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Gifts to a 6-year-old girl

Finding the right gift for the 6-year-old girl in your life may seem like a difficult task, but it is much easier than you may expect! Even if your little girl does not know what she wants as a gift, we have some great recommendations that are sure to make her happy!

You may find your 6-year-old looking to participate in more activities such as biking and sledding. Chances are she is still highly interested in costumes, her favorite dolls, and different crafts that let her express who she indeed is.

The best thing about buying gifts for younger children is that you can help them find new skills, and new favorite activities, or help them explore their imagination and create essential motor and social skills to help them move forward. Let’s find out what some of the best gifts for a 6-year-old girl are!

What is a nice gift to a 6-year-old girl?

Best Gift Ideas for 6 Year-Old-Girls

The majority of 6-year-olds go to school every day (online or in-person), most participate in extracurricular, and almost all of them have strong opinions about what they enjoy and don’t like. This age group is also growing more conscious of what is popular among their classmates at any particular time.

Six-year-olds are also typically ready for a range of board games that involve some skill and patience & the ability to follow more complex rules. Toys that keep them moving, twirling, or utilizing their creativity are also terrific alternatives for kids this age who still require plenty of general play, exercise, and fun. Here are some gifts for a 6-year-old girl.

Paw Patrol Rescue Racers Roll Patrol Vehicles

These Paw Patrol Rescue Racers are perfect for kids who love Paw Patrol and want to help out with rescues. They’re a great way to encourage kids to use their imaginations, and they’re also a lot of fun.

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Soap & Bath Bomb

To make gorgeous soap to use and show, combine the wax, coloring, scent, and glitter and pour it into the four attractive molds. Create multicolored multi-layered soaps by mixing and matching colors to your heart’s desire.

Make bubbly bath salts and salt scrubs: Color by color, layer the sea salt, coloring, aroma, and baby oil in the provided salt scrub container. To make ‘fizzy’ bath salts, combine baking soda & citric acid. Use it in the tub or give it as a gift!

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Water Bottle with Gem

Children’s arts & crafts are a lot of fun! With this purple children’s water bottle craft kit, kids can decorate their own bottle! It includes seven sheets of our glittering rhinestone glitter gem stickers, giving youngsters hundreds of stickers to bling up their bottles! We also add a carabiner for hanging the bottle and a paracord bracelet kit as a gift.

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The Big Parade

The Big Parade book is a great option for parents who are looking for gifts that encourage children to be active. It’s sure to grab their attention and spark their interest. In this adventure, your kid will lead down to “The Big Parade” in the main street and will become the parade hosted by the town rides and Mayor in a special fire truck. The book is also available personalized, with your child’s name and age. This makes a great gift for kids of 3 to 8 years! Great for birthdays or Christmas.

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Winning Fingers Flashing Cube

In a distinctive light-up cube form, Flashdash delivers four quick-fingered games. These engaging portable games are great for at home or on the go, and they assist enhance cognitive abilities and hand-eye coordination. The volume may be adjusted and completely muffled. 3 AAA batteries are required (not included).

We are proud of our children’s video games! Every piece is handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail and quality control.

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Bracelet Kit

Charms Craft Supplies are fantastic jewelry for clip-on charms, dangles, earrings, bracelets, necklace pendants, keychains, and anklets.

The following is an excellent gift for a girl: This presents a fantastic idea for girls who enjoy sewing accessories. It may also be a fun party craft for the ladies. Teenage Girls’ Favorite Gifts

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6th Birthday Necklace

Gift for a six-year-old girl 316L metal is used to make the 6th Birthday Gifts set, which will never change color or tarnish, and is robust enough to be worn every day. Perfect for a 6th birthday girl’s attire and a 6th birthday girl’s party.

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Unicorn Pop Purse

The adorable kitten form and vibrant colors will quickly catch the eye of the girls! This kitten pop bubble bag makes a beautiful present for girls, students, friends & coworkers. It may function as both a toy & a bag. A superb birthday present, party gift, Costume gift, Christmas gift, mood-lifter, home basics, and games for the elderly, students, and adults

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Christian Music for Me

At almost every age, kids enjoy music from artists that they’re familiar with. Whether your child listens to them while they play or while they dance, she’ll likely love being able to listen to her favorite Christian songs wherever she goes. This educational and entertaining personalized CD presents Bible stories for your kid to enjoy and listen to. Share your faith and love in the Lord with these ten fun and powerful Christian-themed songs. It has powerful Christian-themed stories and songs making it ideal for girls and boys aging 2 to 7 years.

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Light-Up Unicorn Terrarium

It attracts youngsters as soon as they take it out of the box, and it’s a great project for the whole family. The assembly is enjoyable, and the finished product is quite fulfilling.

A built-in revolutionary LED light beneath the lid changes the encounter into something extraordinary. Simply turn on the light with the little switch at night and watch your terrarium transform into a beautifully illuminated dream garden. To believe it, you must see it! With the provided Micro-USB cord, the light can be quickly recharged.

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Unicorn Jewelry Music Box

This art project set that serves as a keepsake will appeal to girls aged 6 and above.

A beautiful unicorn necklace is included, with a secret “believe” message. Your little girl would like to have her own jewelry music box to secure her valuables.

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Disney Girl Power Collection

Personalized books are a great, affordable way to entertain kids on long car rides or plane flights. By putting your child’s name into one of Disney’s colorful and fantastic character stories, you can keep them interested for hours. This gift is also available in so many options that you’re sure to find one that fits any girl or boy. It has seven stories in one book; stories of Nala’s sense of adventure, Ariel’s determination, and Tiana’s resourcefulness that are assembled here to motivate your child to be the best she can be and to dream big. This Power Collection book has 116 Page and can be personalized with the child’s name, age, and home. It is presented inside a gift box.

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Princess Dress-Up Shoes

This princess dressing-up shoes set makes a beautiful present for princess cosplay, girls getting dressed up, pretend play, role-play, girls’ parties, dress-up parties, birthday parties, and Christmas, among other occasions.

Girls might be inspired to perform various roles by four different colors of shoes & princess jewelry accessories. All of the dress-up activities will help youngsters develop their fashion sense and self-confidence, creativity, imagination, and interpersonal skills.

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Personalized Portrait Joyful girl

This picture is a personal painting that every beautiful young girl deserves. Available on a 40*30, this portrait will be the best hanging on your wall. This painting will stand in to give your little one the best experience on their special day. It could be a birthday, among other special occasions. This is a perfect way to get your girl the best memories they need. This portrait will be best for girls since they will hold flowers in the portrait.

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Joyful girl Personalized Portrait

QUARTERLY Dream Girl Box

The Dream Girl Box is a gift subscription service that gets customers a variety of gifts in its themed boxes every three months. It is a proper inspirational gift for those girls with big dreams. This gift focuses to build the girl from the inside out and each quarter, the girl will receive an inspirational box depending on the social-emotional theme such as accessories, stationery, and tees. This girl’s box will also teach them leadership and life skills.

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Barbie Doll

Play out famous fairytale tales or mix and combine to create new tales & characters, such as a mermaid-fairy-princess, since Barbie allows you to be anybody you choose.

A candy-detailed purple snap-on bodice, a long multicolored skirt with sparkles, matching shoes, and a princess tiara are worn by the Princess Barbie doll.

Barbie doll appears delightfully delicious in looks embellished with candy hues and accessories inspired by her sugar kingdom.

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Ice Cream Butter Slime

Make a step-by-step creation for your little girl, complete with directions and charms. You can make slime in over 100 distinct varieties, including fluffy, buttery, cloud, foam, and glitter slime. Assist children in developing their creativity and hands-on abilities.

Fruit slime, donut slime, cake slime, candy slime, berry slime, ice cream slime, and butter slime are just a few of the slimes you can make with the FunKidz slime kit. You may also use the premade slime to make an ice cream cone or a candy storage container appear more realistic.

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Soap Making Kit

Making your homemade soap to play with and wash with is fun. Play with the colors as much as you like! Keep them about yourself and transform your shower or bath into a celebration
 or give them as gifts to friends and family! Completely secure: All ingredients are entirely safe for your child and meet and exceed all safety regulations.

It’s not often that a scientific project can be entertaining and educational, but this kit does! It’s an excellent set for solo play or even as a group exercise. It interests kids right away when they take it out of the box, and it’s a great STEM activity. It instills a passion for science & paleontology in children pleasantly and engagingly.

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Paint Set

This painting set comes with 12 vivid, brilliant acrylic paints & 12 high-quality color pencils, giving your youngsters everything they need to create a masterpiece. Ages 6 and older will enjoy this game.

The included guidebook will show your children how to sketch and paint like a great artist, step by step. They’ll learn how to utilize a range of drawing tools, genres of art, and color mixing & blending methods in this book. This book, written by a commercial painting teacher & professional painter, is sure to reinvigorate your child’s art project. Enjoy the lovely drawings that this booklet will inspire in your youngsters!

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My Day at the Zoo

A personalized book is great because it’s a gifted kids will enjoy both now and when they’re older. Your kid and their friends will enlightening adventure at the zoo as they learn about the interesting world of animals. When they follow the map, you will meet the Monkeys, Lions, Elephants, and more. This book has a hardcover that measures 9 inches x 12 inches personalized kids’ book. Typically, this book is ideal for girls and boys aging 3 to 10 years.

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Springflower Fort Building

It’s simple to assemble & disassemble, and it won’t fall apart. Each Creative Fort construction kit includes Thirty magic balls, long rods, and 20 extended connectors for 120 pieces, allowing you to build many buildings. Place the rods into the balls, and the builder will join in seconds. Best of everyone, it’s light but strong, and it holds sheets securely. An easy step-by-step instruction demonstrates how to construct.

The Fort building kit is a constructions toy for boys & girls that helps them develop STEM abilities. Kids’ thoughts would be focused on building the perfect fort, which would assist to boost their imagination and creativity, as well as their problem-solving abilities. It’s a great creative toy for a group of kids to play with, so they can learn to work together and collaborate.

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Princess Chef Gift Set

CHEF GIFT SET – Includes an apron, a chef hat, an educational storybook, and a cookbook with Royal Recipes. This will undoubtedly be her favorite present and the best way to get her interested in cooking and baking!

Both the apron and the chef hat are adjustable to accommodate children aged 3 to 7. Fully machine washable and made of robust 80/20 polycotton featuring reinforced edges. Chef hat with sewed rhinestones in a heart motif & adjustable velcro back. Matching embroidered applique pocket, & adjustable straps are included on this apron. The cutest chef you’ll ever see with a heart pattern and polka dot design!

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Electronic Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is something that no child can refuse! Your little one can easily keep the cash & coins she receives from her labor projects thanks to the updated deposit port design, which is a fun method for your kid to learn to save money while playing and building excellent financial management practices.

Are you still hunting for the perfect present for your girlfriend? Congratulations, a beautiful pink pig toy is the ideal present for little princesses aged five and up. It’s the ideal Christmas gift, everyday toy, or holiday present for your sweetheart.

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Star Projector for Kids

The starlight projector may be used as a nightlight when covered with a dome cover. The silent star Night light projectors lamp is quiet and may be placed in your children’s room to help them fight the darkness.

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Dance Mat

This music dance mat’s surface is comprised of a comfortable non-woven fabric, as well as the bottom has non-slip stripes. It is non-toxic, safe, and ecologically friendly. The high-quality cloth is gentle on children’s feet, as well as the bottom does not slide. It is also simple to clean, saving parents much time once the kids have fun.

The music pad comes in a presentation box that can be folded and carried easily. It can be used for hosting family games or everyday family trips, and it is suited for any indoor or outdoor environment. It is an excellent item for girls aged six.

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Princess Music and Book

If your kids love princesses, then gift them customized music and a book for their next birthday. This gift set will put a smile on your small kid in your life. Your kid will hear his or her name over 60 times on this personalized music CD. Every princess will personally coach your kid through dressing and utilizing suitable etiquette to link all the Disney Princesses. Your kids will read about themselves, dance in ballet, attend a fancy dress ball, and have tea with the Queen and King in this personalized kid’s book.

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16″ Bicycle 

If your little girl is ready to hit the pavement and race her friends, this is the perfect bike for her. It is one of this line’s junior bikes, which means that it is made to fit smaller riders looking to up their game in terms of the cycle they are using every day.

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20″ Bicycle 

This is another popular bike that is great for children. The light frame and the smaller size make it easy for kids to enjoy and ride comfortably. It also features a softer ride and is great for children who may want to bicycle in rougher areas. 

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SALTA Comfort 396cm Trampoline

Almost all children love how fun and exciting a trampoline can be. What makes this one a great gift idea is a sleek design, the solid construction, and the safety net, which keeps your child happy and safe. The comfort range of SALTA makes it affordable without sacrificing quality. 

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Tarzan Swing Gunga 28cm

Swings are always a popular gift idea for children of any age. What makes this a great gift is that it is easy to install, and they can use the swing either standing or sitting. 

Since this is made from metal and plastic, not only is it safe, but it is also easy to clean as well.

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Birds nest swing PLUS

Round swings are becoming more popular every year. This swing is more comfortable than a traditional swing, and it uses two lines to keep it securely attached to a tree or swing stand. The material on the bottom of the swing is soft, and your child can even lay on it. A nice gift for a 6-year-old girl and her friends.

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Hanging Cocoon Hammock 

A Cacoon Hammock swing provides the best of both worlds. Not only is your child getting a tent or their own personal fort, but it is also a swing that they can put anywhere. The tent provides a sense of privacy and protection, while the swing itself is large and durable for them to play for hours.

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STOY scooter Classic 200 Silver

Scooters have always been a popular gift idea. They are easy to use, easy to carry, and are perfect for children. This scooter features larger wheels, which makes it suitable for different terrains and children.

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Kickmaster Fiberglass soccer Goal 244 x 122cm

Many six year-old-girls are finding their love for sports, so sports-related gifts are always a winner. A soccer goal that they can have at their home not only encourages them to play, but it is also a great form of exercise that seems more like fun than work!

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Play Ball

Balls are one of the most popular toys on the market, and a rubber ball is an excellent way for your child to show their personality while playing their favorite games. These make affordable gift options for children of any age! Even though balls are a bit hard to gift wrap!

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Simple 80 Sled 

Depending on where you live, sleds may be a great gift idea as well. They are something that your child can use for an entire season. These sleds come in vibrant colors and can help your child get the most out of the colder seasons.

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Stiga Snowracer Color Pro

If your six year-old-girl is looking to get a new sled, then the Stiga Snowracer is an ideal gift. Not only does it have a sleek look to it, but it also features steering and breaking options to increase the excitement of just regular sledding. 

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Snowball Maker

Another gift idea that is perfect for those in colder climates is this snowball maker. Not only are is this toy much faster than making them by hand, but it also keeps your hands nice and warm. Plus, all of the snowballs will be the same size!

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Inflatable Unicorn Sled

Unicorns are some of the most popular characters among younger girls, so this inflatable sled makes the perfect gift. She can use it during the colder months on ice and snow, and when the weather warms up, she can take it to the pool or the beach for endless fun!

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Shovel WOLF-Garten ASP-D

Is your little girl into building or gardening? A shovel is a simple tool that she can use to build sandcastles, igloos, or even start her flower garden. The small size of this shovel makes it easy for her to use and is reinforced to last.

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Flamingo inflatable sled

Flamingos are another popular animal for younger girls, and this is another inflatable sled that is not only easy for storage, but it makes a statement as well. The flamingo sled can also be used in the pool or any body of water as well. 

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Costume Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Old Girls

Costume Police Cap

Does your six year-old-girl like to dress up? Hats and costumes from different occupations let her explore who she wants to be when she gets older. This is a great gift idea to enhance her imagination and help her live her dreams.

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Pink Princess Dress

All little girls love pretending to be their favorite princess, and this is an excellent gift for the 6-year-old girl. She will love this fabulous dress that she can wear as often as she wants. 

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Pippi Longstocking Wig

Pippi Longstocking has been one of the most famous Swedish literary characters for over half a century. Pick up a wig to help your little girl be her favorite character. Wigs are a great way to help her feel more like the character, and they are easy to use and affordable.  

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Princess Dress with Accessories

This is another excellent princess costume set that features even more accessories. In addition to the beautiful blue color, this set includes a pair of shoes and a piece of jewelry to make her feel like a real princess.

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Pirate Costume

If your little girl is more adventurous, she would love this pirate costume! This set comes with a full outfit, a bandana for her head, and a swashbuckling sword to rule the high seas!

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Pink Princess Cap

To finish off your little girl’s princess dreams, try this cute princess crown with detailing to make her feel regal and like the princess she is. The diadem material is also perfect to wear without it hurting your head.

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Jewlerey for 6-year-old girls

Mickey Mouse Necklace

One mother shared with me that she purchased this necklace for her six-year-old daughter. She told me that the necklace is very practical and sturdy. She also mentioned that her daughter never lost the locket or broke it. The child keeps it on her neck at all times and never even took it off for pillow time. She said her daughter loves to wear the necklace and often has it on in the car or when she is playing outside. It is sturdy enough to handle a child’s activities. The locket is small and can easily fit into a girl’s pocket.

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DIY Jewelry and Accessories Bead Kit

For those girls who love crafting, this is the ultimate set to help them create jewelry and different accessories to show their personalities and creativity.

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Crafting Gift Ideas

Beads for Pegboards

If your little girl loves crafts, this is a great gift idea. Not only can she use these beads on her pegboard, but she can create an animal, shape, or picture she wants in any color. 

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DIY Unicorn

Unicorns are even popular in the crafting world. This DIY set lets your six year-old-girl create a unicorn pillow. It uses four different colors of clay and other materials, and instructions to make it easy to follow.  

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Despicable Me! Minion Coloring Book

The minions have taken the younger audience by storm. This coloring book allows your little girl to bring some of her favorite characters to life and show off her artistic side.

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Unicorn Coloring Book

Unicorns have even made it into the world of coloring. This coloring book features unicorns that your child can bring to life with different colors and art supplies. This set comes with a set of pens and glitter glue as well.

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DIY Jungle Kit

If your little girl is ready to dive into crafts, this is the perfect set.

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LEGO DOTS Jewelry Tree 

This is the perfect gift for her to show off her jewelry collection. LEGO is a famous brand among children, and the bright colors and DIY set is ideal as a craft but can also act as room décor.

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24 Colored Pencil Set in Metal Case

To get your child started on her art journey, this set of 24 colored pencils has more than enough colors for her to bring her favorite characters and dreams to life. This set also comes with a metal carrying case to keep the pencils safe and organized. 

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DIY Piggy Bank DĂ©cor Set

Piggy banks are always a great gift option because they can help your child understand the importance of saving money. The DIY décor can help your little girl make it fit into her style.

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Crafty Box Gift Set

This set features multiple crafting supplies for different crafts. It all comes neatly stored in this box for your child to add to her collection and show off her creative skills. 

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Décor and Appliance Gifts for 6 Year-Old-Girls 

Unicorn Snow Globe Lamp

If your little girl loves unicorns, a snow globe lamp is the perfect room accessory. It uses batteries to bring the unicorn to life in a shower of glitter and colors. The lamp also features an automatic timer to turn the light off. 

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White Shelving Units

Your 6-year-old will love these shelves to display her favorite toys, room décor, or even her shoes and clothes. The sleek design of these shelves helps them fit in her room décor as she grows, as well. 

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Light-Up Cloud Message Board

This is the perfect addition to any little girl’s room. She can write her thoughts, feelings, or even a message for someone else on this cloud board. It also lights up, which makes it perfect for a nightlight.

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Disco Light

All 6-year-old girls love fun and bright colors. This disco light is perfect for her to use in her bedroom or any room. It is easy to use and can fill your girl’s world with color.

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Unicorn Night Light

This nightlight not only features a cute unicorn, but it can also help your little girl feel safer with a soft light for their room.

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Whimsical Forest Wall DĂ©cor

Turning your child’s room into her own particular space is always a great gift. This mural is easy to use and easy to keep clean. She will love the bright colors and the cute animals featured.

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Ice Cream Maker

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Getting an ice cream maker for your child lets her not only learn the basics of cooking, but she can also experiment and make unique flavors. It is effortless to use too.

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Popcorn Maker

Not only is this popcorn maker an excellent way for your little girl to have carnival-style popcorn whenever she wants, but it is also interesting to watch it being prepared. The retro style makes it a great addition to her collection.

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Sorbet Maker

Is your little girl a big ice cream and fruit fan? By having her sorbet maker, she can create unique flavors with her favorite fruits for the whole family to enjoy. This is also a great way to get fruits in her diet.

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Victorian Dollhouse 

You can never go wrong with a dollhouse. This Victorian-style house has plenty of room for her to play with her dolls, and she can decorate it any way she chooses. It is full of furniture that she can paint and customize too.

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My Little Pony

If your little girl is a My Little Pony fan, then this Princess Celestia or another pony is the perfect gift. The pony princess comes with a crown and a brush for her beautiful hair. A brush will become one of her favorite toys.

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Disney Frozen

Kids who love Elsa and Anna will enjoy having a frozen picture book of their own. This Official Frozen Storybook can be a great personalized gift for kids. Your kid will be in for unforgettable sing-a-long-songs, the wave of heroism and enchantment with this famous fairy tale of sisterhood. In this personalized Disney book, you will get stars alongside Kristoff, Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and the loveable reindeer Sven, reindeer. It is a fairy tale that celebrates sisterhood and love. This Disney Frozen is accessible in 8 inches x 11 inches hardcover and it is included with a child photo on the last page.

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EGO Disney Frozen II Arendelle Castle Village Set

Frozen II has been one of the most popular movies among little girls, and this set lets her explore the world of Arendelle’s village. This set comes complete with accessories and some of the most popular characters from the movie. 

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Malibu Barbie Playhouse

Maybe your 6-year-old girl is more into barbies! This Malibu Barbie Playhouse has bright colors, and tons of furniture options to give her dolls the perfect place to live. 

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Barbie Pink Bride Doll

For a perfect doll to gift and go with the house above, the Pink Bride Barbie has a gorgeous gown for your little girl to have her dream wedding. She comes with a veil, bouquet, and jewelry as well. A birthday gift that the 6-year-old girl will adore.

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LEGO Olivia’s Cupcake CafĂ©

Who doesn’t dream of having their own bakery? This fit set from LEGO lets your 6-year-old girl create the cupcake cafĂ© of her dreams and has fun accessories to help her bring it to life.

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Doll Head Hair and Makeup Play Set 

One of the best gifts to give a younger girl is a doll head where she can play with different makeup and hair items. This set has many other pieces for her to try out new hairstyles on herself as well.

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Pink Princess Tent 

Maybe a little privacy is more what your little girl needs. This pink princess tent is the perfect addition to any room. It could be an excellent place for her to hang out, or she can even add books and pillows to make her own private reading nook.

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Ball Pit and Tent Play Set

If your little girl is not into the princess tent, then this tent is the perfect option. It comes with three different tents that can be combined into one main tent and 200 balls to put inside the tent to make it more fun.

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