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Gifts for an 8-year-old girl

Is your eight-year-old hard to please? Have no fear. The Amazon mom is here! I’ve had an 8-year-old that did not eat anything besides ice cream and chicken nuggets. She won’t wear anything if it isn’t comfy (no buttons allowed). She won’t even look at it if it isn’t her “unique” style. But, stuff, she loves the stuff! Will it clutter our house? She’s in. She’s happy to help me search every nook and cranny of the internet for the perfect friend’s birthday gifts (and in turn, herself, on that next occasion where we owe her something). She doesn’t forget, but read up for a list of gifts that you won’t forget. So here we go, 8-year-old gifts for your hard-to-gift girls. In no particular order, our favorite Amazon buys.

What does an 8-year-old girl want as a gift? I have found the answer and here are the best gift tips. Some gifts for an 8-year-old girl that she is guaranteed to want as a gift are Underwater lights with disco, a trampoline, a slinky, Barbie, or a heat-sensitive Pusheen mug.

What is a nice gift to an 8-year-old girl?

Gift ideas for an 8-year-old girl

8 year old hard to please? Have no fear! Read below for a comprehensive guide on all kinds of excellent gifts for 8-year-old girls. Whether they’re interested in learning toys or want to have some unfettered fun, the toys below are designed to appeal to most 8-year-old girls. You’ll find something great to give to the lucky girl in your life.

Kidzlane Dance Mat

Get your kids to exercise fun with this light-up dancing mat that includes three interactive activities with five difficulty levels: dance to the flashing arrows, test your memory with a “Simon Says” brain teaser, or set up your own laws in Free Dance Mode!

With an ADJUSTABLE VOLUME DIAL, you can turn the music up to a whisper or full blast! With a simple choice design with brightly colored controls, it’s a snap to manage, especially for small kids.

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Walkie Talkies

So much fun. Of course, every kid wants a bit of freedom. At eight years old, they start to want cell phones. No chance in my house… unless you are paying the bill, kid!. But, walkie-talkies are fantastic for chasing, tag, or search games. The kids love the freedom, and you can pretty much convince them it’s as close to a cell phone they will get. Over and out on gift #1.

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Tennis Rackets, buy them in pairs-

Tennis courts are everywhere and heck, you don’t even need one. Set up a net on the driveway. Set up a net on your lawn or in your backyard. Our 8 year old absolutely loves tennis, and it’s amazing how much better she’s gotten in a short time just by playing with friends. If you need an accessory, the little gadget with the tennis ball on a string attached to a base is pretty cool and keeps the kids going for a while. These rackets are always a hit (sorry, last corny pun, I promise).

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3-I-Pad, I know, I know, its not the parents favorite-

But, the kids absolutely love it. Use the iPad as a treat. Finish your homework, and get a few minutes to watch videos. Do your chores, and get a few game apps. We used it as a reward and our daughter was “Miss Perfect” if the iPad was up for grabs.

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Too Many Monsters book

If you are looking for a gift that is personalized and unique for your child, look no further. This book is here for you. Your child will take a trip to Monsterland and they will discover that Monsters are not scary after all. Ideally, this book has a 6 inches x 9 inches handover that can be personalized with your child’s name, age, and hometown. It also has a total of 24 pages that contains colorful illustrations. This too many monster book is ideal for boys and girls aging 3 to 10 years. It is a fun and educational gift for kids, sure to keep them entertained for hours.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

This sweet young Queen’s portrait will bring joy to your little girl. Since the artists do not change what is in the personalized portrait or background, expect a royal look with a crown and royal clothing. You cannot ignore this young Queen, with a perfect smile. It is best to consider the picture with a perfect smile to befit this sweet young Queen. It is ideal for hanging on the wall or placed on a surface that matches the beauty in the portrait.

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Personalized Portrait Sweet Queen

Kids Headphones

Nothing makes the kids feel cooler than rockin’ those colorful headphones. It’s a special thing for our daughter to get to listen to her music. Headphones, however, serve a dual purpose. They’re also great so WE don’t have to hear those annoying songs. Also, they work great for doing schoolwork and zoning out other exterior noises.

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Sing it out loud!

Karaoke machines are the best! We love ours. Family sing nights. Pick your favorite song, and put on a show in the living room. Does it sound great, not always, but are smiles always there? Absolutely! So easy to use, just cue up the songs on your phone and play through Bluetooth. Great fun for the whole family. Have a few drinks, you’d be amazed what you are singing!

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America’s Past time

Baseball gloves are perfect for bonding with our kids. It’s about as American as apple pie. Father/son or father/daughter catch out in the backyard. It’s such a special bond that you’ll find as much enjoyment in this gift as they will. Buy it, and remember to buy some glove oil to break them in. Another tip- leave it under your car tire for a night. Does wonders for breaking in the mit.

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You Are My Friend music

If you want your kids to feel special, get them a personalized music CD that features their names. This music CD has eight original songs and it is personalized 98 times. This My Friend music follows a crafted storyline in the life of the kid. It begins with morning songs and progresses through the day’s chores, games, and activities. It finalizes with lullaby songs. The soundtrack will have a great sound quality which makes listening to music more enjoyable for kids as well as adults. It is ideal for girls and boys aging 5 to 13 years and the personalized music CD has 8 songs and can be approximately 17 minutes.

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Baby, let your light shine through

Window art is a blast, and it looks pretty darn good in your home too! Our daughter loves art, and this allows her to ooze creativity… while oozing that paint. It’s not a bad clean-up, so we highly recommend it.

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QUARTERLY Dream Girl Box

The Dream Girl Box is a gift subscription service that gets customers a variety of gifts in its themed boxes every three months. It is a proper inspirational gift for those girls with big dreams. This gift focuses to build the girl from the inside out and each quarter, the girl will receive an inspirational box depending on the social-emotional theme such as accessories, stationery, and tees. This girl’s box will also teach them leadership and life skills.

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You can’t go wrong with jeans

I know, it’s almost impossible to get kids’ clothes. They hate it, and each has its own original style. That is why you can’t go wrong with blue jeans. Great for boys or girls. Durable, and they don’t go out of style. Every kid wears them, and once you find that perfect pair, it’s simply hard to beat.

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Plenty of room to draw

Rolls of easel paper are awesome! We spread them out across the entire garage floor, and arts away! Color to your heart’s content. Hang a poster in your room. Hang it in the garage. Or simply just doodle and never run out of space. We love to set up a long piece of easel paper, about 10 feet. We let our 2 kids start at opposite ends, and decorate until they meet in the middle.

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Tool time

Of course, we’ve seen a million “play tool kits”. Those are fine for toddlers. But, for kids at this age, there is nothing cooler than a real tool kit that actually works. It’s the best. Dad is working out in his shop, kids helping him with their own barrage of tools and screws. It’s a ton of fun, and actually a wonderful life lesson for the future.

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Bath Bombs

Bath time is not our favorite time in the house. But, with bath bombs, it’s a whole lot better! Our kids love getting clean when the water turns whatever color they want, and the smells are even better. The bath bomb makes bath time “da bomb” for our 8-year-old. It’s a lot of fun, an inexpensive gift, and a simple one to store in the closet and break out for that next quiet night where the kids are just a bit too dirty.

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Sun is out, shades are on

Does anything drive you crazier as a parent than buying your kid a pair of sunglasses that they sit on, or lose, within 5 minutes? Of course, it’s a pain. So here is my tip. Buy a 12-pack. A 24 pack. A 36 pack. Who cares! Buy them cheap and in bulk. Leave a few pairs in each car so when you get to the beach, and the sunglasses don’t make it, you’ve got plenty of new pairs to pull out, and keep the sun out. A very popular, and easy gift item to buy in bulk on Amazon.

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My Fishing Adventure

This book tells a personalized story featuring their name and a customized fishing adventure that encourages kids to get into nature and learn how to fish while they are young. This fishy tale starts when the kid falls asleep thinking about the yearly fishing contest. Your kid will learn guidelines like getting the right fishing spot, casting away from branches, finding the fishing rod ready, and the benefits of patience. As you read, your kid will love being part of a story about fishing with dad. Typically, this book is ideal for girls and boys aging 5 to 10 years.

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Easy to cook

Our kids love to cook. Do they make a mess? Sure. Do they make some pretty good food? Absolutely! A kids’ cookbook is an awesome gift because they are given recipes that they can handle. Don’t try to dumb down your own recipes, let the writers of the book dumb the recipes down for you. Cook time not only helps their creative side but also their reading and comprehension. A great way to disguise reading and learning into something fun.

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Hello Kitty 5-Piece Backpack Set With Lunch Bag

An aesthetic Hello Kitty backpack is a gift that an 8-year-old girl will love. With this backpack, a lunch bag is also included.

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Strum Away

We love our kid’s guitar. Our daughter got it for her 8th birthday and it comes with so many cool things. The guitar, the case, the capo, the sheet music, the picks. It’s an all-in-one shop and it makes it pretty easy to learn. The best part, is there are literally thousands, upon thousands of lessons to take on YouTube so you won’t have to spend on “in-person” lessons. The kids will have you singing along in no time. Acoustic is the way to go. Electric, those ears will be ringing.

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American Girl Dolls

In the words of the immortal Tom Petty- “She was, an American Girl”. Great song. Iconic singer. Classic gift. The American girl doll is what they dream of getting as a toddler. They hear about them, and once they finally get one, it really is a special day for the kids. Get the accessories for future gifts. Get the book to go along with it. The sentimental value is special for this gift.

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Razor Sharp, Razor Sleek

In our neighborhood, the Razor scooter is the way to get around if you are 8 years old. They are almost like a scooter on rollerblade wheels. It’s a lot of fun for the kids to race around, and a bit safer than a bike. Simply, you just don’t fall as far if you take a tumble on a scooter. They really are fast, and the kids love to race around the cul-de-sac in our neighborhood. Lots of great games to play on the Razor scooter.

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Safety First Kids

If you are getting the scooter. The next gift should be the helmet. It just makes you feel better as a parent if they are wearing it. Not the most fun gift, but might be the most necessary one.

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Sidewalk Chalk, the perfect time killer

It’s always nice to buy in bulk. 162 pieces of chalk for the sidewalk art? Sign me up! Kids see that huge box and dive right in. It’s simple. It’s easy. And the best part, it gets cleaned off by the rain!

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Pizza Time!

I said it at the beginning of this post, my kid eats like 2 foods. One of them is pizza. What better than a pizza-making kit! Make your own pie kid… You know what?? Make one for Daddy too. It’s not too much dough, to buy some dough, and toss a few slices out to the family for dinner. Earn your keep (or your gift).

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Your time!

Your time, love, and compassion. There is nothing a child wants more than to spend time with you. They want your attention. They want you to play with them. Engage. Laugh. Spit soda out your nose. Go for a bike ride. Play catch. Cook. Read. Enjoy life! The greatest gift you can give is your time and energy. The best part, seeing their smile- the best gift you could possibly get as well.

Bath Foam

When it comes to a bath, 8-year-old girls want to have fun but mimic grown-up behavior as well. Why not get her a whimsical bath foam that’s playful and grown-up enough to satisfy a maturing child?

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Unicorn gift set

Unicorn is one of the most popular animals amongst 8-year-old girls. It’s hard to go wrong with playful unicorn gifts.

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Soap Bubble Machine

Soap bubble machines are becoming more and more popular and it’s easy to see why. Some of these can make up to 500 bubbles a minute automatically, covering a child in bubbles in just a short while. Eight-year-old girls love bubbles and will lose themselves in the wonder of a shower of bubble fun. 

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Disney Girl Power Collection

Personalized books are a great, affordable way to entertain kids on long car rides or plane flights. By putting your child’s name into one of Disney’s colorful and fantastic character stories, you can keep them interested for hours. This gift is also available in so many options that you’re sure to find one that fits any girl or boy. It has seven stories in one book; stories of Nala’s sense of adventure, Ariel’s determination, and Tiana’s resourcefulness that are assembled here to motivate your child to be the best she can be and to dream big. This Power Collection book has 116 Page and can be personalized with the child’s name, age, and home. It is presented inside a gift box.

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Bathtub Games

One game that is recommended is a Fishing for Floaters game. Kids have a fishing pole with a plastic hook and poop floaters that bob around the bathtub. 

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Anyone who has taken a walk through a residential area has probably not missed the sound of laughing children and wondered what they are doing. It is frequently a trampoline (with safety nets, of course) that is the cause of the joy.

Here are some more outdoor toys that kids will love to do. When you buy a new bike as a gift for an 8-year-old girl, 24 inches is recommended. Does she already have a bike? Well then, maybe she can manage with one that is 20 inches another year in any case. But when you buy a new one, you want it to work a few years ahead in any case.


Depending on the trampoline, you can find one with a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. To make it completely safe, you will need to add some safety equipment to your trampoline, including:

  • Safety pad
  • Enclosure net
  • Rain cover
  • Wind stakes
  • Heavy gauge springs

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My Day at the Zoo

A personalized book is great because it’s a gifted kids will enjoy both now and when they’re older. Your kid and their friends will enlightening adventure at the zoo as they learn about the interesting world of animals. When they follow the map, you will meet the Monkeys, Lions, Elephants, and more. This book has a hardcover that measures 9 inches x 12 inches personalized kids’ book. Typically, this book is ideal for girls and boys aging 3 to 10 years.

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Wall Climbing For Indoor/Outdoor Play

Simply pick a bare wall, outside or inside. Use the provided mounting hardware to attach the rock climbing holds to the wall. Make sure there’s an adult present when they try this out.

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Zip Line For Kids

Zip lines are all the rage now. Go to almost any city and you can find at least a couple of zip line places that will be happy to charge your child exorbitant money to use. If you put a zip line in the backyard, your child will remember that for the rest of their life. 

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Scooters are now completely lightweight and portable. You can fold them up, grab the carry strap, and take it with you wherever you want to go. This is a good feature if you’re taking the 8-year-old to a park or a skating area away from the home. 

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At 8 years old, a girl’s bike of 24 inches will probably be your best bet. You can adjust that depending on your child’s size or ability.

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Dreamers need to be activated and even if they seem to have a need to be a little to themselves, their friends are not forgotten. Some activities are simply more fun if you have a friend with you. A good gift for an 8-year-old girl that she is happy to share with friends is, for example

Kid’s Saucer Swing

The saucer swing is one you can use either indoors or outdoors. You could also add this saucer swing to an existing jungle gym or swing set, as well as a tree.

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LED Lighted Swing

There are few toys enjoyed more by kids than a light-up toy which is what makes these swings so much fun. An 8-year-old girl will love swimming during dusk and night with a lighted swing.

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Giant Bubble Wands

Instead of the tiny bubble maker wands, you had as a kid, these kits are giant, two-handed bubble wands capable of producing a 6-foot long tubular bubble.

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Badminton Set

Consider getting a badminton set if you’re lucky enough to have two 8-year-old girls in your life. Great for fun and exercise, these sets normally come with the following:

  • Badminton rackets
  • Birdies (Shuttlecocks)
  • Stakes
  • Ropes
  • Net

Badminton sets can be good for the entire family and a wonderful way to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Inflatable Water Sprinkler

On a hot summer day, playing up under a sprinkler is one of the great joys of life. Take it up a notch with one of these giants, inflatable water sprinklers. It’s incredibly easy to use:

  • Choose a good place outside
  • Inflate the animal
  • Hook up the garden hose
  • Have fun

Any 8-year-old girl will love this one.

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Water Slide

Waterslides come in all shapes and sizes but they’re very easy to use. It’s as easy to install as hooking up a garden hose. 

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Basketball Goal And Basketball

If you have a place to mount a basketball outside, you should think about this for an 8-year-old girl. A basketball goal can teach hand-eye coordination and is a sport that she can play alone or with friends.


Boardgames are a way to bring the entire family together. Below is a couple that will be sure to please an 8-year-old girl. Playing games with friends always is a lovely gift, regardless of age. Of course, it should be a game adapted to age like the game Loopin Louie, a game that attracts many giggles and laughter. Here you will also find a few more games that are a great gift for an 8-year-old girl.

Loopin’ Louie

In this game, players compete to save their chickens from Louie’s stunt plane. This is fun for kids because they get to use a paddle to knock Louie away from their chickens. Expect a scream of laughter as the game gets a little wild.

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Have one person be the caller and watch as the other players contort themselves into wild positions as they try to reach their circle. 

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Playing with dolls is still one of the 8-year-old girls’ interests, but usually of a slightly smaller model, and then I think of Barbie with her two-story house. These are dolls that the girls play with for a long time and well into old age, that thing is done. Getting to dress her Barbie in trendy clothes, decorating the house, and invent fantastic adventures are games that can last for hours. Barbie and accessories are a really good gift for an 8-year-old girl, which she can play with for hours.

Barbie Toys

With plenty of accessories, you can pick the house that’s right for your 8-year-old girl and you can decorate it with the following:

  • Furniture
  • Helicopter
  • Pool
  • Closets
  • Slides

There are so many Barbie accessories that you can buy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices. Luckily, it’s hard to go wrong with any Barbie house or accessory.

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One of the most popular accessories for Barbie is the ambulance that can convert into a hospital. If you have a child that is remotely interested in the medical field, this is a great gift.

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Barbie dolls are also highly appreciated when an 8-year-old girl opens here birthday gifts.

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Interior gifts to an 8-year-old girl

Although friends and activities outside the family are increasingly important for an 8-year-old girl, she not only wants to decorate Barbie’s house but also her own room.

There are cool details that can make the room so much cozier, give atmosphere, and more fun. Like the neon lamp Flamingo. A nice detail that makes the eight-year-old feel a little cooler. Or why not give her this unicorn lamp with a LED or a nice shining jar.

Flamingo Lamp

Go retro with a Flamingo lamp that any 8-year-old girl would love for room decoration. LED neon pink light suffuses the flamingo body and gives off a soft glow in her room. 

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Unicorn Lamp

Almost every little girl loves unicorns. Feed that love with this cute little unicorn lamp. It will be a welcome addition to her room and she’ll smile every time she sees it.

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Sunshine In A Jar Lamp

This whimsical lamp is like having fireflies in a jar available whenever you want to see them. Any 8-year-old girl would love to have this in their room. It gives off a gentle glow and is perfect for a bedside table.

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Stuffed Unicorns

Are you looking for the best gift for an 8-year-old girl? Then it’s a unicorn you should give her. No one can resist this cute unicorn. It is large and very cozy to hug.


Another tough detail that can be used by more people in the family is a brilliant message board in the form of a cloud. On it, you others in the family can also participate and write small messages, which may be needed when the dreamer walks away to his own little world. It also comes from Fun Gadgets, just like the water-filled volcano lamp. Just like when you can sit by the shore or a rippling stream and watch for eternity (it feels like that anyway), this has the same effect. An effective way to calm down when the eight-year-old suddenly changes his mood, which she can actually do when you least expect it. 

Lighted Message Cloud

Let your 8-year-old girl write her own message and express her creativity with this cool message board shaped like a cloud. Your child will enjoy writing her own messages on this board and then watching it light up when the lights go out.

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Snow Globes

A snow globe is an awesome decoration for an 8-year-old’s room. Get one with something she likes inside, like a unicorn. This is a gift designed to give a lot of pleasure.

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Light Box With Message

Your 8-year-old can use this lightbox to place her own message or it can be used to pass messages between people. You could write her a sweet goodnight message or have a message ready for her when she wakes up in the morning. 

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Rainblow Slinky

If you have stairs, get your 8-year-old one of these. You probably remember playing with one as a kid. Your child will have just as much fun playing with one as you did.

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Jewelry Box Made For Engraving

Your 8-year-old is at the stage where she’s probably starting to get interested in jewelry. This is a jewelry box you can personalize with her name or a sweet message. This is a gift she will treasure for years.

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Butterfly Necklace

Why not get her something to go into her jewelry box? This butterfly necklace is beautiful yet sturdy enough that she won’t break it easily. It’s perfect for an 8-year-old. 

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Friends, school, and other activities outside the family take up many eight-year-old days, but she still needs to do things with her parents and have a few cozy moments, even if it is different.

Something that is always appreciated and just right is to start planting together. And it does not have to be in a garden. No fact is that it is much more fun to have your own little herb garden indoors. Now she can have her own mini-colony lot in the kitchen window to take care of and see how wonderfully fragrant herbs soon start to grow. This package contains everything needed to get started with cultivation and expect that it will arouse interest. It is a fun gift to give an 8-year-old girl because it may lead to a new interest she enjoys all her life.

Of course, there is so much more to plant than herbs. Why not buy a ready-made plant, maybe a cactus or similar, and the tough dinosaur pot Rex. It becomes both a cool detail in the room and a functional gadget.

Kids can be the best gardeners. They really like watching plants grow, and it’s educational as well. Check out these great gifts for the little gardener in your life

Self-Watering Pots

The tongue on these animal planters is used to lap up the water into the soil of the plant sitting on the back of the animal. 

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Unicorn Pot

This unicorn planter is a cute pot in which to grow plants. It will bring a smile to any future gardener and is a great way to start them out with growing plants.

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Dinosaur Pot

This pot is for those who want a more majestic setting for their plants. In the midst of a giant roar, this dinosaur promises to keep your growing plants safe at all costs.

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Carnivorous Plant

These are easy to grow and very hardy. Best of all, your 8-year-old will have a fantastic time watching the plant devour the food. It’s like a live nature show in your home.

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Sunflower Seeds

Your 8-year-old will love watching these sunflowers grow over time. Just pick a sunny spot and have her plant the seeds. Water and watch them grow.  

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If you instead want to give an educational gift to an 8-year-old girl, I would recommend Lego, construction toys, or maybe an electrician or chemical box as a gift. Both Lego and other construction toys improve the child’s cognitive ability, and they learn problem-solving. It also happens in such playful ways that they do not even notice that they are learning things simultaneously. Choose the contract system or building system that you think she likes best. Lego is a really good gift for an 8-year-old girl.

Lego Restaurant

Lego is putting out some of the most creative toys on the market today, and this restaurant is no exception. It’s one of the best that Lego has put out in quite a while, and your 8-year-old will love putting this one together. 

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Lego Resort

One of the best things about the Lego resort building set is the moving monorail that circles the resort. Not only that, but it also has slides and a water park attached. It’s a huge Lego structure and will make your 8-year-old very happy and keep them busy for hours.

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Hogwarts Express Lego Set

8-year-old girls love Harry Potter, and they’ll love this Lego set that recreates Hogwarts. It’s a magical place and will give her a magical time while she puts together the famous school.

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Lego Riverboat

This is a great starter set for any 8-year-old girl. The Lego riverboat is a creative way for your child to start playing with Lego blocks. This is a 3 in 1 gift, which means you can build and rebuild 3 different models with this set. It also includes two mini-figures and exotic animals.

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Wooden Models Based On Leonardo Da Vinci’s Sketches

To give your 8-year-old a start on classical education, start her off with these models based on Da Vinci’s sketches. It’s a great way to introduce her to history and the mind of one of the world’s greatest thinkers.

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K’NEX Education

K’NEX Education is a new building system for kids that uses plates to construct elaborate designs.

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Mekano In Metal

The classic model building system loved by kids worldwide.

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Crazy Chemistry Chemistry Box

Chemistry sets are easy enough for them to understand, with all the equipment they need, it’s sure to please even the fussiest kid. It’s also a great rainy-day activity.

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Bring out your creativity with a large paint box that will impress all your friends, but above all, the 8-year-old girl receives it as a gift. In this box, there is most that may be needed to bring out hidden artist talent. Here you will find everything from felt-tip pens, crayons, different kinds of crayons, and brushes. Besides, everything is in a smart cardboard box that the owner herself can have as her first coloring project to find what is hers.

Painting Set

Bring out your child’s inner artist with the luxurious painting set. It includes:

  • Colored pencils
  • Paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Markers

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Coloring Book

Along with a painting set, get your 8-year-old a coloring book. There are so many great ones on the market, and they’re inexpensive. It’s a great gift to give your child.

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Once your 8-year-old conquers the coloring book, it’s time to move up to the sketchbook to use their own imagination to draw their own designs.

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Colored Pencils

Little girls love to paint, so colored pencils are a really nice gift for her. Ordinary crayons to paint with are always needed. They are good because the paint does not go through and can be seen on the other side of the coloring book as they do with ink.

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Harry Potter Coloring Book

For the Harry Potter lover in your life, invest in a Harry Potter coloring book. This one is filled with the magical creatures that populate J.K. Rowling’s classic book.

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Scented Pencils

Little girls love colored pencils and they love good smells. Give them both with this set of scented pencils, sure to please even your pickiest child.

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Unicorn Making Set

Combine learning with fun with this unicorn-making set, which allows them to practice their crafting.

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Craft Set For Decorating Your Own Piggy Bank

Children can use their painting skills to make the piggy any color they like. When they finish, they’ll have a great place to store their money for their next craft.

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Craft Package For Making Your Own Jewelry

They love crafts so give them the best of both worlds by buying her this craft set that allows her to make her own bracelets and necklaces. It’s fun and something she’ll remember forever.

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Now she is starting to start reading books herself, but it is, of course, also cozy to have a book that you read together at bedtime. Here are suggestions for some books that are suitable for an 8-year-old girl:

The Brothers Lionheart

A tale of the love between two brothers and how death is only the next great adventure.

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The Witches

Roald Dahl wrote this classic children’s book many years ago but it still stands up today. A scary, thrilling tale by a beloved author of children’s stories.

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Captain Underpants and they Tyrannical Retaliation

Another entry in the Captain Underpants series, this book will appeal to your child’s silly side. It’s a fun way to get them to read more.

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Why not a heat-sensitive mug with the cat Pusheen, Dumbo, or a pug to drink chocolate from and cuddle with the rest of the family, friends, or yourself? It changes color and motif depending on the temperature of the drink. So cool and a perfect gift for a cat-loving girl. Fits all times of the day. It can also be filled with some sweets when handing over the gift.

Pusheen Heat Sensitive Mug

This mug will have your child begging for a hot drink at all hours. Colorful and cute, it’s excellent for a cold winter morning.

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Dumbo Mug

Honor Walt Disney and the classic film by getting your 8-year-old this Dumbo mug. Big and adorable, this is a mug designed for young girls.

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Mood Cup

Your 8-year-old can tell you how she feels with only a mug choice with these very cool mood cups. Choose from a selection of moods.

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Mood Cup

Your 8-year-old can tell you how she feels with only a mug choice with these very cool mood cups. Choose from a selection of moods.

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Candy Grabber Machine

This is a smaller version of the classic arcade game, where kids can use a claw to pick up all kinds of sweet candy. 

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Marabou Milk Chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect gift for any 8-years-old. It’s hard to go wrong when you give someone milk chocolate bars.

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Ice Cream Machine

Teach your child how to make ice cream from scratch using fresh ingredients and luscious cream. Choose your favorite flavor and watch the smile grow on your 8 years old’s face.

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Slush Machine

Just add ice and flavoring, and you have the perfect treat for a hot summer day. Let your 8-year-old girl treat you for once. Just relax, sit back and wait for the perfect slushy.

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Popcorn Machine

She’ll be amazed to watch the popcorn pop and she’ll be thrilled to eat it. Pair this with a movie for a great family night.

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Cotton Candy Machine

It’s hard to find a child that doesn’t love cotton candy. Now they can make their own at home with this fabulous cotton candy machine.

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Pusheen Cat Pillows

This is cute to snuggle with or to use as their main pillow. An 8-year-old loves cats, and this fluffy animal will be a comfort when they sleep. 

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Otherwise, money is always an appreciated gift to decide for herself what to do with it. But giving money in an envelope as a gift to an 8-year-old girl is a bit boring, so why not check out this exchange with animal motifs of two unicorns. Put down some coins and banknotes, and you will know that they are stored in a safe place until they are to be used on the shopping trip. She will love it, and considering that it is not that big, it goes down just right in the jacket pocket.

Unicorn Wallet

Teach them to keep their money safe with their unicorn wallet. Stylish and practical, it’s perfect for an 8-year-old girl.

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Luckily, you can purchase a lot of awesome gifts from the comfort of your sofa with the click of a button. Unfortunately, the vast amount of gifts online can be overwhelming if you don’t have a guide that helps you navigate the good from the not-so-good. Never fear – this guide is designed to do exactly that.

You may also be interested in reading about a gift for an 8-year-old. There you will find gifts that are suitable to give both girls and boys when they turn one. I have also written about gifts for 7- and 9-year-old girls. Feel free to visit those pages for more gift ideas too! If you are looking for good party tips with games, tip walks, decorations, and candy bags, I have collected many party tips here.

Lovely gifts to an 8-year-old girl

After the rather intense period that six-year-olds go through, it usually tends to be a little calmer. Yes, sometimes even a little too calm for children around eight can be a bit dreamy.

If there is more than one bathroom where she lives, it is good to let her have her own little toy corner in the bathroom. A fun bathtub stopper, fun bath toys, and bath color make the bath easier and are gifts that an 8-year-old girl likes. And when we are still in the bathtub, a brilliant bath plug in the form of a unicorn becomes a delicious detail.



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Gifts for an 8-year-old girl
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