Gifts for a 9-year-old girl

Girls can be difficult to buy gifts for at nine years old since they are usually involved in a wide variety of different activities and have special interests at that age. Luckily there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to selecting a good gift for them. 

Good gifts for a nine-year-old girl include crafting and art supplies, stuffed animals, games, books, and room décors such as bean bags, night lights, and message boards. Nine-year-old girls are also old enough to start appreciating basic technology such as cellphones and music players like iPods but should be given accessories along with these gifts to protect them. 

Picking out a gift for a nine-year-old can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to learn more about the best gifts to give a nine-year-old girl for her birthday or any other special occasion. 

What is a nice gifts to a 9-year-old girl?

Here you are guaranteed to find a gift for a 9-year-old girl, but I have also written about gifts for 9-year-olds that suit both girls and boys. So feel free to visit that page for more gift tips!


The gift for a 9-year-old girl that is most desired is her own cell phone. It does not have to be new or of the latest model. But her own mobile phone is what she wants most of all. Maybe you have someone lying around that she can get? Otherwise, there are used to buy at a reasonable price as well.

Iphone 7

The iPhone 7 is an older apple phone and is less expensive than newer versions. While older, the phone does have TouchID for added security and a fast processor. The iPhone 7 is also ideal for your active 9-year-old girl as it is water-resistant and also has a long battery life for those times when she may forget to set the phone to charge.  

Although the perfect gift for allowing video streaming, communicating with her friends, playing games, and listening to music, the phone is also ideal for you to keep in contact with your 9-year old if she is out and about. 

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Mobile Case in Marble

What’s the phone without the trendy phone case? Phone cases are now as much fashion statements as they are a safety feature. The marble phone case has variations in color tones and makes an excellent accessory. These phone cases may also fit an iPhone 7. 

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What could be better than getting it a little cozy in your own room? Who does not want to feel like a little mermaid? Creeping up on the bed with this nice Mermaid blanket is cozy and warms both legs and feet. The blanket is made of soft acrylic and has a knitted pattern that looks like fish scales. There are many nice things to give as a gift to a 9-year-old girl.

Mermaid Blanket

The mermaid blanket is not only for your mermaid fan. The blanket is plush, has vibrant color options, and is comfortable for those nights or days when your little girl wants to cuddle up. The blanket also comes in different sizes, so you won’t have to worry about it being oversized for your 9-year-old.

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Cube Shelves

These cube shelves are for your creative and design-minded 9-year-old. These cubes add an organized look to the room and collect trophies, keepsakes, and design pieces. 

The cubes are an excellent feature for any room and will showcase your daughter’s creative side. Shelves cubes come in different sizes and can be mounted in any pattern you choose.

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Unicorn Night Lamp

The night lamp unicorn is cute and unique.  Most children are afraid of the dark and will always want a night lamp. The plus is that this night lamp is not only necessary to keep the scare away; it is also incredibly cute. 

If your daughter needs a night lamp, why not get an adorable one. The night lamp unicorn is not only attractive, but it is also functional with a timer that will let it go off once your daughter falls asleep.

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Of course, other things also make it cozy in your own room, and it is interior details that give that special and personal feeling. An own small greenhouse on foot with a glass shade is a delicious detail where the little gardener can follow how the flower she herself has planted or the one you matched grows and develops.

Snow Globes Lamp

The snow globes lamps are attractive with many choices of animals and creatures. The lamps have glitter, which many girls like, and erupt into a glittering show once the globe is shaken or turned on. 

Snow globes are usually collected, so you have many choices to surprise your little girl with to add to her collection. If she is not a collector of snow globes, she may still be intrigued by the sparkle of the snow globe, and who knows, she may become a collector in the future. 

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Sacco Sack

A Sacco Sack is the perfect sized bean bag. It’s small enough to be a pillow but big enough to lounge on as well. This is great for lying on while watching a movie or using it as back support to read or do homework.

This version of the Sacco Sack is gray, but it comes in plenty of other colors. There’s surely one to fit your favorite 9-year-old’s style.

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Super Mario Mushroom Lamp

The mushroom lamp is one of those trending items. If your daughter is a Super Mario fan, she will appreciate this lamp. 

If not a fan of the game, your daughter may just like this as a decorative item if her room décor is more fairy woodlands as it does have a mushroom shape and adds color to the room. The lamp is battery operated as well, so you don’t have to encounter unsightly chords. 

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Message Board with Lighting Inside

Message boards are just the craze with just about everyone these days. Message boards have become crafty and add a nice touch to any room. This message board with lighting is inspirational and will remind your little girl that anything is possible. 

The message board is also functional has it has lighting that can create a beautiful glow to the room at night. The board also runs off batteries, so you don’t have to worry about any chords and the dangers of having the board fall due to the cord getting tangled. 

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Greenhouse for Plants Cultivation

These greenhouse plant cultivators are ideal for indoors and can be placed close to a window. The set allows for small clippings of plants to be cultivated in the glass enclosure. This gift is fantastic for girls who like to experiment and can bring out the green thumb and nurturing side of your little girl. 

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Wallies Tree

The wallies tree decals can be added to any surface of your little girl’s room. The decals are an excellent way to open the creativity of your child. With the easy install feature, you are also able to have your daughter enjoy decorating her room. 

The decal is water-resistant and easy to clean. If your daughter ever gets tired of seeing this decal in her décor, it can easily be removed without causing damage to the paint or walls. The wallies tree decals are an excellent addition to any room and provide color and vibrancy to space.

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A 9-year-old can never get too much of a soft toy, and everyone who has one at home knows that. Ideally, it should be a whole set of ​​friends sitting on the bed and the bookshelf. Giving a stuffed animal a gift to a 9-year-old girl is a good idea because it can hardly fail. There are lots of cute stuffed animals she wants. It isn’t easy to choose just one.

Miffy Bunny

The Miffy rabbit is an irresistible stuffed bunny. The bunny comes in both large and small. The large bunny is 33cm tall, while the little bunny is 23cm tall.  

Although the main one captioned is white, there are a variety of colors you can choose from to gift your daughter. The bunny can be kept clean by hand washing. 

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Cuddly Swan and Flamingo

Not a fan of the bunny rabbit? You can choose from the ballerina-inspired swan and flamingo. These stuffed animals come dressed in a tutu and have crowns atop their heads as a ballerina. 

Your daughter can either add the swan or flamingo to her stuffed toy collection or play with these ballerina stuffed animals. Swans and flamingos are also very trendy right now, so they can double as a room decoration.

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Are you looking for the best gift to give a 9-year-old girl as a birthday present? Then it’s a unicorn you should buy. This is the best gift for a 9-year-old girl. She will love this gift.

White Unicorn Jellycat

How can we talk about gifts for a 9-year-old without mentioning the famous Unicorn?  Unicorns have been a fascination for both children and adults; we love to see unicorns; they are beautiful and magical. What can be better than a beautiful unicorn? One that is stuffed and cuddly, the white Unicorn is made of velvet and has soft fur with glitter on its horn. This Unicorn is 31 cm and is guaranteed to impress your little one. 

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Make a Unicorn Kit (with clay)

Just making something or creating something from a kit can be fun. Not only will your daughter be able to create a unicorn, but she will also be able to keep that Unicorn and preserve memories, especially if she can make this item with you. 

The kit comes with four colors: foam clay, silk clay, and our absolute must-have for a beautiful unicorn creation, glitter.

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Unicorn Pouch

This pouch is beautiful with its unicorn design and is ideal for your daughter to store and carry her trinkets, lip-gloss, or toiletries. The bag is made of material close to leather and has a zipper to keep her items safe and secure. 

Not only is the zipper in place for security, but it also changes the colors of the rainbow when it zips open or shut. If your daughter is a lover of unicorns, you have already struck gold; the function of the zipper will be the perfect squeal factor.  The bag is 16×0.5×23.5cm in size.

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It is quite common for 9-year-olds to think about life’s big questions, and the good idea is to encourage them to write a diary or write off. A good gift for a 9-year-old girl is her own insect where she can be by herself and think about life.

Unicorn Notebook

The unicorn notebook is not only beautiful; it is ideal for journaling or taking notes. The notebook has a unicorn on its cover. It also comes with 200 pages for writing, drawing, or doodling. 

These are not just 200 pages; your daughter will be delighted to find that this notebook has colored pages. 

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Hanging cocoon hammock

Children often look at the “cool” factor of an item. The hanging cocoon hammock is one such item that brings the “cool” factor. This hammock can be mounted indoors or outdoors. The hammock is water-resistant and is easy to carry and store. 

The hammock can hold at least two children, has a weight capacity of 200kg, and is ideal for relaxing. The package comes with rope and rings for tree hanging. The hammock takes up about 1.5 diameters of space and has a height of 2.4 meters. 

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You can also buy many fun things as a gift for a 9-year-old girl that she can use to play with indoors. Here are some gift ideas she will definitely like:

Leonardo da Vinci’s Wooden Models

After designing the model, your daughter will have it to keep as a design piece. The models come with as little as 50 parts and can go up to 91 parts. The tallest model is 61cm, while the shorter model is 17cm.

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Unicorns Coloring Book

Who doesn’t like coloring books? There are even coloring books marketed for adults. This unicorn coloring book is unique and comes with felt-tipped pens for coloring. The book has coloring pads and also has glitter glue included to add an extra touch of sparkle.

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DIY straws

These nifty straws open the door for creativity and control over the environment. The DIY straws are reusable and come in 40 parts. This kit allows your daughter to build her drinking straws. The straws can be straight, bendy, or as abstract as her creative mind wants to make them. The DIY straws come in a standard blue color and are washable. 

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Colored Pencils

Pencil colors are every crafting girl’s dream. These pencil-like crayons are 2.8mm in length and are comfortable to use. These can be used for drawing, writing, and doing shading. These can also be used to color in shapes and objects. 

The pencil colors come in a wide variety and are in a metal box to prevent colors from getting on surfaces. 

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Loom from Micki

The loom is used for weaving and can create items such as rugs, tablecloths, and any woven thing that your daughter may have in mind. There are three types of yarn included with the loom. The yarn ranges from think, soft, and silk. The size of the loom is 38x28x33cm.

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Craft Set for Decorating a Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is a staple for most children. The piggy bank teaches children the importance of saving. While teaching a child to save may be responsible, it can also be fun. The piggy bank decorating set includes glue, stickers, paint, and the brushes to apply the paint. 

The decorating of the piggy bank is a fun activity, and your daughter will have it to look back at for years to come. 

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It is enough that you have something to attach the line to, and the garden is transformed into an adventure course with slackers Ninja Line climbing course. Perfect for the 9-year-old’s birthday party where friends can challenge each other, and it will certainly be worn during the rest of the year when it is possible to play outside. It is durable and can handle up to 113 kg, so why not challenge the whole family and expand it even more with accessories for the climbing path and see who stays the longest.

Ninja Climbing Net

Get ready for loads of fun. The ninja climbing set has different handles that lend to the excitement and challenge of the ninja climbing net. Your daughter will be able to swing and climb using the set. 

Your entire family may even want to get in on the fun. The set can span 7 meters and can be mounted between two posts or trees. The package includes rope, knotted rope grips, monkey bar grips, and ring grips. The set also has a storage bag to take it with you on outings and trips. 

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Ninja Net Accessories

The ninja net accessories include a ladder for climbing. Although the ninja accessories set is used with the ninja net, which is sold separately, the ladder can be used on a swing set. The set also comes with a timer to see who can climb the fastest. The accessories set also include a wheel for spinning. 

Working on her inner ninja skills is the perfect way to trick even the most clever 9-year-old girl into having fun outside and getting some exercise. 

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Even those who are busy thinking about life need to activate more fun games both indoors and outdoors. Games to do with friends, with family, and sometimes maybe just yourself.

Cable Railway

The cable railway is like a zip line that you can set up in your backyard. The cart has a seat that is attached to a handle, which is hooked to the line. The package comes with a handle for the car, a chair, a 12m steel cable, and screws and clamp. 

The cable railway will not only be a hit for your active daughter; it will be a hit for your entire family and friends.

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Trampoline with Safety Net

A trampoline is a must-have for most backyards with growing children. This trampoline has a fully enclosed net, which is closed using a zip. This gives grown-ups some extra peace of mind, knowing there’s an added level of safety, especially for those kiddos that are a little more accident-prone. 

This safety feature is essential as we have seen how children and adults can fall off trampolines when there is enough momentum. The trampoline also has a comfort mat, which is 20mm thick and 29 cm wide.

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Molkky Game

Molkky is an outdoor game. The game includes cones that are placed close together. The players stand at a distance and throw a skittle to knock the cones down. It can be a challenge to get girls outside to enjoy some fresh air, but Molkky is fun enough to get them off of their electronics and out the door. 

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If you still do not know what to buy, crafts are a good tip. Nine-year-old girls like to do things. There are as many cool things as you like.

Styrofoam Clay

The Styrofoam clay is a mess-free way for your daughter to create her new art piece. Styrofoam can be shaped into different creatures and objects. The possibilities are endless; the clay can be shaped into rainbows, butterflies, and even abstracts. 

The package has seven non-toxic Styrofoam clay colors so your daughter can explore and be creative. Styrofoam clay is also a fantastic, hands-on toy that encourages children to work their fine motor skills.

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Make your Own Ukulele

The ukulele making kit contains all the pieces required for your daughter to make her ukulele. The articles provided are standard and do not include color. This activity is a good way for your daughter to be creative and to have a piece of musical instrument that she will be able to play with and keep. 

Functional gifts are especially rewarding. Any girl will be excited to work on her ukulele, and she’ll get hours of entertainment out of learning to play.

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Piggy bank

A cat that hides in a piggy bank Press the button, and the cat will pick up the coin you put on the edge.

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You may not think that a year makes such a big difference, but the fact is that the 9-year-old is entering a new maturity in his life. Admittedly, the changes are not as noticeable as at the age of six, but they are certainly there. That need to rather be a little to herself with her thoughts and feelings is very strong, and then several gifts are suitable for her.

It can become a bit tricky when shopping for a gift for a 9-year-old girl. At around nine years old, girls begin to gravitate from some toys and find interest in more trending must-haves. At this age, girls are caught between wanting to play with toys, but they’re also starting to develop more interested in teenage things. So I can recommend that you also look at the following links.