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Gifts for a 60-year-old man

Do you find it difficult to find a good birthday present for a 60-year-old man? Then I have some tips!

So what is a really good gift for a 60-year-old man? A good gift is an experience that is a little out of the ordinary. He will also appreciate getting a nicer gift such as a watch box, massage bench, or cufflinks with engraving.

For a man who turns 60, you can find lots of good gifts. Here are some tips.

What is a nice gift to a 60-year-old man?


When he turns 60, you may want to find a more personal gift that is something more than what he himself can just as easily go to the store and buy. It can be a nice photo album where you put pictures and wrote, a loving photo mug or an engraved gift that you give him on his 60th birthday.

Photo album

A photo album where you all collect memories and attach a photo or drawing, list 60 reasons why you love him, complements, or fun things you have been doing during the years.

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Digital Photo Frame

Why not buy him a digital photo frame that you fill with pictures of his life, friends, and family.

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Shoe shine box

Do you want to give a personal gift to a 60-year-old man? If you choose to buy a gift that can be engraved like this wooden shoe shine box it will be perfect. This is a gift for the gentleman that is thoughtful of how he is dressed.

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Multi-tool engraved

Is he a very handy guy? Then a multi-tool might be a lovely gift. This one can be engraved with the text you choose. A lovely and personal gift for a 60-year-old man.

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Why not buy him these lovely cufflinks. A lovely and personal gift for the man who always is well dressed.

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Maybe an exclusive pen with his name on will be an appreciated gift for him.

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Watch box

A watch box is a great gift for a 60-year-old man. Most men have many wristwatches, and this is the perfect way to store them.

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If he already has everything he needs, it might be a good idea to give him an edible birthday present. Maybe an extra nice chocolate box or gift boxes that are sent directly to his home. If you need an urgent gift for a 60-year-old man, it may be the subscription to chocolate for 6 months that I myself would have chosen in any case.

Luxurious chocolate box

A slightly more luxurious chocolate box with many different varieties is a good 60th birthday present for him. 

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Licorice box

Gift box with licorice of various sorts. 

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For the sweet tooth

Is he very fond of chocolate, maybe a big snack box is a better gift on his 60th birthday?

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Do you feel like you want to give him something fun when he turns 60? Here are my suggested gifts then.


Birdhouse with a surveillance camera where he can follow all the birds’ movements and their family life.

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Video game

A good and unexpected gift for a 60-year-old man is a video game. There are games suitable for all ages. This birthday gift will surprise him.

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Fish slippers

Buy him a pair of fish slippers. If he likes to fish this is a fun birthday gift.

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If you are not sure what type of magazines he would prefer, it might be safe with a gift certificate to decide himself.

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A gift basket with things he likes chocolate, whiskey, cigars, and mix with fun things like a candy cane and old man’s cap, crossword puzzle, or lotto tickets. Maybe it is fun to fill the basket with a special theme, spa, sweets, whiskey, books, and so on.

Gift basket

Why not buy a nice basket and fill it with stuff you know he likes‚ÄĒwhine, chocolate, spa-stuff and so on.

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An exclusive box of chocolate is a lovely gift.

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Star Wars decanter

Why not buy him a fun Star Wars decanter and fill it whit his favorite drink? A fun and unexpected gift for a 60-year-old man.

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  • Beer jug ‚Äč‚Äčwith different beers
  • Kidnap him and go to a place you‚Äôve been to a lot of before staying there together
  • Somewhere he has memories from in the past.¬†Someone he did that he would like to experience again.¬†
  • Moped ride with the family, fishing trip or going to a concert?
  • Good dinner with the whole family together.
  • A day together with many things he likes.¬†Take photos and make a photo book afterward.
  • A tattoo
  • A personal painting that you embroider


Notes with questions 12 pieces marked with the months Jan-Dec. When it’s time for the gift distribution, you place the jubilee in front of the group. The jubilee is then allowed to answer the questions. These can be questions such as:

  1. Who bakes the most delicious cakes ‚Äď the one chosen by the jubilee is commissioned to invite the birthday child to home-baked cakes in January.
  2. Who is the best at car care ‚Äď it may help the jubilee to wash the car in February.
  3. Who drives best ‚Äď it can invite the jubilee on a car trip in March.

Yes, you understand the principle. One person and one assignment per month. Then the jubilee receives the notes where the name of the chosen person is entered, to keep track of what is to happen each month.

This will be a very personal gift and fun things will happen throughout the year.

What is a good 60th birthday present for someone who has everything? A good 60th birthday present for a man who already has everything can be an experience, a newspaper subscription, chocolate or a wine subscription.

What is a great gift for a 60-year-old woman? A good gift for a 60-year-old woman is a personal piece of jewelry where you engrave something nice, an overnight stay at the ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, a massage, or maybe a facial. 

What should you give as a gift to the man who has everything? To the man who already has everything, you can give a photo album where you write a little about the pictures, a personal photo mug, or maybe a parachute jump. 

I want to find a 60th birthday present for my sister, what should I buy? Good gifts to give your sister when she turns 60 are an engraved piece of jewelry, a good perfume, a camera, or perhaps classic design objects. 

Gifts for a 60-year-old man
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