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40th birthday party ideas on a budget

The big 40. Such a special number in a person’s life. Your 40th birthday signifies transition and transformation. When you turn 40, you start to think about the meaning of life and how you can make it all worthwhile. It is where you leave your young life behind and enter a new phase, which is also a new milestone that you need to celebrate. I have some 40th birthday party ideas on a budget.

Some people celebrate their 40th birthday cause for them it is when their life starts. They will have lavish birthday celebrations with all the thrills and frills to make it a memorable one.

40th birthday party ideas on a budget

Some celebrants go out of the country and travel to fulfill their hunger to visit and see fresh sights, and being 40 makes them realize they should be doing more of it instead of just staying in one place.

Others will purchase property or buy an expensive vehicle or anything extravagant for their 40th birthday.

But how can you celebrate your 40th birthday as simply as possible and if it is on a budget? Let us find out below.

Find out how much you can only afford for your party

Having a simple party can quickly add up from the decor, drinks, food, and stuff, and it can all go awry from there. You need to have a budget so you will know where to cut costs. 40th birthday party ideas on a budget, is that possible? If you have a budget, you will know as well what you can only afford to purchase, such as refreshments and food. It is also ideal to have a list of what you only need to buy and the cost of each required stuff for your birthday.

Where to celebrate a 40th birthday party?

You will need to find a place to celebrate your birthday without paying for the venue. It can be your own home, as it can be a low-cost venue. It can be your living area, your recreation room, or even your garage.

You only need to remove the breakable items and make sure the area will have enough space for your guests. If it is in your backyard, keep it clean and presentable by planning what you will need to decorate to make it attractive for visitors.

Your garden is just there waiting, and there is much you can do with the space.

Who to invite?

You need not invite your entire neighborhood for your birthday and definitely not people you meet when you go out your door for a walk. You can also take off the list the person who opens the door for you every time you arrive at your office building.

You can limit your guest to those close to you. It can be your buddies, relatives, and school friends who have been with you through the years. Since this is your 40th birthday, you can also keep the celebration small, and it is also not unheard of for guests to play a part in making the party a success. They can get involved since your guests are mostly your buddies and people that are really close to you. You can include them by letting them bring food they think they can also afford, and some can bring other food to share.

Preparing the invitations for the 40th birthday party

You can email the invites to your friends or guests and make sure that you make a decent invitation that is still attractive and made with class. You can also print invitations if you like to have the traditional invites to give to your friends.

There are various designs to choose from online, and it is just easy to edit and outline it to your taste. Your guest will feel that you have meticulously made the invitation, showing how hands-on you can be.

What to serve on your 40th birthday?

If the 40th birthday party is on a budget what can you serve? If you will schedule your party by dinnertime, you need to provide them a real meal instead of snacks. So it is ideal to set the celebration after lunch, which is 2 PM or perhaps 10 AM. It is safe to serve finger foods during these times, and you can have snacks on the table, some sweets, and not a full meal. It is where you can also make your guest take part.

Your other friends can also bring snacks or finger food to help lessen your expenses for food and refreshment. What you can do is to prepare additional food such as appetizers, snacks, and inexpensive cake.

There should be plenty of nibble and finger food to go around. Samples include.

  • Deviled eggs with sliced green olives on top
  • Stuffed celery with dip
  • Sliced vegetables and chips with dips
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Homemade pizza
  • Submarine sandwiches
  • Crostini
  • Toasted Ravioli
  • Pinwheels
  • Taquitos
  • Hummus and Veggie Roll-Ups
  • Sweet Potato Rounds

There is also an alternative for cakes such as puddings, brownies, pies, tarts, and even cinnamon rolls.

Decorating for the party

40th birthday party ideas on a budget make you think a little extra. If you are to celebrate in your backyard, garden, or inside your living area, you can choose decor that is simple and you can even DIY.

Flowering plants

There are flowering plants you can use as decor. They are colorful, and they are available in your garden or your backyard. Just place them strategically where they will beautify the place further.

Place them around the area and make sure that they are not clustered in one corner.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are also easy to make, and the materials are all available at an affordable cost. There are stores you can buy it in packs, and they are cheap to get.

Use Fabrics

Colorful fabrics may be used to beautify the place. You can hang the fabric, or cover the tables and chairs with it.

You don’t even have to buy new fabrics cause you can use what you already have at home.


You can also DIY confetti or paper chains or use a print-out customized birthday banner for display.

There is a dollar store where you can get the party supplies on a budget. Some colored utensils and tablecloths are all on budget.

Repurposed Furniture

Cleaning may repurpose some furniture, and covering it with colorful fabric will enhance its look. It can be an additional chair or a table you can use during the party. Old tables are also useful, as long as you cover them with colorful paper and accessorize them to make them satisfying.


Balloons are not bad for a 40th birthday party, and there are different colors to choose from and blow them yourself. There are balloon sticks that you can purchase, and they won’t cost much.

You can even have a theme such as gold or black theme depending on the preference.

Paint away

Some furniture is still usable, and once you paint it with a new color, it will look brand new and perfect for parties. You are just enhancing it and making it retain its value. It may not be the same expensive furniture you are used to, but it has value for the budget party you are planning.

The 40th birthday can be a success even if you have no big budget for it, and it just takes creativity and imagination to make it a success. Here are samples of a 40th birthday celebration that will surely be fun and exciting for guests and celebrants.

40th birthday party ideas on a budget ‚Äď throw a Pizza Party!

There is no need for a big budget for this one. Your guest can come in just their regular clothes to the pizza party, and you can ask them to bring beer or a bottle of wine, even other beverages. You can provide the pizza crusts and the toppings you can get from the grocery. This is not an expensive party, and you need not decorate your home or prepare too much for the party.

You only need an oven and some drinks to pair with the cooked pizza.

A great conversation, lots of fun, and numerous photos will make this 40th birthday party a success.

Board Game

As long as you have a venue, a comfy chair, and some throw pillow to make your guests comfy, then you will have a wonderful party.

This type of celebration is for those who are on the lookout for a 40th budget party. You can ask your close friends and buddies to bring a board game they have, and they can share it with the rest of the gang. What is so exciting about this party is that you can have all the fun without the need for a getup, or the need to dress up and be formal. You can laugh your heart out while playing, have some fun recalling your childhood memories of how you learn to play the board game.

There are snacks to go around, drinks such as soda or punch ready for everyone. The attendees will surely find it hilarious when you add some twist to the board game when someone loses in the game and when someone wins.

It can be a tournament as well where there are two teams to compete. This party may not be extravagant, but it is significant.

Garden Movie

It is like recollecting how it used to be when you were young. You can have old friends and neighbors to share in the celebration. Your 40th birthday is a special day, but it need not be costly.

You can prepare an outdoor projector. Make some drinks and let your attendees bring some snacks to make the movie night a success. It is great to have a long list of movies that all will enjoy watching, and you can also prepare some questions about the movie, or some trivia to make it more interesting.

Line up several fairy lights to brighten up the surroundings, add some lanterns to make it feel and look extra special.

Prepare the place with lots of comfy seatings, and there should be plenty of cushions and blankets for every guest.

Bonfire Party or Fire Pit Party

This party is simple, and you can have your old buddies around to celebrate it with you. The warm glow of the fire makes everyone relax, and it calls for them to enjoy and recall their younger days.

It is another 40th party idea that will not put a dent in your pocket but will be something for you to remember for years to come.

Each of the attendees can bring food, or you can also prepare some marshmallows, hotdogs for roasting. Some can bring finger foods as well as drinks for each guest to appreciate.

The celebrant can even start a game of truth or dare to make the party more interesting, and it will surely keep the laughter coming. It is always fun to have something to celebrate, and a 40th birthday is one reason to make it unforgettable.

Dance to the 80s Party

Since the celebrant was born in the 80s, this is the perfect celebration to listen to the wonderful music of the 80s. This is a cheap party to plan cause you don’t need to prepare the traditional food, just snacks, and drinks, plus some liquor to make the celebration energetic.

Everyone can bring finger foods or any food they think they can share with everyone. If each can bring their own concoction, then there will be more to share for everybody.

There is also no need to wear fabulous clothing, but it will be ideal to come wearing an 80s getup. Perhaps colorful pants, some big, and chunky earrings, an 80s shirt, sneakers, and jackets are famous clothing during the 80s.

This is going to be a lot of fun seeing people wearing clothes in the 80s and dancing to the songs of the 80s as well.

The celebrant can also take a picture of each attendee and then send each to them, so they will have something to remember for many years. The memories can never be erased, and it is something that is preserved by each individual.

Throwback Party

It is perfect for celebrants who are young at heart. They are in their 40s, but they never forget how happy it feels being a kid. This party will be the perfect way to reminisce about your childhood and those close to you.

Your attendees will surely enjoy a round of games you all played when you were all young.

You should have a list of the needed items to make the party fun. You may need a couple of sacks, some wheelbarrows, chairs, and a blindfold, plus music. Some games don’t require any materials, just people who enjoy the game.

Include some snacks in between, so hungry players, and those who are thirsty have something to relish after.

Cook for everyone Party

Each of the attendees will bring an ingredient to share so everyone can lend a hand to cook a meal. Some people will select one ingredient, while others will prepare the rest. It is a party where everyone will be happy to wait for the finished product.

All of them will enjoy the cooked meal and will share it after. It is a party that is meaningful cause everyone is supporting, and there is a goal to reach.

After the meal, the guests can have their time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

There is no need for fancy food or fancy dress for the guest, just being there at the party makes the gathering a success.

Camp Out Party for the 40th birthday

Even adults will find this enjoyable and meaningful as they recreate their youth. They are camping while they are kids, and now they will camp out and have a sleepover even for the 40th birthday party celebration of their close friend.

If you have a vast space in your garden, this is easy to create cause you only need some tent or tipi to accommodate your guests. There should be rugs, floor cushions, and blankets to make guests feel at ease and feel they are on vacation.

There should be enough lightings but not overpowering the ambiance they are going for.

A bonfire is also good to have also ready drinks, food, and the story for everyone.

Potluck Party

For a 40th birthday party on a budget, this is a great idea to follow. Have your guest carry any food they like to share with everyone at the party. They can even bring as much food if they are generous.

Some guests are also open to bringing not just food to share but also drinks for everyone such as beer, wine, or canned fruit juice.

The host or the celebrant will have to make sure that there is a venue for everyone to be comfortable. Party needs such as plates and utensils will be taken care of by the host as well.

It is a budget birthday celebration cause the celebrant need not spend too much on decor, party items, and the venue, cause often their home is the location of the celebration.

For this type of party, guests are happy to bring what they can, and they are willing to be a part of the celebration since they want to make the celebrant happy for their 40th birthday.

What to remember when you want to have a 40th birthday party celebration on a budget

Stick on a budget

You need not spend too much to have a splendid birthday party. Guest will be there to have fun, and even if it is the simplest food and low-key venue, attendees will remember how much delight they have during the party and nothing else.

Always adhere to the plan

If you have planned your 40th birthday party for weeks, you should stick to it. From the budget, the guest list, decor, and food. It is how you can make sure that you are not spending out of your limit.

Also, check out where you can spend less or get discounts such as decors or accessories. Instead of buying materials for the party, make use of what you already have. It is the time to be creative and find out what materials will work for you instead of purchasing items you may only use once.

Invite just the right number of people

If you want to have a 40th birthday celebration on a budget, it is ideal to invite people who are really close to you and with whom you want to celebrate your important birthday. You cannot have many people over to cause you to overspend.

If there is not enough food and guests start looking for snacks ‚Äď you don‚Äôt want that to happen. You will then be forced to have foods delivered, and that is already out of your budget.

Prepare a party that you would also want to attend.

If you are preparing a party, think of what your guest would feel if you were them. Will you find the chair comfortable if it is a garden movie night, is there enough space, if it is a camp-out party, or will there be enough entertainment for everyone for the rest of the celebration? You must answer that with a yes, and you should be happy to attend if you are the guest.

It is not the lavishness of the party, but the memories that will count

Will the party be something that will make the guests smile after a few years? A well-planned party will be something that is recalled even years after. It will be a party that guests will talk about and smile about during their recollections.

The guest will have some funny memories, and can even remember every detail during the party. It is because the party is planned very well.

A genuine friend will not mind, even if it is just a budgeted party.

Even if you are just serving coffee and biscuits for your 40th birthday party, a loyal friend will not notice and will not mind. They will be more than happy to celebrate with you and look forward to celebrating more years with you. You don‚Äôt have to worry about spending too much if you have no budget for an expensive party, remember there are more things to be thankful for. 40th birthday party ideas on a budget ‚Äď let me know if you have more ideas!

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40th birthday party ideas on a budget
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