Gifts for a 50-year-old man

Many people find it difficult to find good gifts to give a man, but it actually is not!

So what does a man want as a 50th birthday present? He wants a pleasant experience, something to eat or drink, a subscription to a good magazine, gifts for his hobby, or to get some fun unexpected gift. Here you will get suggestions for good gifts for a 50-year-old man.

what is a nice gift to a 50-year-old man
What is a nice gift to a 50-year-old man?

Here I was going to tell you about really good gifts for 50-year-old men. Gifts that they are really happy to receive.


Someone who turns 50 probably already has everything he or she needs. Try to give gifts that are not so big and bulky. Giving away experiences, something you can eat, or a subscription is usually good gifts that are fun to receive.


Getting experience is usually a good 50th birthday present for a man. Maybe several of you can go together and buy a slightly more expensive experience to give him as a 50th birthday present. Here I have some suggestions for different and fun experiences that are well suited to give a man who turns 50:

Experience Beaver safari 

A guided nature experience where you in a rubber boat take you across the water and meet these beautiful creatures. A guide tells both the beaver and other wildlife in the area. The beaver safari is a guaranteed, unforgettable experience.

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The Sweden trip on Göta Kanal experience 

An unforgettable boat trip in the middle of Sweden. The boat slowly take you to your destination in a slowly manner and you can enjoy the trip and relax.

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Overnight in igloo

Fantastic nature experience is this overnight stay in the igloo. Even if the wind blows outside, you keep the heat inside the igloo and are offered a warm and tasty soup. When evening comes, you crawl into the polar sleeping bags and enjoy the heat. This experience is for two people.

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Buying more things for someone is usually not such a good idea. But getting food and drink as a gift is something that most people usually appreciate. When you give food as a gift to someone, you should buy not 20 sausages, but something a little more exclusive. A good idea can be to buy a nice basket that you fill with little different delicacies, that you give away a wine tasting or maybe a lunch bag that he can enjoy for a long time.

Electric wine opener

An electric corkscrew is a must for a wine lover and will be a nice complement to the wine subscription gift.

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For the sweet tooth

The candy box filled with coffee and chocolate makes a great gift to a 50-year-old man. The gift box is delivered directly to his mailbox. You can also upload his own image and write a personal birthday message for him when you order.

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Hot dog maker

A hot dog maker is a fun and different birthday gift for him. Actually, it doesn´t matter if he likes cooking or not. It is a convenient and tasty way to serve lunch.

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Large chocolate cake

You can never be too old for a big chocolate cake! This milk chocolate tastes lovely and melts on the tung. A gigantic birthday gift he will remember for long!

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Gift box with luxurious licorice

A gift box filled with Liquorice covered in chocolate in different covers. Sweet, salty, caramel and chocolate. A nice gift for a 50-year-old man.

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Paella set

The perfect gift set containing rice, olive oil, and the saffron mix. It also comes with a suitable pan. This is a perfect gift for someone interested in cooking or that likes eating tasty food.

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Afternoon tea gift set

This lovely gift box is filled with ecological tea, macarons, and tasty chocolate fudge. A perfect way to make it is a 50-year-old birthday evening to something special.

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For the 50-year-old who likes whiskey, I think you should buy a subscription to a magazine, whiskey stones to cool the drink, and some nice whiskey glasses.

Subscription to a whiskey magazine

A nice whisky magazine is a nice gift for a whisky lover.

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Whiskey stones

Whiskey stones that cool without diluting the whiskey. A good gift for a 10-year-old man that loves whisky.

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Fine whiskey glasses

Lovely whisky glasses that har mouth blown that gives the right atmosphere and is a perfect way to serve the noble drink. With this gift you can also choose a personal message for engraving on the glasses.

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Getting a newspaper subscription also tends to be an appreciated birthday present. Buy a magazine he is interested in: mobile, crossword, data, some scientific magazine, photo or someone you think fits well. It is a gift he will enjoy for a long time.

Better Homes & Gardens 

For the 50-year-old man interested in gardening it might be a lovely gift to get a gardening magazine for his birthday.

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National Geographic

Maybe he is more interested in geography? If not, he will become if he get a subscription of National Geographic.

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Gift card

A gift card for the Tidningskungen is a safe card if you feel a little unsure of what he likes to read.

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Clothes as a gift to a 50-YEAR-OLD MAN

If you still want to buy something that he has left, maybe a nice branded sweater, a bathrobe, stylish underwear or a pair of warm slippers is a good idea. Or watch and a nice watch box. Maybe a nice bowl or a nice candlestick would suit him.


A knitted sweater is something that suits all men and that everyone wears sometimes.

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A hoodie from Björn Borg is a lovely birthday gift for a 50-year-old man.

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Stylish and discreet underwear from Calvin Klain.

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Hot slippers

Not fancy, perhaps, but wonderful to stop your feet on cold winter evenings. Heatable in the microwave so I can guarantee he doesn’t have to freeze!

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More exclusive gifts for a 50-year-old man


A wristwatch is also a really good 50th birthday present for him. This is the only jewelry that many men are using, so why not provide him with a really nice one.

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Shoe polish box

For a gentleman, it is essential always to have polished shoes. Then it is nice to have a stylish shoe polish box. This one has a high standard and can be engraved with a personal message.

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An engraved leather wallet is a good gift to a 50-year-old man. Engrave it with a personal message for him.

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Watch box

A nice watch box with engraving is a fun gift to get when he turns 50 years old.

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Champagne cooler and glasses

The wine cooler and champagne glass with engraving is a lovely, exclusive gift for his 50th birthday.

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Exclusive shaving kit

Maybe you can give a luxury razor as a gift to a 50-year-old man.

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Weekend bag

He will appreciate a nice weekend bag.

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Alarm clock

The alarm clock that flies away when the alarm goes off. This is a fun gift for the 50-year-old man who is tired in the morning and misses the alarm.

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Coffee app

Control the coffee mug’s temperature using an app and a plate placed under the mug—the funniest gift for a 50-year-old man.

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Vacuum cleaner robot

Does he not like to clean? A vacuum cleaner robot might be a good idea.

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Gigantic pocket flask

A giant pocket flask that you fill with his favorite drink.

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What does a 50-year-old man wish for?


A multi-tool is a good 50th anniversary gift for a handy man.

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Magnetic bracelet

Maybe he appreciates a magnetic bracelet

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Training equipment

This is a smart little trick that helps with training.

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Drones are something that many men dream of getting.

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Bath tub

If he only has a shower at home, it can be luxurious to have a hot tub to crawl into after a cold winter walk.

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Birdhouse with surveillance camera

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Surveillance camera

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Anti-theft backpack for the computer

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Gifts that are bulky and that affect the recipient’s home very much are usually bad gifts. It is usually not fun for someone else to furnish your home for you. Big things in colors and a style that you have not chosen yourself are seldom especially appreciated gifts.


What should I give as a gift to her who turns 50? For those who turn 50, it is a good idea to give an overnight stay in a UFO, a luxurious bathrobe and spa products or take her on a full day at the beach or spend the night in the mountains. 

What is a good 50th birthday present for a brother? Good gifts for a brother who turns 50 are a wine, a fun experience that you can share, a fun magazine subscription or maybe invite him to a really nice dinner. 

What is a good 50th birthday present for the boss? A good 50th anniversary gift for the boss is movie tickets, a box of sweets or some nice hat. Do you want to know what I have given my boss as a Christmas present , maybe it is a tip that works to give your boss as a gift as well?

Tips on a 50th birthday present for a sister? A good tip for a 50th birthday present for a sister is a nice plaid, a tealight and a bottle of wine. Or maybe take her to the spa or theater and dinner. 

What is a good 50th birthday present for mom? A good 50th birthday present for mum can be a swivel course, a gift basket that you pick up yourself, a gold necklace, a bath tub or a giant rose that she will never forget. More tips on great gifts for mom can be found here.