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Gifts Ideas for a 40-year-old man

Should you buy a gift for a 40-year-old man? When someone fills evenly, you want the gift to be both personal and something a little out of the ordinary.

But what is a nice gift for a 40-year-old man? Here you will get my best gift tips: Personal Shopper, cufflinks, watch, tools, massage, a fun experience, and a bottle of wine.

What is a nice gift to a 40-year-old man?

But keep reading for more great gift tips for a 40-year-old man!

Eat and drinkable gifts to a 40-year-old man

Finding useful tips on gifts for a 40-year-old can be tricky.¬†Many 40-year-olds are not so interested in getting more gadgets.¬†Then it might be better to invest in something edible or drinkable as a gift‚ÄĒa bottle of wine with some accessories.¬†E.g.,¬†a wine rack or a fun wine lock is a fun option.

IQ lock to put on the wine bottle. Maybe he shouldn’t drink any wine.
Wine rack in the form of a chain in which the bottle rests

Getting a bottle of whiskey is a classic when he turns 40. If he likes whiskey, it’s a good idea, preferably a single malt whiskey that has a few years on the neck.

Everything about whiskey 
Whiskey Glass Orrefors

A picnic basket with cheese, bread, fruit, and wine is an excellent gift. Fill it with some more elegant wines. e.g., a white or a red, some cheeses, exotic fruit, marmalade and some kinds of biscuits. Wrap everything in cellophane. It will be gorgeous.

Picnic basket that you fill with goodies and other things you need to spend a nice time out in nature.
Check out this super-smart blanket! Perfect for both picnics and bathing as it stays sand free!


All men enjoy grilling. Give him a complete barbecue set: BBQ tools, barbecue oil, apron (with beer belt), spices, a cookbook on marinades, barbecue pan, and a six-pack of beer.

Grill set will be a lovely gift for him.

Beer belt, so that the barbecue master does not die while waiting for the food.
Funny barbecue gloves


Making your own freshly squeezed juice is very trendy. Buy a juice press and five kg of oranges. Now he can drink all the vegetables so that they will be easy to eat.

Vegetables juice press
Slow juicer
Mixer to make your own smoothie


A cooking class is a nice 40-year gift. Preferably one where you go together and have an excellent time. Sharing your time is probably the most beautiful thing you can give someone. Is it your partner or man who turns 40. And why not surprise him with an Italian cooking class with your friends. Give him and his friends a cooking class for gourmet food. A successful guys night!

Buy him a bottle of cognac och luxury truffles.
A bottle of gin, dry martini glass, a jar of olives, and a small recipe for Dry Martini.
A paella pan is a nice gift if he likes cooking.

You can find more gifts for food lovers here.

Perfume as a gift to a 40-year-old man

A perfume gift can be very personal. Scents that men usually like are Zlatan, David Beckham Respect, James Bond 007, Byredo, and Diesel. They typically rank high on the top lists. The links here go to Parfym.se, which is usually very low in price. Please visit the page for current pricing information.

Homme Beckham 
Diesel Only the brave tattoo 
Respect Beckham
James Bond Quantum
Only The Brave Diesel 


Is he the type who likes jewelry? Goat staff has very tough jewelry dog tags (necklaces with trays that can be engraved) and bracelets in leather and steel or silver. A piece of engraved jewelry becomes a very personal and lovely 40-years gift to him.

A pair of stylish cuff links are a great gift to give a 40-year-old man. These cuff links can also be engraved to make him more personal.
Cuff links are beautiful if he is the type who usually dresses up and has that type of shirt.
Maybe a cool leather and steel bracelet will be a beautiful gift for him? The bracelet can be engraved so that it becomes a very personal gift for him.
Necklace engraved
Bracelets that can be engraved

Otherwise, a beautiful watch is a good alternative. Some men do not want jewelry at all, but the clock is the only jewelry they use. Of course, watches are available in different designs and price ranges.

But bet on a good watch that you can afford. There will always be more expensive and better watches as well. But there are very nice watches that do not cost a fortune.
Do you want to bet big then I think this watch is among the nicest I’ve seen? He will be happy all his life when he sees it stick out under the cuff.
Or maybe it’s a spy watch he wishes for in a birthday present. It has both a camera and audio listening.

Beauty treatments as a gift to a 40-year-old man

A perfect gift for him on his birthday is a gift card at a massage or spa. Preferably where he can bring his wife or partner. There are also courses where you go as a couple and learn to massage.

Massage Oil
Massage Oil 
Spa gift basket for men
The massage pad is a great gift to give him

Invite to a surprise party

Why not invite lots of friends to a surprise party when he is 40 years old. Put your friends to work and arrange one. It usually gets very successful. The smartest way is to buy wine and beer yourself and leave it at the home of a friend. Hand out information so that each friend is responsible for making each dish. Someone fixes the bread. Another makes a salad, etc. Maybe some extra tables and chairs are needed. It is usually possible to get together even if you live tightly. Let the party be part of the gift for him! This will be a fun memory for a long time to come.

Gifts to a handyman

Here are some great tips on things you can buy for him. Things that will surely be appreciated by the handyman:

Tool Belt
Drill set
Multi tool
Multi-tools that he can carry with him everywhere.
Survival kit
Give a saw as a present
Screwdrivers and bits


Does he already like to fish why not give him big pack fishing tackle, wobblers or a new rod? You can also develop in fishing. Why not give him a book on tying flies and a fly fishing course?

Casting rod
If he is interested in fishing he needs a lot of equipment. But I’m almost certain that fishing rods are not needed. But they are fun to give as gifts anyway.

How is the 40-year-old living? If he lives in a house, something for the garden can be fun to get. It can be anything from a nice shovel, seeds, trees, bush, or a grassy garden plot. You can find more gifts for a culturally interested man here.

A good garden shovel
Carrot seeds
Sunflower seeds
Magazine Better Home & Gardens
Gro your own herbal garden kit

Really unexpected gifts for a 40-year-old man

  • Why not surprise him to repaint all the rooms in brown?
  • Give him a present to record a CD in a real studio.
  • A collection of your favorite recipes.
  • Write and sing his song to him.
  • Parachuting is a birthday present that will surely make him very surprised.¬†Will he dare to jump?
Maybe you want to give him a joking present, which is better than a superman bathrobe? Perhaps he’s your superhero?
A fun dish brush set is an unexpected gift.
A vacuum cleaner robot ‚Äď the best gadget I‚Äôve ever owned if we don‚Äôt count the car. But a vacuum cleaner robot is an excellent thing.
Steering wheel sleeve
Mug Super mario heat sensitive 

One day home fix. You are a bunch that helps with everything that has just not been gained. Blackboards to be mounted on the wall, curtains to be ironed and hung up, a lamp to be installed, hedges to be cut, discounts to be cleaned, shelf to be installed, and windows to be cleaned. End the working day with a good dinner with him, where he will be a guest.

Usual gifts for a 40-year-old man

Björn Borg’s underwear
Sweater Björn Borg hoodie
Fresh cut flowers

A kit to try on a new hobby that he would not otherwise come up with himself:

Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

This is a lovely gift where he can harvest his own mushroom after only ten days.

Read more and order

Cheese Making Kit 

Making your own cream cheese is a fun hobby. Here is everything you need to get started.

Read more and order

A fun laundry bag

Read more and order

Exclusive 40-year-old gift

If you are a few pieces that go together, you may be able to buy a more exclusive gift he wishes. It can, for example, be it a more exclusive watch, the latest technology gadget, or an electric bike.

Do you want to bet big then I think this watch is among the nicest I’ve seen? He will be happy all his life when he sees it stick out under the cuff.
A more exceptional bike can be an excellent 40-year-old to give him.

Give him of your time

People are increasingly busy today; we travel and work a lot. Everyone should be approachable around the clock. Do you know what most men (yes, women too, by the way) would appreciate getting? A day when you turned off the phones and computers. A day when you just spend time at home. Start the day with a good breakfast in bed, a good book in, and a luxurious bath kit as a gift. Maybe a massage oil, a new towel, and a thick, luxurious bathrobe. A bath with a good beer if he likes it and candles. Invite him to a massage after the shower. Watch a movie, and eat a big bag of candy. Then dinner with good food, wine, and candles. After dinner, you continue to cuddle, play, and just have time for each other.

Present to a 40-year-old friend

Maybe he has a wife and small children? Why not give him an experience with his wife and children. It doesn’t have to be that expensive. The important thing is that he gets time with the family. You can also give tickets to ice cream and stuff that may be needed during the trip.

I hope you have many good ideas when you buy a gift for a 40-year-old man. Otherwise, you may find more tips here:

Gifts Ideas for a 40-year-old man
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