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Celebrate your 20th Wedding Anniversary with Commemorative China

Commemorate this bond with this selection of commemorative china and kitchenware, whether it’s a friend’s 20th wedding anniversary or a close family friend, this selection of china will help you find the perfect 20th wedding anniversary gifts. Kitchenware, after all, is integral to a functioning, smooth running home and symbolizes more meals to be had together nightly that strengthen the longevity of a marriage.

Each year added to a couple’s marriage is a special milestone in itself, let alone 20 years of marriage, which, to put it into perspective, is two decades of a happy and healthy bond. Any number of years for any married couple is a challenge, but 20 years represents a lot of hard work to protect and maintain the sacred vow of love and loyalty that brings a couple together.

On this list, we’ve even included emerald china and kitchenware that you can either purchase for yourself on Amazon.com or purchase as the perfect 20th-anniversary wedding gifts for a loving couple you know. Glorify someone or even your wedding milestone with emerald kitchenware. Emerald or green symbolizes abundance and security, two things you would want a couple going on 20 years to remember and build upon.

Here are our picks for the best china, kitchenware, or silverware 20th Wedding Anniversary gifts

20th Anniversary Heart-Shaped Glass Memento

This 20th-anniversary wedding gift may not be used for eating, but imagine how good this item would look next to your kitchenware where you store your fine china, or the highest shelf where you keep your wine glasses. This keepsake comes in different variations of the heart shape and can say whatever sweet and affectionate message you want printing on it before it gets to you. Read more and order

Kissing Mugs Set

This is one present or purchase that you won’t need to be married for. This mug set completes one another the way you and your partner do. This adorable set of kissing mugs comes with tiny stirrers that fit firmly in the mugs’ handles, perfect for everyday use. When not in use, display them together to show visitors that at 20 years of marriage, you are still very much a couple that can’t get their hands off each other. Read more and order

Deluxe Mr. and Mrs. Mug Set

If you want a more distinguished addition to your kitchen and kitchenware, this classy mug set belongs on display in your home. This gift is perfect for couples that are having complex thinking-up gifts. Its black and gold contrasting colors make every coffee date unique and a moment to add to your belt of 20 years worth of memories and fit very well with your other valuable fine china. Read more and order

57 Piece Dinnerware Set

There are no better 20th wedding anniversary gifts than this dinnerware set of 57 pieces for $300. Decorate a friend’s, family’s, or your own home with this special set of china that touts a simple yet elegant design with its intricate gold trim design that will immediately add to the classic ambiance and styling of your loving home. This set may be expensive, but paying for quality will only serve you in the long run. Read more and order

25th Anniversary Mug Set

This kitchenware set is one of the more specific items on this list, but undoubtedly a gift that will be most useful for any couple. Imagine reminding yourselves of the two-decade bond you’ve built with one another during breakfast, having coffee, or snacking on your porch with tea. This gift is both useful sentimental, and decorative and will be noticed by anyone popping into your home. Read more and order

Clear Stemless Wine Glass

These simple, clear wine glasses remind you of a long-lasting union, stating “20 years together” on the front of each glass. These stemless wine glasses make for perfect nights with the one you love. These glasses are perfect for alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks. These glasses are perfect for a 20th wedding anniversary trip and can be taken with you anywhere since they’re made with 100% glass. Read more and order

Granite stone Classic Emerald Pots

After 20 years of marriage, you’re going to need new kitchenware. This high-quality set of emerald pots and pans makes for seamless meal prep and cooking with your partner. Durable and stylish, these pans belong in a stylish household that appreciates their home’s aesthetics as much as they appreciate one another. Read more and order

Mud Pie Mr. And Mrs. Cake Plate Set

This three-piece set of debossed plates comes with stamped silver forks. The stamped Mr. and Mrs. emblems on both the plates and the silverware would make this gift great for weddings, anniversaries, or any gathering to celebrate the union of two devoted people. As the food begins to disappear, the debossed emblem will appear beneath the food as a playful reminder to you and your guests. Read more and order

20th Wedding Anniversary Mugs

This is not the first mug set on this list, but it is the first to remind a couple who wears the pants in their relationship. These mugs come in colorful pastels of white and pink for Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right, making it a fun and thoughtful present for a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. Read more and order

Waxonware Emerald Cast Iron

A couple going on 20 years of marriage will need to update their cookware, most especially to celebrate their anniversary with stunning dishes to surprise their friends and guests with. Get them this nontoxic, ultra-nonstick Cast Iron that will symbolize the longevity of their love even when they aren’t cooking, letting its emerald hue bring a splash of color to a couple’s kitchen. Read more and order

Japan made Emerald Green Black Porcelain plates

Gifts couples want after having been together for 20 years are ones they can simultaneously use and show off in their homes as wonderful decorative pieces. This set of emerald green, black porcelain plates made in Japan will serve as excellent china for dinner with friends and family and a symbolic way to remember each special dinner with the loving couple and their family. Read more and order

Melamine Dinnerware Outdoor Summer Dish Set

An outdoor celebration of a 20th wedding anniversary needs a dinner set to match. This gift set may not be porcelain, but it can withstand an outdoor celebration with the family. This gift set is perfect for a couple that likes to keep a more rustic-looking kitchen or loves the outdoors and would like to commemorate their union with friends and family at an outdoor barbecue. Read more and order

20th Wedding Anniversary Wine Glasses with Diamante Stems

Just because it’s been 20 years, doesn’t mean you have to throw the style factor out the window. These wine glasses sport a sweet message for you and your partner to read whenever you wind down together at night. These wine glasses also have little precious diamantes covering their stems, making them a must-have attraction to have in your kitchen. Read more and order

Ceramic Jewelry Dish

One way to gift your spouse a confirmation of your everlasting love for them is to give them this ceramic jewelry dish that says you still definitely do, making this a most beautiful present for the legendary milestone that is 20 years of marriage. Keep this by your bedside or on your dresser to serve as a constant reminder to one another of your extraordinary union that is unique to you. Read more and order

Van Gogh Bone China Coffee and Tea Mugs

If you have an artsy couple that you know are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary, get them these artful Van Gogh bone china coffee and tea mugs to remind them of their shared interest and remind them of what a thoughtful gift giver you are. Not only are you helping update their kitchenware, but you are also helping to add works of art to their home that not only bring class and elegance but sentimentality to their already colorful marriage. Read more and order

Stone Lain Porcelain Dinner Set

For $120, you get a set of porcelain kitchenware of deep blue and golden-rimmed dishes. You choose to get the 16-set or the 32-piece set to gift a couple going on their third decade of the union. This set comes from the Modern Rim collection and has different variants of colors and golden rim and trim designs, so you can choose which set suits the couple you’re gifting best. Read more and order

Fine China Tea Cups and Saucers Set

This gift set is more suitable for an older couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary. This gift is suitable for the couple that loves to hang out by the fireplace, reading books or newspapers together in a silent appreciation of one another’s company. Help them continue their silent traditions by gifting them this special set of four. Read more and order

20th Wedding Anniversary hanging ornament

This may be one plate you won’t be eating on, but the sweat reminder of your everlasting love for your partner will ring true wherever you place it. This is one piece of china you can gift a couple you know or family friends to stay strong and fortified in their marriage. Read more and order

Euro Porcelain 12 Piece Blue Marble Dining Set

Some couples place importance on the appearance of their kitchens. Thus, it’s only right to gift a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with a plate set of blue and gold marble that accents and matches their marble kitchen counters, making this set a necessity for eye-catching colors that will enhance the feel of any couple’s kitchen. Read more and order

Vanki Collectible Fine Arts Porcelain Tea Cup

These collectible porcelain tea cups shaped like peacocks would be a romantic addition to any couple’s home. Help them celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary by helping them begin their collection of these wonderfully crafted ceramic tea cups of different colors. Read more and order

Wedgwood 5-Piece Place Setting

This set in renaissance gold is one you’d most likely find being used during a wedding, thanks to its simple yet intricate design patterns of blue and gold. Help remind a couple of their wonderous wedding day by gifting them this set on their 20th wedding anniversary. Read more and order

Stone Lain Modern Gold Splash Dinnerware Set

A couple that puts a lot of emphasis on the look of their homes needs dinnerware to match. This exquisite set of matte black plates and bowls give an edge to the look of their kitchens. A couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary needs a sprucing up of their kitchenware rather than getting used to what’s comfortable. Help them renew their love for one another and their kitchenware by gifting them this modern set. Read more and order

Bulb & Shade Fine China storage containers

If you are going to gift an effervescent couple fine china to celebrate their eternal union, you may as well make sure that they’ve got ways to protect and store their fine china. Should they plan to move house to start a new adventure and life together, these polyester diamond-shaped quilted zip-up containers can do the trick. Read more and order

12 Piece Organica Black Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware, just like the respective couples you’re planning on gifting them to, is unique and can give personalities to their homes and kitchens. Gift a couple this classy set of dishes to begin another decade of living together. If you think black isn’t in line with the couple’s theme, there are many options and color variants available to choose from. Read more and order

Black Stainless Steel Utensils and Cutlery

You want the most memorable gift to give among all others during a 20th wedding anniversary, so to pull out all the stops, gift your favorite couple this uniquely colored black stainless steel utensils and cutlery set. Not a lot of people will have anything quite like this in their kitchens, and this long-lasting couple with be ever thankful and remember you for your unique choices. Read more and order

Sweese Porcelain Utensil Holder

Fine china in kitchenware is not limited to just plates and bowls. They can also function and help separate and designate your kitchenware for different purposes. This utensil holder is 7 inches tall and is designed with stability in mind, so no matter how many utensils you choose to store in it, you’ll be sure there won’t ever be an accident. Read more and order

24 piece Gold Stainless Steel Flatware

Being that 20-year wedding anniversaries are not milestones most people reach, it would make sense that the celebration of this milestone is treated as an extraordinary event down to the tiniest of details. What’s more eye-catching than golden silverware? Gift this to a couple that can use this set every day or so they can use it for their 21st anniversary. Read more and order

Customizable 20th Wedding Anniversary Plate

This customizable present can be for any occasion and not just for a 20th wedding anniversary, but what makes this gift unique is how it’s made. This porcelain plate comes with a special pen that you can write your sweet messages. When done, place the plate into the oven and bake it for a short time to solidify the sentimental message you’ve written. You can choose to use this present as regular kitchenware, but you might want to place it on its wooden stand instead for everyone in the family or friends that visit to see. Read more and order

VVM Crystal Whiskey Decanter Set

Fine china doesn’t have to be cookware and kitchenware. Sometimes a couple celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary need additional equipment for their home bar set-ups. The thick glass ensures they aren’t easily broken and can store and preserve their favorite beverages. Thanks to their cool crystal designs, they will enter the drinking crowd at any 20th wedding anniversary party. Read more and order

Yitongda Tabletop Crystal Plate

Couples need centerpieces for home decor and this transparent crystal plate of colors melding together is just the perfect thing to tie everything together at a 20th wedding anniversary party. The craftsmanship of the flowing glass design can be symbolic of the effort and dedication it takes to maintain a bond that lasts decades, Place it at the center of a celebration as a means to allow people to have quick access to treats, snacks, and refreshments. Read more and order

Celebrate your 20th Wedding Anniversary with Commemorative China
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