Gifts to a 7-year-old girl

Choosing a gift for a 7-year-old girl changes almost constantly because of fads and trends.  It can be a challenge for anyone, but if your special 7-year-old girl lives away from you or haven’t had the chance to get to know her, it’s even more of a guessing game to find that perfect gift.  I’ve listed below a choice of items that include new trends with the wow factor and tried-and-true gifts that never fail to please.

So what are a good gift to a 7-year-old girl? Good gifts to a 7-year-old are a Piggy Bank, Frozen Lego, Pusheen Pillows, Princess duvet set, a good book, Party light lamp, sorbet maker, color by number, or a ninja line.

What is a nice gifts to a 7-year-old girl?
What is a nice gifts to a 7-year-old girl?

Girls at seven years old are beginning to come into their social personality, starting to read, and exploring more science in the classroom, but continue to turn toward their creative side for art and fantasy play. The ten gifts listed below not only encourage these activities but also benefit all areas of a young girl’s development. I’m going to highlight a few here, along with some further details about the suggested gift ideas.

Highlights of The Listed Gifts for a 7-year-old girl

As with any gift-giving, there are considerations to be made. All children go through not only developmental stages but play stages as well.  An aware gift-giver can recognize the age-appropriate gift for the 7-year-old girl after: 

  • Speaking with the parents 
  • Reading the online or package description of the toy or game 
  • Locating the age range on a book jacket

Lovely thing for her room

Get Snug with A Pusheen Cat Pillow

What young girl doesn’t adore a cozy, huggable plush toy?  Pusheen is a female cartoon cat that graces social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram and has generated quite a following on her website.  The cat comes in different configurations and has a variety of accessories to make her irresistible, whether resting on the bed of a cat lover or non-cat lover.  Interacting with and loving plush toys serve the emotional development of children.

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Pillows from Harry Potter

Pillows with motif from Harry Potter books are fun to have on the bed.

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Light box

When you are just learning to record and read, it is fun to have a letter board in the room and write messages on it.

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Princess Duvet Set

Gift your 7-year-old sleeping beauty with regal bedding made of 100% cool cotton.  She’ll love laying her head down under the diamond crown on the pillowcase, and the princess ball gown on the duvet will make her dream of castles and dancing with the handsome prince.  Mom will like that it’s washable and can be put in the dryer.

The set features

  • Duvet
  • Pillowcase
  • European design and made in Portugal

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Cozy lamps for the 7-year-old girl´s room

It can also be cozy with some nice decor in the room in the form of nice lamps. Here a light loop with the text Love.

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The coolest birthday party

A disco party will envy all of here, friends! Here are some of my best disco party tips. These are great gifts for a 7-year-old girl so she can have a disco in her room every day of the year.

Party Light Lamp

A gift that will make the 7-year-old the envy of all her friends is the Party Light Lamp!  This compact light has many color combinations for magical light effects to entertain at a birthday party or sleepover.  The lamp has features that will make the planned event an enjoyable time for all:

  • It’s sound activated so the colors can change to beats of music or speech when close to the light
  • It includes a remote control for on/off function and volume
  • Lighting modes, such as single color or combinations, can be easily changed with the remote
  • Lamp lights are LED for cost-saving energy

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Disco ball

Introduce the 7-year-old girl and her friends to disco dance mania with the party light and provide the opportunity for her to shine and gain self-confidence by spotlighting her fun-loving personality and talents.  

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Gifts for outdoor play

Water slide

A watercourse where you run and glide—a fun way to stay cool in the summer heat. Just rinse water on the track!

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The NinjaLine takes physical activity to a new level for the 7-year-old girl.  All there is to installation is hanging between two support posts or two healthy trees, and the backyard is turned into a training ground for her to work on ninja skills.  The kit has everything needed for getting started:

  • Professional slackline webbing
  • Hanging obstacles, including monkey bar holds and gym rings
  • Carrying bag for portability

Adult supervision is required with NinjaLine activities.

The NinjaLine provides the opportunity for the 7-year-old to develop her gross motor skills that are essential for continued physical development.  Refining hand-eye coordination and balance are also be achieved by working the NinjaLine. 

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A trampoline is a must for a 7-year-old girl. Here she will spend many hours both alone and with her friends.

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Cable cart

Cable cart that you can easily stretch between two trees.

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Soap bubbles

Blowing big soap bubbles is easy with this bubble tool.

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7-year-old girls like speed and fan. With a scooter, they get just that.

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With a hoverboard you can make the neighborhood’s toughest car. Buy for one seat only.

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Turn it into a hover-kart

Accessories for turning the hoverboard into a go-kart. A fun gift for a seven-year-old girl who likes speed and fan. But a helmet can be good too.

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Runner-Up Gifts Sure to Delight

What’s better than eating a strawberry-frosted donut?  Floating in one, of course!  A couple of donut float rings, complete with icing and sprinkles, will make pool parties with her besties extra fun.  Adult supervision is required at any time when 7-year-olds are splashing around in the pool.

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Children are fond of sugar! They like to get sweets as a gift and preferably utensils to make their own desserts and snacks.

A bucket of Nutella

A bucket of Nutella will make the eyes of a 7-year-old girl sparkle.

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Popcorn machine

A slightly healthier alternative to all sugar is this popcorn machine.

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KitchPro Sorbet Maker

Invite the 7-year-old girl out of the play kitchen in the classroom and into the home kitchen with this sorbet machine.  She’ll be thrilled to show off her culinary talents when she makes a delicious and healthy treat for her friends after soccer practice.  All it takes is adding favorite frozen fruits and berries to get fresh, natural sorbet.  

This activity will aid in the development of math education as she works with measuring ingredients.  

KitchPro Sorbet Maker requires a standard kitchen electrical connection, so adult supervision is needed when used by a 7-year-old future chef.

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Dumbo mug

A cute mold with Dumbo. Fill it with her favorite candy or something else she likes. Nice to wrap in cellophane.

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Cotton candy machine

This one will impress her friends when they come to her birthday party. Imagine getting your own cotton candy.

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Gigantic Chocolate

Chocolate is good and getting a really big chocolate cake is even better. The best way to get a stomach ache, because you are guaranteed to get it!

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A good gift for a 7-year-old girl is princess things and costumes. It often happens that she turns into a princess. 

Dress-Up for A Brand-New Look 

Dressing up is part of a little girl’s fantasy play and isn’t soon put away.  There are some trendy ways to make dressing up fun and contemporary.  With a princess dress she can look like Cinderella or Elsa. She can relive Elsa’s adventures or let her imagination come up with some of her own. 

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Unicorn wallet

If she needs some extra cash for her travels, a Unicorn Wallet will come in handy.  For an extra surprise, slip some real paper money in or some change in the coin compartment.

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High heels

In addition to a nice dress, a princess also needs a pair of high heels. These are of the finest design for little princess feet.

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Crown for the princess

For it to really appear that she is a princess, it can be good with a crown. Then no one will be able to make a mistake anymore.

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Bracelet craft kit

Girls of all ages enjoy wearing pretty things.  A bracelet craft kit will be appreciated as she accessorizes her Elsa dress or designs the ideal bracelet as a party favor. 

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It still happens that she turns into a princess. Then it can be cozy to have your own castle to crawl into. Here she can cuddle with pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.

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Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village

LEGO and Disney, a marriage of two of the best creators of imaginative play activities.  This LEGO building set will thrill the 7-year-old who can imagine Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff galivanting around the three-story castle she builds and rebuilds in the center of Arendelle village.  There are 521 pieces to keep the newest Arendelle princess busy for a long time.

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Lego pieces

Manipulative toys work to enhance a child’s logical and inventive mind.  They form a foundation for math and science learning to come.  Creative thinking is at work when playing independently or in a group setting; so, let LEGO and Disney set the stage for that future architect.

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Olivia’s Cupcake Café

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Cupcake Café building kit.  If she loves cooking with mom or dad in the kitchen, she’ll love putting together all the cooking tools and gadgets to make the café a place for lots of imaginative play alone or with others.

LEGO building kits are always popular.  And, so are cupcakes. Gift the special 7-year-old girl with this cupcake café!

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Let’s Talk About STEM Education


An excellent gift to support STEM education (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) is the EazyMec Starter Kit.  STEM fosters critical thinking and teaches problem-solving techniques.  The curriculum encourages teamwork, and that falls right into the social play characteristic of the 7-year-old’s development.  

EazyMec is dedicated to supporting children’s

  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Motor development
  • Social interaction through teamwork

With the design and construction of models big and small.  The starter kit includes:

  • Plates
  • Assembly locks
  • Nuts and bolts

For building a hospital or puppet theatre, whatever is unique to the 7-year-old girl’s imagination.  It’s possible a career as an architect or engineer could be in her future when she is proud to see her idea come to fruition as a realistic model.

Getting girls excited about science and technology at an early age gives them an edge in understanding STEM concepts and hones their critical thinking abilities. There is a noticeable lack of women in the STEM fields, and participating in STEM activities can open up many career opportunities.

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If you want to find a cheap gift for a seven-year-old girl, you should find an old suitcase and fill it with clothes you no longer want. It may not seem like a good idea, but it is. Girls at this age love to dress up. You actually do not need so many different garments to be able to transform from everything between aunt, superhero, knight or princess. A crown from above is of course good to buy! Some old necklaces you have lying around and some dress. An old towel or kitchen towel easily turns into a superhero cloak or part of a knight’s outfit. A sword can be good to have when she becomes a knight too! If you give her an old suitcase to store everything in, it will also be turned into a boat, spaceship or a bed for the doll, depending on what is needed at the moment.


Little ladies usually love this with crafts in various forms. They can usually sit for many hours and cut tape and stuff in their craft books. Crafts are a good gift for a seven-year-old girl.

Color by Number For Kids: Animals

The 7-year-old girl’s artistic nature does embrace the freedom of expression in many different creative ways.  But she hasn’t quite put aside the coloring book yet.  She’ll happily pull out her markers and crayons to work in the over 40 pages Color by Number For Kids book.  The book:

  • Includes interactive activities as well as coloring pages
  • Fosters number recognition
  • Is printed on one side of the page so that markers won’t bleed through

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Created By Me! Piggy Bank

A brand long associated with creativity and learning, Melissa & Doug, brings a simple activity to spark the interest of the most artistic 7-year-old.  She will delight in designing the piggy bank with this craft kit and its choices of:

  • Paint colors
  • Glitter Glue
  • Stickers

The highlight of this piggy bank is that it will aid in her math skills as she counts the pennies, she puts into it.

Art is essential to a child’s development of self-expression and furthers the visual and fine motor skills.  The unique artiste who is creating masterpieces can do so either as a solitary play activity or social/cooperative playdate when a BFF is invited over to share in the creative process.

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LYRA Osiris Triangular Colored Pencils

The  LYRA colored pencils set will delight the budding artist with 24 colors to put to paper whatever her imagination sees.  The pencils are vibrant in color and will make her original, creative ideas or coloring book pages come to life!  At the end of the art session, the pencils are stored in the metal box that is included.

Drawing helps improve fine motor development, particularly focusing on control and precise movement.  The triangular shape is fun to work with and supports the smaller hands first learning to draw.

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Beads for pegboards

Pearls for beading pearl plates 7-year-old girls usually wish for a present.

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An activity book with a space theme

A craft book with a space theme is fun. She gets to find her way through galaxies, color spaceships, decorate for alien parties and paste the planets into our solar system.

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Lego jewelry tree

Even 7-year-old girls usually like materials for making their own jewelry tree. A princess must have lots of jewelry as well.

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The Simple Things

The perfect gift doesn’t have to break the bank for a 7-year-old girl to enjoy it.  If you’re looking for a gift that’s economical and destined to please, here are a few choices:

Loopin Louie game

Loopin Louie is a great fun game for the whole family. Here you will protect your hens from the chicken thief Louie. A game that children like to play even in their teens because it is childishly fun.

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A cool mug as a gift for a 7-year-old girl

Mugs with nice motifs are usually liked by 7-year-old girls. You can have both o´boy in, pencils and to fill with sweets or something else nice.

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Glitter photo frame

What young girl doesn’t love glitter?  Especially when a photo of her family or friends peaks through the falling glitter.  Shake the frame like a snow globe, and watch as her face lights up with her big smile.

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Fancy pens

Gel Pens add that little something extra to her creative artwork. Her BFF will be happy to receive a specially designed birthday card written with a gold or silver pen.

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Water bottle

The coolest water bottle to take with you to training is this one with a crystal in it.

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Pattern craft scissors—sometimes referred to as crinkle-cut scissors. Kid-sized and kid-safe, these scissors show the artistic sideshow as the young girl cuts waves, scallops, and all sorts of squiggly lines along the edges of her paper.  If she and mom are scrapbooking her life achievements, these scissors are the secret to making the entries attractive and more impressive.

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It’s a lot of fun to play music. The most fun is composing your own songs. Maybe a future musician?

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Books—she’s beginning to read level 1 and 2 reading books.  A book with a story and activities for learning about a favorite topic will always be a big hit. 

The diamond Mystery Jerry and Maya

Mystery book with Jerry and Maya. They have a detective agency. They are smarter than all the adults in the town of Valleby and help the police solve many mysteries. 

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The 13-Story Treehouse: Monkey Mayhem! Book

At seven years old, language and reading skills are sharpening at a rapid paceThe 13-Story Treehouse: Monkey Mayhem! will humor her whether she is reading the book herself or enjoying a bedtime story read to her. The book is about two pals, Andy and Terry, who live in a fantastical treehouse which holds, among other things, a

  • Theater
  • Bowling alley
  • Underground laboratory
  • See-through swimming pool

Among the many characters in the book, there are special mermaid characters in the story that piques the 7-year-old girl’s interest.

The chapters in the book keep the story moving along and hones the reading skills by including reading patterns.  A plus for this book is that it captures several of the developmental reading milestones to think about when choosing an engaging book for a 7-year-old, including

  • Reading independently
  • Understanding humor in the text 
  • Reading longer books and beginning to read chapter books

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What Are The Backup Gift Choices

The playthings of the 7-year-old girl’s earlier years no longer hold her rapt attention.  For example:

  • Baby dolls
  • Playdough
  • Finger paints

Seven-year-old girls are beginning to discover other activities that pique their interests as they turn toward more challenging and engaging fun. But not all old familiar toys are left on the playroom floor. There are still some that are not forgotten, and some might have the added twist that makes them attractive to the 7-year-old young lady.

What To Consider Before Shopping

It’s always a good idea to have an idea of what you’ll be looking for before you head out the door to shop or sit down for some online shopping.  Having a backup or two would be wise just in case the first idea doesn’t pan out.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a parent, grandparent or another relative, or a friend invited to the birthday party, there are a few points to consider before you shop and pay the bill.

  • It’s polite to run your idea by the parents, especially if you don’t know the girl very well.
  • Always think about the girl’s age. Toys, games, and some books identify the recommended age-appropriate group for using the item.
  • Consider the specific interests and abilities the 7-year-old girl has.  This consideration is a point you can discuss with the parents to get a good feel for what will engage the young girl.
  • Take into account the girl’s family culture and heritage.  A gift recognizing the familial background of her family is sure to be a big hit with everyone. 
  • Compare the price of the item with your budget.  After all, the well-considered thoughtfulness of the gift is what matters.

When You Choose

You’ve done your due diligence in pre-shopping planning, researched and considered gift suggestions and the hundreds of choices available, and now it’s time to make the right choice for the gift to give to that extraordinary 7-year-old girl.  The criteria for choosing comes down to her interests and what supports her development at this age.  Before you make your choice, think about these points:

  • Imagination—she realizes the difference between fantasy and real-life events. Still, she continues to imagine through play-acting, reading books, and communicating her imagined thoughts through art and other hands-on activities.  A gift that will bring her imagination to life is an excellent way to go.
  • Creativity—choosing a gift that will sharpen her creative abilities will provide a fun aspect and give her pride in creative accomplishment.
  • Interaction—gifts of activities that will encourage her communication with others and engage her in creative thinking processes will aid in the development of self-awareness and self-confidence and help discover the ways to put her creative thinking into action.


Shopping for a nice gift for a 7-year-old girl doesn’t have to be laborious or complicated.  Asking the right questions, considering the essential factors such as the girl’s interests and age-appropriateness of the gift, and the spending budget will make a choice quick and easy, and you can move on to choosing the perfect gift wrap.

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