Gifts for a 15-year-old boy

What’s a great gift for a 15-year-old boy? Do you also have difficulty figuring out what to buy? It may be a little tricky, but I’ve found out what a 15-year-old boy wants.

So what’s a great gift for a 15-year-old boy? Here are my best gift tips: money, gift cards for clothes, stylish men’s jewelry, or perfume. A 15-year-old boy will also appreciate getting something you do together, e.g., go to the cinema. But feel free to continue reading for more great tips!

What is a nice gift to a 15-year-old boy?
What is a nice gift to a 15-year-old boy?

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What is a great gift to a 15-year-old boy?

Of course, all 15-year-olds are very different. What is on his wish list depends, of course, on what personality and what interests he has. But there are many good tips. Maybe you can give away that he gets to text a new sport, learn something new, a new mobile phone, or pamper him for a while.

Wallet with engraving

When you are 15 years old and do not earn any money of your own, it is, of course, always welcome with a little extra money for birthdays and such. It’s fun to get the money that he can do exactly what he wants. This wallet comes with an engraving of your choice.

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A new cell phone

The gift for a 15-year-old boy is what they most of all want is a new cell phone. Of course, he would rather have one of the latest models as well. A new mobile cover is good to buy to protect the phone.

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Teenage boys are always getting in and out of the kitchen for a snack. So why not make it easier on the 15-year old in your life by gifting her with this too-cute, miniature fridge! It is small, low-energy, and can fit both drinks and cold foods. 

Not only that but miniature fridges can be used to store organic make-ups that have natural ingredients that more easily expire in warmer environments!

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Is he a computer guy?

Many boys in their 15s are very interested in computers and games. But it is difficult to pinpoint the right game or computer gadget, as an outsider, of course. Gift cards for computer gadgets, or maybe it is easier to buy a new gaming mouse, a tough mouse pad, headset, or a gift card so he can choose his new computer game. If he sits a lot in front of the computer, it can also be good to get a really good computer chair: type Kinnarps or Vida XL.


All gamers need a really good mouse. This one has lots of programmable buttons and cool lighting.

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Gaming equipment

A cheaper gaming package than buying the parts separately. Keyboard, headset, mouse, and mat from Deltaco Gaming

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Mouse mat

A good mouse pad is also necessary when playing. A gaming mouse pad is slightly larger than a regular mouse pad.

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These headphones offer a very good gaming experience. They both have good sound and sit comfortably on their ears even after several hours of playing.

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Gaming chair

When he plays a lot, it is important to sit comfortably. With this chair, he does not get hurt.

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Instrument panel

A great gift to a 15-year-old boy who like computers or gaming is this instrument panel where he can show a lot of different things. New emails, temperature and a lot more.

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Give him a game card (If he plays WoW or similar). A gamecard is then the monthly fee for participating in and playing the game. Then he chooses when he wants to activate the game code that you give him.

Cookie jar with thimer function

A cookie cache with a timer function to prevent the computer nerd from “deleting cookies.” FUN GIFT FOR COMPUTER NERD – If he is a computer nerd, it might be fun to have cookies with a note about deleting them.

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Keyboard cleaner

With keyboard cleaning, you get rid of the dirt that does not disappear with a cloth.

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A boy of 15 is starting to get quite grown up, and a lot has happened in recent years with what he likes. Why not renew his room a bit. Maybe with a new luxurious and wide bed, duvet, and silk sheets. Textiles, e.g. curtains, carpet, blankets, bedding. A nice painting with a nice motif. Why not update his room a bit so that it becomes a little more adult and get rid of all the childishness simply.

A new bed

A slightly more adult bed than the one he got as a child is necessary and will make a big difference in the room.

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A luxurious rug of wool will also adorn the room, and it is nice not to have to freeze your feet.

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A duvet is a slightly more luxurious gift that he will enjoy for a long time. This is a year-round quilt.

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Salt lamp

A cozy lamp for his room is a great gift for his 15th birthday. This one is made out of a salt stone. So every lamp is unique.

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When it is winter and cold, it is nice to have a cozy blanket in the room. The material feels like fur.

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Curtains for grown ups

A 15-year-old boy wants to make the room a little more adult, and a pair of nice curtains is a good way.

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Nice stuff to put on the walls

The paintings from childhood have probably been taken down, and it can then be nice with something new.

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It is impossible to buy clothes as a gift for a 15-year-old boy if you do not know exactly what he wants. There is a great risk that the garment will only remain lying down. But there are a few garments that can actually work.

Bath robe

Maybe he would like to get a more luxurious bathrobe? A thick and lovely to wrap yourself in cold winter mornings.

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Cozy slippers

Slippers are extremely ugly, but these are great to put your feet in on really cold winter days when the floors are cold.

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Socks in happy colors are a gift that 15-year-old boys usually like. Even if he dresses strictly otherwise, the socks are usually allowed to be colored.

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Gift certificates for clothes are also never wrong for a 15-year-old boy.  They also usually wish for nice under wares from, e.g. Björn Borg. Getting gift certificates where he can choose between clothes, bags, and sports equipment is a lovely idea.


15-year-old boys usually like underwear with elastic that protrudes a little over the edge of the jeans. It can be of the brand Björn Borg, and in any pattern you think he likes.

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Gift certificate at Åhléns

But the smartest thing is still to give him a gift card at a store, I think. Åhléns has a lot to choose from, not just clothes.

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If he already has everything he needs, give him a gift for the future! Why not give him a gift he will appreciate in the future. Start a stock saving for him.


Even money is usually something that a 15-year-old boy appreciates getting. Feel free to hand over a wallet that you have filled with some dollar bills when he turns 15.

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Give him something to talk about for many years to come. Please give him a really cool experience: skydiving, mountaineering, adventure course, go-karting, etc.

Bat safari

Bat safari is very cool. In the middle of the night, you go to the place where the bats usually stay. You sit and look out over the water and sees them fly past. This is a really cool experience.

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Weekend bag

Maybe he wants a new bag to have for school or the gym. A weekend bag or bag to have to the gym is a good gift to a 15-year-old boy.

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Theft-proof backpack

Maybe it is good with a theft-proof backpack so that the computer is not stolen. A theft-proof backpack makes it not as easy to steal a computer from your bag.

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Or maybe a completely normal backpack to have for the plug is what he needs?

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Of course, all young people need a bicycle. Has the 15-year-old grown a lot in recent years? Maybe it’s time to buy him a bigger bike? A new bike can be a great gift for a 15-year-old boy.

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Hover board

This is a really cool transportation for a 15-year-old boy. He will soon get a hang of the maneuvering of the board.

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Hover cart

Turn the hover board into a hover cart with this smart addition.

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Alarm clock with shooting

It’s not easy to find good stuff to buy for 15-year-old boys. But one thing they actually need is a proper alarm clock. Why not find a really cool model for him. This is an alarm clock where he needs to shoot the dot and hit the bullseye to turn off the alarm.

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Wake-up light

A wake-up light that slowly increases the lighting to wake up naturally.

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Alarm clock that flies away

A fun alarm clock that flies away when it rings. To turn it off, he needs to catch it.

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It is very common for children and teenagers to sit in front of the computer when they come home. Getting inline skates, skateboards, or a longboard may mean that he both moves more and gets fresh air. A good idea is perhaps to supplement with a helmet and a skateboard course.

Longboard or skateboard

A cool longboard for riding on asphalt is a fun gift to get when he turns 15.

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If you give him a skateboard as a 15-year-old gift, it is good if you buy a helmet as well.

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Can jam game

A kind of frisbee game where you throw to your friend who is going to hit the frisbee in a barrel.

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Laundry sack

Maybe a laundry sack doesn’t sound as a nice gift to a 15-year-old boy. But it actually is. This one you hang in his ceiling and it looks like a boxing sack. It is a good place to store dirty laundry.

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Slack line

Being able to walk on a rope is pretty cool. He will impress both girls and friends. On a slackline, you can also do other tricks, such as bouncing on the line.

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Tennis set

Tennis rackets are also a great gift to give a 15-year-old boy. It’s fun to play, even if you don’t do it that often.

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Shower soap, shampoo, and deodorant are things that are always needed. Could you give him a little extra? Complete with a body spray and perfume as well! Toiletry bags are also great gifts. Perfumes that young boys usually prefer to include these. I have linked to, which usually has the perfumes much cheaper than sold in stores.

Polo Sports

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Armani Code

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It can also be a good idea to get a gift certificate for a haircut. Maybe he needs to start shaving. Why not invest in quality products right from the start and give him a nice safety razor. A shaving brush, shaving rack, and safety razor make a lovely gift to a 15-year-old boy.

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Toiletry bag

An exclusive leather toiletry bag is a great gift for a 15-year-old boy. This will be a gift that lasts for a lifetime. And will look even greater when over the years when the leather ages.

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Even boys can appreciate getting jewelry as a gift. Maybe a cool necklace or bracelet would suit the boy you are going to court?

A dog tag is a nice piece of jewelry for boys and men. At Get personal, you can also have a personal message engraved on him.

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Bracelet in silver and leather

A bracelet in silver and leather can be a nice gift for a 15-year-old boy. It’s both tough and masculine. Also delivered in a gift box.

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Bracelet with engraving

A nice bracelet that suits young boys. It can be engraved with something nice. It is made of stainless steel with a zircon.

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Books if he likes to read. Perhaps the safest way is to buy a gift card so he can choose what he wants. A newspaper subscription is also a good idea. Science or computers be interesting? If you feel insecure, choose a gift card instead.

National Geographic

National Geographic is a magazine that men and boys very often read.

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Gift certificate for books

With a gift card on Adlibris, he can choose any book he wants to read.

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Gift certificate for magazines

But perhaps it is still best to give him a gift card to choose a magazine subscription that he wishes.

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Mobiles and mobile-related gifts. Like all other children and young people, fifteen-year-old boys want the latest mobile phone and a pair of just more headphones. It will probably also be very much appreciated with a gift card on iTunes or Spotify. A power bank with a solar cell charger is a cool accessory for the mobile phone.

A new iPhone

A mobile phone is what young boys want most of all.

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Solar cell charger

A solar cell charger allows him to charge his phone everywhere.

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Their families wish their son got a pair of headphones instead.

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Cell phone case

If the 15-year-old boy does not get a new mobile phone, it can still be appreciated to get a new mobile phone case.

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A cool power bank

A power bank from Vooni is a great gift for a 15-year-old guy.

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iPhone cord

A long charging cord is one such thing that is really good to have.

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Headphone holder

This is a really cool way to store his headphones.

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Give him a big jar of his favorite candy, or give him a Friday basket with a movie, chips, chocolate, and soda. He deserves to be a little extra pampered on a day like this!

Big chocolate bar

I do not think you ever get too big to get candy as a gift. A Daim like this will last a long time.

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Subscription for chocolate

Maybe a chocolate subscription could be a really good gift for a 15-year-old boy?

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Popcorn machine

With his own popcorn machine, he can get the right cinema feeling when he and his friends watch a movie.

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Ice cream roller

15-year-old boys who have become interested in cooking would like an ice cream roller.

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Soda streamer

A perfect gift for a 15-year-old boy is a soda streamer. The cost of soft drinks is reduced.

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Chocolate gift set

A 15-year-old boy will also appreciate getting a little more adult chocolate for his birthday.

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Maybe he would like to get a gift card at Mc Donalds, so he can eat out with friends.


He will surely appreciate getting new training clothes, a heart rate monitor, and a new water bottle if he is the sporty type. It can also be fun to get a new towel – preferably one with an embroidered name on it or some special print, so he does not get rid of it in the dressing room.


Trx is an exercise tool where you work with your own body as a counterweight.

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A fit-bit ionic is the coolest heart rate monitor on the market right now.

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Water bottle

It can be good to change the water bottle you have to the gym sometimes.

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I hope you have found a really good gift for a 15-year-old boy here. If I missed something, feel free to comment! You may also find gift tips on one of these sites:


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