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Gifts for a 6-year-old boy

Are you looking for a great gift for a 6-year-old guy? 6-year-olds love to receive gifts. Here you will find gifts that make it sparkle a little extra in their eyes.

So what does a 6-year-old boy want as a gift? He wants lego, Spider-Man, pirate patch, Ironman, Meccano, Scooby stuff, plus-plus, games, and dinosaurs. A 6-year-old boy would like outdoor toys such as a bicycle, ball, soap bubbles, and a water slide. They enjoy tinkering with pearl tiles and painting.

Getting the right gift for a 6-year-old boy requires being aware of his physical, mental, intellectual, and social development. This ensures that the gift is in line with his development in this aspect of his life so that the gift is not only fully utilized but helps him further develop in those areas as well. The typical six-year-old child usually shows rapid development in his comprehension of words, his capacity to follow instructions when performing tasks, and a grasp of his sense of humor. 6-year-olds also exhibit the ability to grasp the concept of numbers, time, and reasoning.

What is a nice gift to a 6-year-old boy?

I have also written about gifts for 6-year-olds that contain suitable gifts for both boys and girls. If you are looking for good ideas for the party, I have collected lots of party tips with games, party decor, candy bags, etc. here.

Gift ideas for 6-year-old boys

By the age of 6, children usually become a little more independent and will be constantly trying to do things on their own to showcase their abilities. Kids of this age will now be more exposed to television, video games, the internet, and many more forms of multimedia, so it’s important that we give them gifts that will balance this exposure in order to avoid addiction and dependence when it comes to gadgets. Here are great gift ideas for a 6-year-old boy.

But let me tell you a little more, and we’ll probably find a good gift for the 6-year-old guy you’re celebrating.

163 Pieces Creative Stem Learning Engineering Toy Set

This toy is a building set made out of 163 pieces where your child can craft or modify the pieces to create trucks, helicopters, robots, boats, and any vehicle that they can imagine. This is perfect for developing creativity, focus, and technique in building objects from scratch.

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Shooting Game Toy

This set comes with two Foam Popper Toy Air Guns which can shoot from up to 20 feet and an easy assemble Army-Themed Target board. Your 6-year-old can play alone, with a friend, or with a parent, thus making it a great physical activity to help develop your 6-year-old’s dexterity and attention.

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Disney Heroes for Boys Collection

Many things can make you be a hero, being adventurous, brave, and clever. This book shows more qualities of being heroes. It has stories including Wreck-it-Ralph, Jim Hawkins, Wort, Robin Hood, Hiro, and Hercules. The book has 106 pages of storytime. It has a special dedication at the top with your kid’s name on the opening pages and cover. You can likewise add a photo of your little kid or a message to make this gift complete. This book is presented in a white Disney Castle gift box, to create a memorable present to be enjoyed over and over again.

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Rocket Launch Toys for Kids

This Rocket set contains 8 rockets and 2 launchers which will allow 2 kids to play at the same time. These Rockets can be launched 100 ft into the air as well for maximum air-time and can be adjusted to face different angles. This will provide an excellent opportunity for hours and hours of outdoor fun which will help your child stay away from gadgets and decrease their screen time.

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Boxing Bag Set

This all-in-one punching bag for kids is an upgraded version that contains a stainless steel tube stand and an abrasion-free ball made out of thickened leather. The set also comes with a round stand which you can fill with sand for maximum stability. This gift for a 6-year-old boy is an ideal outlet for his energy, as well as a great way to exercise and develop his muscles.

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Boys Dinosaur Socks

This set of socks comes with 5 different Dinosaurs for your Dinosaur loving child. Each sock is unique and is sure to spice up your child’s wardrobe.

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A Counting Birthday Book

For kids at every age, a birthday book is a great gift that’s as thoughtful as it is fun. Filled with rhymes, pictures, and numbers, this pleasant personalized Counting Book will assist any small child to be entertained as they learn counting and name recognition. Clear, bright, and big pictures are accompanied by clear figures and rhyming text that will assist to make learning enjoyable and easy. This book has 22 pages of colorful illustrations. It features the child’s name within the illustrations and the name on the cover.

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Bow and Arrow Set for Kids

This archery set contains six arrows with suction at the tip for maximum safety during playtime. The bow contains 3 variations of lighting settings for maximum variety. This gift is perfect for developing your child’s dexterity and fine motor skills.

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My Fishing Adventure

This book tells a personalized story featuring their name and a customized fishing adventure that encourages kids to get into nature and learn how to fish while they are young. This fishy tale starts when the kid falls asleep thinking about the yearly fishing contest. Your kid will learn guidelines like getting the right fishing spot, casting away from branches, finding the fishing rod ready, and the benefits of patience. As you read, your kid will love being part of a story about fishing with dad. Typically, this book is ideal for girls and boys aging 5 to 10 years.

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Learning Games for Kids Age 3-8

This educational game for kids aged 3-8 is suitable for pre-schoolers. This toy will help develop your child’s memory, spelling skills, word recognition, strategic thinking, letter recognition, word building, and early vocabulary.

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Remote Control Car

This all-terrain remote-controlled toy car is equipped with 2 powerful motors and a four-wheel-drive system that can help it maneuver through even the roughest terrains. The simple 2 joystick control system makes the car easy to use and master, which makes it an ideal gift for a 6-year-old boy.

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Personalized Portrait Attentive kid

Kids, especially boys, will love this personalized portrait. The portrait features a boy holding a horse toy dressed for a race. This is the perfect choice for young boys who always pictures themselves in a horse race. The attentive kid portrait will fit a young boy’s ideal gift on a particular day. The touch of a classic on a piece of canvas is all your walls need to bring the required light into the room. Upload the best photo, clearly displaying all the facial features of the boy’s face.

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Personalized Portrait Attentive kid

Spiderman Kids Smart Watch for Boys

This Spiderman-themed watch for kids comes with a multitude of kid-friendly features and applications which simulate the functions of a normal Smartwatch that grown-ups use. With the wifi disabled, you can be sure that your 6-year-old boy only has access to child-friendly content which is designed to be both enjoyable and educational.

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DIY Dinosaur Toy Lantern Night Light Kit

This kit contains one jar, a lid with interchangeable colors, a lantern handle, glue, a foam brush, a black cord, a Dinosaur tooth, 6 dinosaur stickers, beads, glitter dust, and an instruction manual. Little boys will enjoy crafting their own unique version of this Dinosaur lamp which is sure to brighten their evenings.

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LEGO Gadgets

Your child can build 11 different machines out of 58 lego pieces. This is a good way to develop your child’s creativity.

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6th Birthday Gift T-Shirt 6 Years Old Being Awesome

This t-shirt is perfect for celebrating your child’s 6 birthday. The letters printed upfront symbolize how long he has existed to give joy to all those around him.

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Rechargeable Intelligent Programmable Robot

This remote-controlled Smart Robot can also be triggered using different hand gestures to prompt movement commands; thus making it the perfect interactive game for your little boy.

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Kids Golf Toys Set, Boys Outdoor Sports Toy Age 3-5

This golf set comes with 1 Ball-To-Tee-Trainer, 15 Golf Balls, 1 Club, and 3 club heads. This is a perfect way to simulate a child-friendly version of Golf and is sure to develop your child’s motor skills.

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Science Kit for Kids

This Science kit contains 21 different activities which range from creating their own lava lamps, and creative crystals and creating their own miniature volcanoes.

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Activity Book For 6-Year-Olds

This coloring book has a cute design and contains plenty of engaging activities such as mazes, puzzles, spot the difference games, tracing, math and sequencing.

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Amazing Spider-Man MP4 Video

Spider-Man is a classic superhero, and kids will love an adventure with one of their favorite characters. This personalized video even lets you choose where Spider-Man goes on his amazing adventure! It’s ideal for kids ages 5 to 11, and it teaches them about reading as they follow along with Spidey and his friends. It is a 26-minute action cartoon that is personalized with bonus features including a video, featuring the 1960s theme song and an educational tutorial. The child’s face is incorporated into the video while the Digital MP4 video has a format that is compatible with all devices.

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Winning Fingers Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain Game

4-in-1 Handheld Game, STEM Toy. It is a fun gift toy for kids ages 6-12 years old. Flashdash contains a unique light-up cube and 4 quick-fingered games which will improve brain skills and hand-eye coordination. This is fun not only for kids but for adults as well.

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Dinosaur Eggs Excavation Dig Kit

Dinosaur Toys for Kids ‚Äď Break Open 12 Dinosaur Eggs and Discover 12 Cute Dinosaurs ‚Äď Archaeology Preschool Science STEM Crafts Birthday Gifts for Boys Girls. This excavation kit makes for a fun group activity patterned after scavenger hunts; this time with an archeological twist to it. Your child and his friends will enjoy hunting for Dinosaurs all day and learning about how these creatures existed millions of years ago.

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Hover Ball for Boys & Girls

2 LED Light Soccer Balls with Foam Bumpers. This hover ball is perfect for your budding football star. Play indoors safely without risking any damage to furniture or injury to your little boy.

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When you choose to buy Lego, the first choice is to buy a ready-made system, an airport, a fire station, or so or if you will buy loose pieces that will not be anything special. The free pieces may offer more play and more opportunities. A kit is finished when you build it together. It will not be loose pieces. Lego is a good toy because it can be used well into old age. It’s fun to build. Lego, even if you are twelve years old and think your nose is an adult.

Lego ski resort

This is a nice lego from Lego City. It is fun both to build and to play with it when it is built.

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Lego doesn¬īt have to be built into a given building. Pieces that you can build what you want from are also a nice gift for a 6-year-old boy.

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Lego City Police

Police fascinate young children, so why not buy a police house made out of Lego for his birthday.

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There are many good construction toys to buy for children nowadays. In addition to Lego, there are various kinds of Meccano and much new stuff. Plusplus, magnetic construction, Eazymec, and puzzle tiles can build a small house big enough to crawl into. There are a whole host of fun building systems that can be a great gift for a 6-year-old guy. 

Wooden Meccano

Mekano is available in a few different variants, partly the slightly larger wood with large plastic screws and partly the metal Meccano with small screws. It is a little more clever and takes a longer time. Mekano is a very flexible toy just like the Lego. There can be caravans, cranes, and a bed for the doll. A lovely gift for a 6-year-old boy.

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Metallic Meccano

An ordinary Meccano with metallic pieces. Here the pieces are smaller than the wooden Meccano, but for a 6-year-old, that’s no problem. This is also a great gift for a 6-year-old boy. To build and construct things makes him creative and solution-oriented.

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Puzzle tiles

These tiles are perfect for any kind of construction. My kids have built the Eiffel tower, houses, hopscotches, tunnels, and so on. The large size of the tails makes them extra fun. The kids can crawl into the building and use them as a house.

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Plus plus

Plus plus are small pluses that you puzzle in each other and can build small things from a pair of new glasses for example

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The magnetic toys are small triangles that attach with the help of magnets and from which you then build something.

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Then we have Plugo Link by PlayShifu it is a really fun construction toy to give as a gift to a 6-year-old boy. The friends will be very jealous!

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You must also not underestimate an ordinary hut. It is possible to make huts both out in the woods and under the kitchen table with blankets and pillows. Maybe nothing you can give as a gift to a 6-year-old boy. But I promise it will be more appreciated than anything you can buy in the store.


6-year-old boys usually love superheroes. There are both Batman, Spiderman, and Ironman. They are also usually very fond of Scoobi-Doo. When you then choose gifts that you will buy for the 6-year-old guy, it is very easy. Choose a gift with a super helper or Scoobi-Doo on it, and he will love it. There are clothes, alarm clock, paintings, bedding, etc. with the superheroes on. If you buy these, the little boy’s eyes will sparkle even if it’s a shirt he gets in the package.


A Batman figure is a fun gift for a 6-year-old boy. His friends probably have similar action figures.

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Spiderman is a cool action figure like Batman. And it is great to give as a gift to a 6-year-old boy.

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Bedding with spider-man will make the evenings more pleasurable. There will be no problems putting him to slip anymore.

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Spiderman shoes

A pair of Spiderman shoes makes it easier to get away in the morning.

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Spiderman in his room

Do you want to give him decor as a gift? Choose something with a superhero!

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Spiderman clothes

With Spiderman clothes, he will transform into a superhero in the morning.

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6-year-old boys also usually play role-playing games. For one second, they turn from the father who goes to work into a pirate and takes all the gold money for you. A really good gift for a 6-year-old boy is costumes. Give him a nice box or a treasure chest. Add a sword, a pirate patch, some old, discarded clothes, sunglasses, and other goodies that you no longer use. It will be a treasure. Children really love to dress up and play role-playing games. It also does not have to be so many pre-purchased costumes, but it is good enough with things you have at home. Maybe you can sew a superhero cloak? In any case, it will offer many hours of employment for very little money.

Pirate clothes

To dress up as a pirate is something a 6-year-old boy really enjoys. And I can guarantee that he will rave you of your candy.

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Cheap gift to a 6-year-old boy

A pirate patch and earring are everything that is needed to transform him into a pirate. If you are looking for a cheap gift, this is it! A lot of fun for little money.

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Chests, where he can put his treasures, are a great gift for a 6-year-old boy. The chests can also be used as a bed, a flying saucer, or a ship. They will look lovely in his room and can be used for fun.

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Mantle for superheroes

A superhero needs a mantle. This one is great and fits every kind of superhero. It can be used for Superman, Batman, Harry Potter, Pajama heroes, or an imaginary one.

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Dinosaurs are also usually a safe bet. At this age, they tend to love dinosaurs. They know everything about them, know who would win in a battle, and know exactly what a dinosaur would be if they were transformed one day. If the 6-year-old boy of the dinosaur age, it is also worth giving him a visit to some museum with history, nature, or something as a gift. It does not have to be just things you give away. A visit there, he will probably like it a lot and talk about it for a long time.

Puzzle with dinosaurs

A puzzle with 100 pieces is perfect for a 6-year-old. And almost every boy loves dinosaurs.

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Cake molds for Christmas baking

Cute dinosaur molds are a fun gift for a 6-year-old boy. He loves to eat cakes and loves to bake them.

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Dinosaur eggs hatching

An exciting gift for a 6-year-old boy is this hatching dinosaur eggs. Just put the egg in water for 48 hours and a dinosaur will hatch out of the egg.

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Cuddly toys to cuddle with

A soft toy to hug is a lovely gift for a little boy. A dinosaur will scare away ghosts, monsters, and vampires from his room during the nights.

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Dinosaur Park

A dinosaur safari park is a fun gift to have.

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Archaeology set

To dig for dinosaurs is a fun activity. Here you can choose from different dinosaurs, in case he has a favorite.

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Like all children, sweets are a much-appreciated gift from 6-year-old boys. It can be fun to get candy in a nice mug. Or a large Kinderägg. Admittedly, there are really big chocolate cakes, but you probably need the help of some siblings to have time to eat before the expiration date.

Dumbo the elephant mug

A cute mug for hot chocolate is a lovely gift for a 6-year-old boy. Dumbo from the movie are every kid’s favorite.

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Big candy gift box

For the sweet tooth is this gigantic candy box a fun gift he will never forget. Lovely mink chocolate and other candy.

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Candy box

Another gigantic candy box that he will remember for the rest of his life is this gigantic box.

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Cotton candy

One way to impress all of his friends is to give him a cotton candy machine that you use at the birthday party.

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Popcorn machine

Maybe it’s better with a healthy alternative, such as popcorn. This retro-looking popcorn maker will look cool in the kitchen even when you don’t use it.

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Ice cream machine

When you make your own ice cream, it is possible to choose the ingredients a little more than you have the opportunity to when you are looking at the freezer counter in the store. Homemade ice cream can be made healthier.

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It’s good to move, isn’t it? But how useful it is or not 6-year-old boys do not care. If you give a 6-year-old boy a fun gift, he will exercise all day. Fun outdoor toys to give a 6-year-old boy are a trampoline, bicycle, scooter, soap bubbles, or a water slide. For 6-year-olds, a bike that is 16 inches is recommended. The watercourse is also very popular. There you fill the track with water, then the children run and throw themselves there and glide on the track. Or a swing or cable car to the garden.


On a trampoline, he can hang out with his friends or by himself. It is the most fun way to exercise when you are 6-years-old.

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Soap bubble machine

A soap bubble machine is fun for the bath and outdoors in the garden.

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A watercourse where you run and glide is a fun gift to a 6-year-old boy.

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For the age of 6, a bike that is 16 inches is recommended.

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Soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are a small gift that is much fun for the money.

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Giant soap bubbles

But, soap bubbles are more fun the bigger they are. So this set to make gigantic soap bubbles is a fantastic gift for a 6-year-old.

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A fun thing to do whit his friends is swing. This swing has room for several kids at the same time.

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Traveling fast is something a 6-year-old boy really likes. A scooter is safe if you also buy a helmet for him.

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Funicular railway

This is probably the most fun thing you can have in your backyard. I can guarantee, he will get a lot of friends.

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A ball as a gift to a 6-year-old boy

A ball that does not knock out windows so easily.

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Soccer goal

If he likes soccer and it can be fun to get a soccer goal. 

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Bow as a gift for children

Maybe a bow and dot would be a fun gift for him?

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All 6-year-olds usually like to sit down and do things for a while. They enjoy both paintings, doing simple crafts, and beading pearl plates. It’s also fun to do play-doh clay. There are many accessories and clay in many colors to choose from.

A good gift for a 6-year-old boy is also a coloring book, fine crayons, a craft book, an eraser, and pencils. There are craft books that are a bit pre-school with both numbers, letters, and other things.

If you want to do crafts with the children, there are many nice craft books to buy. It is also fun to make your own magic dough, which you shape into small figures and dry. When the figures have dried, you can paint them with hobby paint and hang them on the wall or put them on the bookshelf. If they are to be hung on the wall, insert a small paper clip on the figure’s back. Where the clay dries, the clip is stuck, and you have a small hanger that you can hang it in.

Coloring book

Coloring books make great gifts for a 6-year-old boy. Why not this one with coloring by numbers. A great opportunity to practice numbers also.

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Books for learning to read

6-year-old boys love to learn. Now is the right time to start with some reading.

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Colored pencils

Colored pencils are a great gift for a 6-year-old boy.

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Activity book Let’s Play sticker 

Activity books keep him busy for a long. This one also has stickers.

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For these beads, you don’t need to iron. When you have formed them into the shape you want you just spray them with water and wait for them to harden.

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Activity book with dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are great fun. An activity book with stickers and dinosaurs makes a perfect gift to a 6-year-old boy.

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Book with cake recipes

For the kid who loves to bake a recipe book might be a fun birthday gift.

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Chocolate molds

A mold that can be used for both play-doh and for chocolate might be a fun gift. Imagine his birthday gift full och chocolate robots.

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Play-doh clay

If you don’t want to prepare your own clay, there is pre-made play-doh to give him for his birthday. Clay will occupy a little boy for a long time.

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Painting easel

A painting easel and artist material is a good gift to give to a 6-year-old boy. 

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It is great fun to paint. A bit risky maybe ‚Äď but fun.

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Decorate a robot

A painting set is a good gift for a 6-year-old boy. Here he can decorate his own robot.

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Puzzle from Pow Patrol

Puzzles are also usually appreciated. 100 pieces are usually enough for a 6-year-old to handle.

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If you do not really know what to give as a gift to a 6-year-old guy, why not give him experience? There are so many fun things you can do together instead of just giving things. It is also possible to give away a semester of football training, swimming school, or fun that he would like to do.

  • Natural history
  • Visit an adventure pool
  • A visit to the bathhouse
  • Make an excursion to a fun playground and bring coffee

Why give away more gifts to a 6-year-old guy who already has everything he needs? Then it is better to give him a fun experience.


It’s fun to play with the kids. Games suitable for 6-year-olds are, for example, Chinese Chess, Ludo, Memory, Loopin Louie, etc. Fishing poop is immensely popular. It will be a fun gift for a 6-year-old guy.


A classic game that both trains kids socially and learn them to count.

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This is a tricky game where you are rolling the marble along the course hand has to avoid the holes.

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This is a game where young kids are really brilliant. Pippi Longstocking use to be one of their favorite characters. So this will be a highly appreciated gift.

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Loopin Louie

This is a really fun game for kids. Loopin Louie in his airplane is snatching hens. Protect yours! It a lovely and action-filled game, even my teens loved this game.

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Fish poop 

A fun way to take the evening bath is to fish poop at the same time.

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So what is the best gift for a 6-year-old boy? It’s hard to say, of course, maybe it’s just a pirate sword, a Lego, or a new bike he needs the most. It can also be fun to get a gift that is not a gift. For example, it can be a toolbox, a bag, a globe, a microscope, a flashlight, a wallet with some money in it.


Why not give the 6-year-old boy a toolset. He will love to give you a helping hand.

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Embrace his curiosity. How does his hair look? How does blood look in a microscope? There are a lot of things to discover.

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Findus goes fishing

A lovely book about the cat Findus and his grumpy owner Pettson. Pettson is really grumpy and Findus is trying to get him in a better mode by taking him fishing. But the old man is grumpy and has to be convinced of that.

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Durable flashlight for children

Flashlights are great fun. He can light up his nose, through his fingers, and keep track of the monsters under his bed.

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Spiderman backpack

Spiderman is a big favorite among boys at this age. It is always useful to have a big backpack for carrying his stuff.

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A wallet is a great gift to a 6-year-old boy. And it is extra fun if you also give him some money that he can buy stuff.

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Magnifying glass

A magnifying glass is a lovely gift. He will love to discover butterflies, his nails, and a lot of other stuff.

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A globe is both a nice interior for his room and a lovely way to learn his stuff about the world.

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A kaleidoscope is really fascinating and he will love it.

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Electric guitar

All kids love music, and the best music is the one that they make themselves.

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I hope you found some great gifts for a 6-year-old guy here!


What do you buy as a gift for a 6-year-old girl? Things that sparkle and shine are usually good gifts. They also like outdoor toys, crafts, and getting to do fun things. More gift ideas for a 6-year-old girl are found here.

What do 6-year-olds play with? They usually like to build, cycle, blow soap bubbles, and various role-playing games such as mother, father, child, Spiderman, etc. They also usually enjoy doing things.

What toys do you buy for a 7-year-old boy? He is guaranteed to be happy with a radio-controlled car, plaster painting sets, soap bubbles, and a scooter.

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Gifts for a 6-year-old boy
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