles differ in size and shape and are about 7 cm long. You can buy just one of them or an entire set to give your boyfriend a party in a few days.

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Gourmet Candy

For candy lovers, there are Gourmet candy bags. This candy comes in different tastes like vanilla bean, Birthday Cake Marshmallow, caramel pumpkin, chocolate chip, and strawberry créme. The package contains 113g of exclusive candy. We all love to get sweets!

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Chocolate gift box

The chocolate gift box is a real gift for all lovers of quality chocolate pralines. The package contains 12 pieces of assorted Ferrero Rocher chocolate and coconut candies. The chocolate comes from the German manufacturer Ferrero Rocher who carefully selects the ingredients in the factory. The creation of this chocolate is carefully monitored at every step, and the chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans. In the process of making chocolate, care is taken to use only the freshest and highest quality ingredients to make each box contain the best chocolate.

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The Remains of the Day Book

The Remains of the Day is written by Kazuo Ishiguro, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and the Booker Prize. The Story of the book is set in England at a time of great social change. The main character is Stevens, the long-serving butler of Darlington Hall, who reflects on his years of service and returns to the past. This beautiful story is about lost causes and lost love and will make everyone think about life. If your boyfriend loves to read books, be sure to consider putting this multi-award-winning book in his advent calendar.

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On the Tidningskungen page, you can find magazines with a wide variety of topics. Cooking, sports, nature, history, weapons, cars, sailing. Whatever comes to mind there is a magazine on the subject. The magazine is a pretty simple gift, but it can be interesting and useful. It’s just up to you to choose the magazine theme that will best suit your boyfriend’s interests.

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My Kitchen Cook Book

Does your boyfriend like to cook or are you trying to get him to learn to cook? When he sees the recipes hidden in this great cookbook, he will surely want to cook something. The author of the cookbook is James Martin, head of Saturday Kitchen and a famous cook. In this cookbook, the recipes are organized by seasons to always have fresh, local ingredients on hand. The cookbook contains a step by step guide for each recipe and beautiful food photos. This gift is also useful for you because your boyfriend will surely try to cook at least one of the great recipes hidden in this cookbook.

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Whiskey Magazine

Whiskey Magazine describes the best whiskeys in the world. It will introduce your boyfriend to the many variations of the drink that are available and help him appreciate the art behind it. This magazine will allow him to learn more about whiskey, visit the distilleries and meet the producers. Whiskey Magazine explores how whiskey originated and how it has changed over the years to reach today’s perfect taste. If this sounds like a suitable gift for your boyfriend, you can put one issue of the magazine in his Advent calendar or buy him a subscription that involves 8 issues of the magazine.

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Aqua Di Gio Perfume

Back in 1998, this perfume by Giorgio Armani became the best men’s perfume in the world. The perfume has a beautifully masculine scent that is both fresh and sensual. The scent is not overly extravagant, it is light and suitable for wearing in warmer weather. On cold days, however, it can bring the scent of spring and take you to another world. If you are looking for a perfume that your boyfriend will smell great with, consider putting this perfume in his Advent calendar.

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Homme David Beckham Perfume

If you prefer stronger perfumes with woody notes, consider putting this perfume in his advent calendar. David Beckham has created a perfume that exudes masculine attraction. The perfume is dominated by woody notes that are mixed with pleasant spicy scents and citrus to give a special experience when worn. The perfume raises self-confidence and is suitable for everyday use.

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Only The Brave Diesel Perfume

This perfume comes in a real sculpture of glass, shaped like a fist with a silver ring. The scent is a combination of oriental, leather and woody accords that give the impression of masculinity, determination and bravery. The perfume is intended for all confident men who want to leave a strong impression on others. If you recognize your boyfriend in the description of this perfume or want to provide him with a perfume that will increase his self-confidence, put this perfume in the advent calendar.

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Adidas Fresh Shower Gel

For the active, athletes and those who are constantly on the move, Adidas has prepared special shower gels. The gel gently hydrates the skin and leaves a cool mint scent on it so your boyfriend will smell wonderful. We know shower gel isn’t some special gift, but given the fact that your boyfriend will get 24 gifts, some of them just have to be just practical. Shower gel always comes in handy.

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Bath bombs

You can also turn gifts in the Advent calendar into interesting activities. You can prepare a beautiful bath for your boyfriend with the most luxurious bath bombs. Bath bombs make the bath luxuriously shimmer in different colors. Drop a bath bomb in hot water and watch bubbles cover the entire bath. These bath bombs contain essential oils that make the body soft and moisturized. If you are brave enough, prepare a bath for your boyfriend and join him for a perfect romantic evening.

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Bath salt

Bath salt has a delicate Rosemary Mint Scent. This popular scent gives a comforting scent. Bath salt can be used for a foot bath because it stimulates the feet and relaxes tired feet. Also, it softens the skin and gives it a wonderful scent. We know that bath salt is not a common gift that you would otherwise give to your boyfriend, but bath salt and foot caring can affect a person’s well-being. This bath salt will definitely take good care of your boyfriend.

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Shaving beard gift set

A beautiful beard requires a lot of effort and attention. Choose a kit that contains beard oil and beard shampoo. Maybe with the scent of Licorice. Beard oil has a moisturizing effect and gives a fresh feeling that lasts all day. A shampoo is developed to give a smooth beard with a moisture balance. With a lovely beard set, your boyfriend’s chin will always be neat and groomed.

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A socket wrench set

A socket wrench set is what many guys and men want most of all. Why not buy it and divide the contents into 24 smaller packages?

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Survivor kit

Hopefully, your boyfriend won’t find himself in a situation where he’s struggling to survive, but this survivor kit can be useful in other situations as well. If he is an adventurer, loves camping, hiking and spending time in nature, be sure to include this survivor kit in the Advent calendar. In it, you will find a knife, compass, flashlight, wire saw, rope cutter, screwdriver, opener, ruler, Allen key, tactical pen and even blanket. In this survivor kit, you will find everything you need to survive in the wild.

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Bear screwdriver

It’s always good to have tools on hand, especially if your boyfriend likes to fix and make things with his own hands. Bear screwdriver is a cute teddy bear whose belly is full of screwdriver bits that wait to be used. In his tummy, there are six different bits consisting of two tracks, two cross tracks and two Allen keys. The steel blade holds the bit securely with a strong magnet and the two-way latch helps you to easily screw things. When you don’t need it, Papa Bear looks like a cute decoration and won’t spoil the look of your shelf.

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Credit card holder

This is not the usual credit cardholder. In modern times,  it often comes to skimming, which is credit card fraud where someone uses a special reader to copy the contents of the magnetic stripe on a credit card. This smart card holder blocks radio frequency identification readers from scanning credit cards as long as the card is in the case. This will ensure your boyfriend’s credit card security and prevent potential theft. This credit card holder is a small thing, but it can prevent major accidents.

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Magnetic Armband

If your boyfriend is constantly fixing something around the house, this band will be very useful to him. It contains a strong magnet so it can put screws, nails, or anything it needs to repair it. This band makes repairs easier and will no longer happen to lose a certain screw. The band fits all sizes as it has an adjustable velcro so it can be easily placed wherever needed.

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Solar power bank

This power bank can be charged via solar energy or USB. The power bank has a water-resistant cover and also comes with a carabiner that makes it easy to attach the power bank to the backpack. The charger has two USB ports so you can charge two devices at the same time. Solar cell charging is still used as a secondary charging method as it takes 40 hours to fully charge the power bank. Still, a solar power bank can serve great in situations when you can’t use electricity.

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Keychain for engraving

You can put a special key chain in the Advent calendar on which you will engrave a sweet message for your boyfriend. Turn on your imagination and engrave a text that will enchant your boyfriend, and your words will follow him everywhere.

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Bracelet for engraving

This nice bracelet is made of silver and it has black details. You can choose the text you will engrave on the front of this bracelet. Choose a message, word, date, or anything that will touch your boyfriend. The bracelet also has a smart function so you can easily remove two pieces if you need to shorten them.

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Love / Kiss mug

If for some reason you don’t like notepad mugs, this simple mug is another option. This white cup is made of ceramic. You can choose between two different texts, love or kiss. This is a great gift to express your love every morning. The cup will surely elicit his smile.

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Kama Sutra Getaway kit

In this travel size romantic package you can find treats for lovers. This discreet, black toiletry bag contains everything you need for a romantic and sensual getaway together. It is small and easy to take on a love journey. The toiletry bag contains vanilla crème oil of love, edible body powder with a taste of nectar, bath salts that make the water tropically blue, water-based lubricant and scented candles. In this bag, you can find everything you need for a romantic weekend and relaxation. If you decide to give this to your boyfriend, it is actually a gift for yourself.

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Sensual Massage Oil

Put massage oil in your boyfriend’s Advent calendar and prepare a relaxing massage for him that day. The oil glides easily and smoothly over the skin. Nourishing oil leaves your skin silky smooth. The scent of this oil enhances the massage experience to give maximum enjoyment and experience. This massage oil can also be poured into the bath for a wonderful scent and silky skin.

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Voluspa scented candle

These beautifully scented candles with a soft buttery tone of suede and cedar will fill every room with a wonderfully exotic scent. Voluspa scented candles come in decorative packaging that will elevate the look of any room. The candles are made from natural coconut wax with cotton wick. If you give this wonderful scented candle to your boyfriend, you will be able to enjoy it in intimate moments.

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Chocolate Gourmet box

Does your boyfriend love chocolate? Here is a perfect gift for him. 110 mini chocolate balls and a mini Maxim’s house tin that contains 4 mini rochers (2 milk chocolates and 2 dark chocolates).

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Bourne Identity Movies

Bourne Identity is a film that will delight every man, including your boyfriend. The main character of the film is a man rescued from certain death off the French coast by a fishing boat. He is recovering but it soon becomes clear that he has suffered a total memory loss. What is hidden in his past and who is he anyway? This suspenseful action movie became so successful that 5 parts were made. Insert this set of movies into the Advent calendar, prepare popcorn and watch these tense movies together.

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Scented candle

Scented candles are a good gift to put in the Advent calendar.

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Licorice gift box

Gift box with chocolate-coated licorice in four different flavors: two variants of sweet licorice, as well as two different varieties of licorice balls with salt licorice. They also have sweet names such as ‚ÄúLoving as you‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúVaried emotions‚ÄĚ, ‚ÄúThrough soot & fire‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúRoll in love‚ÄĚ. All the sweets in this gift box have flavors of raspberry, chocolate or salty caramel. They look really delicious and elegant so they should find a place in the advent calendar.

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Beer Making Kit

What if you could give your boyfriend unlimited amounts of beer? Sounds unreal? Now you really can do it. This beer making kit will allow your boyfriend to make unlimited amounts of your favorite beer. This flexible kit is made for brewing beer at home. It contains all the equipment and ingredients you need to brew beer. Besides, you can choose between different types of beer: Lager or India Pale Ale, depending on what your boyfriend prefers. All you need to add is water! The Beer Making kit is adapted for beginners so he will be able to easily make his own beer that will be ready in just 7 days. The beer kit produces about 5 liters of beer. The finished beer can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

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I think you should make your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend, husband, or partner if you have the time and opportunity. Making your own Christmas calendar is a very nice tradition. I think it adds something extra that you do not get if you buy a ready-made Advent calendar.

Surely it is a cozy tradition to make your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend or partner? You might think that a gift calendar for an adult man is a bit childish. Maybe so too. But it is always very much appreciated, and I think it is a nice way to show him his appreciation. I think it’s a fun thing to make an Advent calendar for my boyfriend.

However, not particularly expensive things as there should be 24 packages. It is flooded with an Advent calendars in the stores. These are Delicato Calendar, licorice, chocolate, spirits, beard oil, chili pralines, etc., etc. but making your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend is still something special, I think.

But with a little imagination, you will be able to come up with many good things to put in your own Advent calendar. Here I have collected many ideas on things you can turn into to make your own Advent calendar for boyfriend, partner, or husband. If you want to find more small gifts to put in your boyfriend’s Christmas calendar, in addition to the tips on this page, I have also written about gifts for less than $5.


For those who want to make an Advent calendar for their boyfriend quickly, there is also a fun alternative without buying a ready-made calendar. Buy a bottle of whiskey and stick a measuring tape from IKEA. He is allowed to drink one cm every day until Christmas Eve. This is how you quickly get a different Christmas calendar for your boyfriend. But it may not be as imaginative as one might wish?

Having a beer in your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend is also common. You then buy 24 bottles or cans of beer. Preferably a little different variety and preferably unusual beers that he has not previously drunk. Getting beer is usually a much-appreciated Advent calendar for a boyfriend. Easy to fix, of course, but not so imaginative. So, I come up with ideas and to see them flush them out. It’s enjoyable.


  • Beer
  • Candy
  • Vingummi
  • Screwdrivers
  • Band-Aid
  • Nuts
  • Beer sausage
  • Experiences
  • Different teas
  • Coffee
  • Powerbank
  • Water bottle
  • A bottle of red wine
  • Skin lotion
  • Pen
  • Gingerbread + coffee
  • Nose / ears trimmer
  • A shirt
  • Charity
  • Hair shampoo
  • Aftershave
  • Sissors
  • Lottery
  • Film
  • Miniature bottles of whiskey
  • Comb
  • Hand cream
  • Luxurious shampoo for men
  • Chewing gum
  • Hair wax
  • A bottle of wine
  • Nice mouse pad
  • Mug with Superman, because he‚Äôs your hero
  • 24 condoms¬†
  • Cardholder
  • Soap
  • If he smokes, cigarettes or lighters can be something
  • Batteries
  • Photo of you
  • Toothbrush
  • Nice fridge magnets
  • Lanyard
  • Face mask for men
  • Bath bombs
  • Bath salts
  • Bath flakes
  • Light cups for the bathroom
  • USB memory


Hm… dishwashing detergent… my daughter got to choose the contents of one of my partner’s advent calendar packages. For some reason she chose dishwashing liquid. Of course, detergent is always good to have when washing dishes. But that may not be what he expected in his Advent calendar! So he was very surprised, to say the least!


When you start buying small gifts to make your own Advent calendar, it is easy for the total amount to be very high. But it does not have to be that way! There are actually many things you can do yourself and fill your boyfriend’s Advent calendar with. It can, for example, be gift cards for various things that he should receive.

  • Gift certificate for a 30-minute massage
  • Invites dinner
  • That you clean the whole house
  • Homemade gift cards for a home spa treatment, eyebrow picking, cozy dinner at home
  • Homemade cakes
  • Homemade Christmas candy
  • Homemade muesli
  • Breakfast in Bed


What he will probably like best to get in the Advent calendar is very cheap. But it will require a moment of reflection. Why not fill the Christmas calendar with 24 small love letters or compliments? You can tell how much he means to you, any special memory you have of him that fills you with joy, things he said or did that make you laugh when you think about him, why you fit so well together, plans you have for you in the coming year, his finest qualities and various reasons why you love him. Do you think it will be too difficult to come up with 24 love letters or compliments to put in the Advent calendar? Wrap them with notes that today is a cozy evening with movies and good food, invite him for a massage, cook a hotel breakfast, invite him for coffee, etc. There are many nice things to do in your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend. <3


When you make your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend, it not only needs to contain gadgets but can just as easily contain things that you have to do together, such as:

  • Take a walk
  • Gift certificate to a Chinese restaurant
  • Visit the Bath House
  • Coffee at a cozy caf√© in town

Making your own Advent calendar for your boyfriend, husband or partner is not entirely cheap. Therefore, I try to wrap cheap gifts with a little more expensive, things we can do together and stuff. The problem is that the Advent calendar should have 24 small packages. Sometimes the imagination runs a little, so it’s important to start on time. I hope you have found inspiration for when to make your own Christmas calendar for your boyfriend.


Having 24 identical packages in the Christmas calendar looks very nice. Alternatively, you can take 24 cardboard bags on which you put numbers and some decorations. There are also ready-made calendar pockets in the fabric where you can put the presents down. If you think he’s ready to master himself and not open the Advent calendar, it might be a good idea.

I hope you found inspiration to make an Advent calendar for your boyfriend, partner, or husband! Good luck!

What are the ready-made Advent calendars for adults? There are both erotic Advent calendars and regular Advent calendars with sweets, tools, cars, and makeup in them.

What are the gifts under $10? There are many gifts under SEK 100. It can e.g. be chocolate, decorative pillows, a plaid for the sofa, a nice tea mug, flower, candlestick, a book, or nice kitchen towels. More tips on a gift under $10 100 can be found here!

Is there a ready-made Advent calendar for children? There are lots of ready-made Advent calendars for children. Partly the classic Advent calendar with chocolate of course, but also many fun things like an Advent calendar with Harry Potter, Lego, Mamma mu, and an Advent calendar with dinosaurs. Here you get help to find this year’s Advent calendar for children.

What gifts should I have in my own Christmas calendar for children? Good gifts to put in your own Christmas calendar for children are small stuffed animals, fart pillow, coloring book, joke items, IQ puzzles, pretend poop sausage and a stress ball. More gifts to put in your own Advent calendar for children can be found here!

Where are good gifts for your own girlfriend’s Advent calendar? Good gifts to give her are a massage, a nice mug, a scented candle, a nail polish dryer, mascara, or lip gloss. More tips on gifts to put in your own Advent calendar for your girlfriend, I have written about here.

Is there an Advent calendar to buy for pets? Yes, it does exist. I have collected Advent calendars for animals on this page.

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