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20 best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Everyone has a plant-loving friend who spends the year bragging about their fantastic collection of succulents and cacti. And if you don’t have one, that plant lover friend we’ve all talked about is you.

The passion for nature and for surrounding ourselves with a multitude of plants in our homes continues to grow, especially after going through a pandemic in which we had to live longer than usual among the same four walls, demonstrating that the care of flowers is not a fad: it is a lifestyle and a new way to take care of ourselves.

But what happens when the time comes to give a gift to a plant lover? The options are so many and so varied that what on the surface seems like a simple thing can turn into a tedious search in which everyone seems to like the perfect gift but none of them is good enough.

Therefore, below we are going to help you in your search and we are going to give you a detailed list of 20 possible gifts for a plant lover with which you will surely succeed.

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20 Best gifts for plant lovers

Naturally scented candle

You will conquer any plant lover by giving him a great natural scented candle of one of his favorite flowers. In the market, they are currently one of the most sought-after products for lovers of aromatherapy and ambiance of spaces, and the truth is that their price is also a plus, especially if your budget is limited and you want your gift to be modest but original.

You can ask for their favorite scents or take a risk and try to find the scent that could go best with the person to whom you are going to give. The essence of rose, jasmine, or eucalyptus are some of the best-selling candles today and you’re sure to get it right!

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Macrame Pot Hangers

Another trend of the moment that takes up the old custom of our mothers and grandmothers to hang our pots inside our homes, is to use boho style hangers handcrafted with white macramé rope.

There are multiple designs to choose from and all are equally charming, but if your friend is a fan of decorating with indoor plants that are growing and dropping their leaves, choosing to give a kit of these hangers will be a guaranteed success!

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Tealight Cactus Candles

Who hasn’t been drawn to candles in the shape of flowers or animals? If your friend is a lover of plants, cacti, and succulents, this set of candles will delight him!

Made with bright colors and perfectly recreating these beautiful plants, these candles will light up your friend’s home for hours. They stay lit for up to 18 hours!

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Succulent Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether your friend is a puzzle lover or not, this wonderful 500-piece succulent puzzle is sure to please! Perfect to do alone as a family, this puzzle has the essentials for a plant lover to enjoy a few hours of entertainment.

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LED Bulb For Indoor Plants

If you know your friend is growing plants indoors and you want to help him improve, don’t hesitate to buy him these stylish and innovative LED grow lights. They serve the same function as traditional purple lights but without being purple, in appearance, it’s just an ordinary bulb perfect for lighting up your living room while taking care of your plants.

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Urban Garden Kit

Urban gardens have been fashionable for years but many people have not yet been encouraged to try them, either because of lack of time or because they have not found the time to get informed and get all the equipment. Giving your plant lover friend a complete kit to start developing his own urban garden will be a good way to help him increase his garden. A guaranteed hit!

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Elegant Indoor Watering Can

With this beautiful watering can you will not only be giving him a unique and loving gift, but you will also be giving him a new decorative element for his home. These ceramic watering cans are so beautiful that when they are not used for watering, they will be perfect in any corner of the house.

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Gardening tool kit

With this chic style gardening kit, you’ll be giving your friend everything he needs to be able to pursue his passion and never have to worry about tools again: gloves, shovels, rake
everything he needs to cultivate his garden is inside this super bag!

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Wase for Dried Flowers

Who doesn’t need to add an extra touch of color to their rooms? Dried flowers are another great attraction among decoration and plant lovers, as they do not need to be taken care of and will bring joy and good taste wherever you put them. Give him this beautiful wase and help your friend to create spaces full of elegance and good taste.

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Carrot Tree Ornament

Don’t know what to get your plant lover friend this Christmas? Help him decorate his tree and personalize it with these beautiful glass ornaments that mimic carrots. Such a special ornament can only hang on the Christmas tree of a true plant lover!

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Neon LED Wall Rose

This eye-catching neon gift rose light is perfect for adorning any plant lover’s living room. If you know your friend and you know he’s not afraid to bring in somewhat flashy items for his decor, don’t hesitate to buy him this super LED light rose that will light up his living room and all his guests!

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Set of Pots For Succulents

This elegant set of four porcelain succulent pots is a must-have for any plant lover’s home. If you know your friend loves to collect succulents and you want to do your bit to help decorate and care for their garden, don’t hesitate to give them this beautiful set!

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Blossom Earrings

Small, crafted from sterling silver and enameled with a soft blue color, these blossom earrings will delight any plant lover who wants to show off her love of nature in her everyday life.

They are gorgeous and when your friend wears them she will never go unnoticed. The flowers symbolize love and friendship, give her these earrings and you will be showing them all your love in the most special way!

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Green Stick Mask

Giving skincare products as a gift is giving love and if you give her a product made from plants in a totally natural way, the result can’t be other than absolute success.

This purifying facial mask stick made with 100% natural green tea is the perfect complement for a plant lover to take care of their skin using all the benefits of nature. Don’t hesitate to buy it, it’s a total hit!

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Smart Gardens

It is becoming more and more common to use the so-called “smart gardens” that have built-in grow lights and a self-watering system in the pots. In this way, even if the person cannot be at home much to take care of the plants, they will not dry out and end up dying due to lack of water or light. These gardens are the perfect ally for plant lovers who work too much and cannot dedicate as many hours as they would like to their personal gardens.

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Leaf Art Prints

Everyone knows that giving art as a gift is giving good taste and if they are these wonderful blue leaf canvases, the gift can not be more successful! Bet on this fabulous triptych and your plant lover friend will thank you forever.

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Illustrated Book “Wild at Home” By Hilton Carter

If your friend is a true plant lover, you can’t miss this wonderful book on his or her bookshelf. Wild at home, by the famous plant influencer Hilton Carter is an incredible guide in which you can find everything you need to know about how to create your own botanical haven. Her tips and the pictures she includes are a real beauty, it’s a super successful gift!

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Cactus Humidifier

This humidifier with built-in light in the shape of a Cactus is a cutie that will make any plant lover fall in love. You can buy it with or without a night light, this 280 ml humidifier will serve as a night light while humidifying the environment and decorating the room with its beautiful Cactus design.

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Proud Pland Mom Socks

Who doesn’t want some adorable plant-illustrated socks that make her love of plants and flowers clear? These socks are the perfect gift choice if your friend likes to dress colorfully and isn’t afraid to draw attention to herself with her quirky “Proud Plant Mom” socks.

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Kensizer Soil Tester

If your plant-loving friend is very thorough and loves to have all kinds of accessories to keep a close eye on the state of his garden, giving him this nifty soil tester will be a very good idea. It requires no batteries and has the ability to evaluate the pH level of the soil, humidity, and sunlight. A super tool that any nature lover will love!

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20 best Gifts for Plant Lovers
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