Gifts for a 13-year- old girl

Finding the perfect gift for a thirteen-year-old girl means leaving behind the childish toys and games of her younger years and welcoming a new, mature chapter in her life. Pinning down the ideal gift for this pivotal moment in her life can be tricky, which is why we’ve compiled a list of clothing, accessories, room decor, and more.

What does a 13-year-old girl want as a gift? I have also asked myself that question many times. So now find out the answer. Here you will find lots of things that a 13-year-old girl wants. Tips for those in a hurry to buy something; movie ticket, guitar, Pusheen pillow or a candy machine.

What is a nice gift to a 13-year-old girl?

Whether you’re shopping for a tomboy or girly-girl, a musician or a gamer, a fashionista, or any kind of girl in-between, this list covers all of the bases to guarantee she receives the perfect holiday or birthday gift.  

In addition to this page with gift tips for 13-year-old girls, I have also written about tips on gifts for 13-year-olds, which have tips on gifts that are well suited to give both girls and boys as birthday presents. I have also written about gifts for slightly older girls and gifts for younger girls. Feel free to visit those pages as well to get more suggestions for good gifts.


Of course, there are many good gifts to give a 13-year-old girl. But they like to be able to do exciting things and get nice decor for their room. And we must not forget the sweets. Candy is something that even a 13-year-old girl appreciates a lot.

A Pillow

These days, emojis are a second language for teenagers. With these emoji themed pillows, you can take the quirky faces right from her phone screen into her bedroom.  These silly pillows are an affordable gift that will bring a pop of color to her room.

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A Chocolate Subscription for 6 Months

Chocolate is the gift that keeps on giving, and with a six-month subscription, she’ll be able to enjoy her favorite treat for months on end. Choose from a variety of flavors to guarantee a delicious new surprise each month.

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Light Up Message Board

Add a personalized touch to her bedroom with these easy-to-use and easy-to-clean message boards. She can scribble down her favorite quote, then simply erase when she’s ready for a new message!

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A Marble Course that You Can Build 

This particular set even comes with an elevator to get the marble back to start again. Give the gift of endless possibility with this build-your-own-course marble run. She’ll expand her mind by adding endless twists and turns, creating her own engineering masterpiece! 

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Da Vinci’s Wooden Models

These wooden models help bring to life the historical, conceptual drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. Equally as fun to build as they are to play with, the pieces come ready to assemble. She’ll take pride in this gift that she can create with her own two hands. 

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A Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is a necessary addition to any teenage girl’s budding makeup kit. These bags come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find the right match for her personality. 

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Vanity Mirror with Lightbulbs

Help her be selfie-ready with this easy-to-assemble vanity light. It comes with rim-lining light bulbs so she can have the perfect lighting for getting ready and adding makeup touch-ups. This can also double as a desk light.

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A 13-year-old girl wants lots of presents. The most important thing is the mobile phone, she would like a new one of the latest model. For her mobile phone, she would like a nice mobile cover from iDeal of Sweden, a pair of good headphones and a nice speaker. For the mobile phone, she also needs a longer cord to avoid lying at the electrical outlet. She also needs a nice powerbank.

iPhone 7

Perhaps the most desirable gift for a thirteen-year-old girl is an iPhone. Gifting this phone of a slightly older generation will make it easier to monitor her activity while giving her the freedom and security of calling and texting while she’s away. 

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A Speaker

The perfect add-on to the iPhone or other music playing device, these portable speakers are a great gift for music lovers. With different volume settings and BlueTooth capabilities, these are sure to turn any room into a personal sanctuary. 

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Mobile Cover from iDeal of Sweden in Marble

iDeal of Sweden is well known for creating some of the most stylish and modern iPhone cases. They come in a variety of styles and colors, but the marble case is hugely popular, and for a good reason. This case will give a unique look to her phone and bring a touch of beauty to her everyday accessory. 

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A Long Charging Cord

There’s nothing worse than scrolling through your phone in bed and seeing that dreaded 10% battery warning. These extra-long charging cords will let her keep charging her phone from anywhere in her room, no matter the location of the outlets.

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 A Power Bank

These small and funky phone charging power banks are a practical gift to make sure her phone never runs out of power. You can rest easy knowing that she’ll always have this backup on hand. Choose from a variety of colors and themes to personalize it to her personality. 

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A 13-year-old girl also likes to get furnishings for her room, nice clothes, and money to buy what she wants. 13-year-old girls also like to get games as gifts, exciting books, skateboards, and a guitar. But let’s get it all in order.


A pair of Converse seems to be a must for all young people. The shoes are comfortable and can actually be used both for every day and look great on skirts and dresses when it needs to be a little more festive. The shoes are available in several different designs and colors. Do not be surprised if they will be used all year round. It’s a great gift for a 13-year-old girl.

Converse Sneakers

This retro sneaker has been popular with teens for decades, and are still all the rage today. They are an excellent gift for a funky or alternative teen who likes to dress comfortably but stay in style. 

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Converse Sneakers

This retro sneaker has been popular with teens for decades, and are still all the rage today. They are an excellent gift for a funky or alternative teen who likes to dress comfortably but stay in style. 

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Makeup Kit

Thirteen is a typical age for girls to start exploring makeup. These makeup boxes are a great starter kit, coming with a collection of eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and powders. 

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The right pair of earrings can take any outfit from drab to fab by adding just a touch of glam to her ensemble. These simple yet classic earrings can be worn to school, out with friends, or while relaxing at home. She’ll love adding this feminine gift to her jewelry box. 

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Elizabeth Arden Perfume

These unique perfumes from Elizabeth Arden’s line offer refreshing and natural scents that are great as an introduction to mature perfume wearing. With just a few spritzes, she’ll be ready to head out for a night with friends.

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This cute and feminine necklace is the perfect accessory for any event or occasion. Wearing this necklace will make her feel vibrant, mature, and sophisticated. It’s sure to be one of her favorite gifts this year. 

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It is usually noticed in several ways that a teenager has come into the home. In addition to the interest in the look, it is not entirely uncommon for her to want to start redoing her room as well and decorate it with nice or cheeky things. If you do not know the cat Pusheen, I’m pretty sure the thirteen-year-old does. Originally, the cat is a cartoon character that has become incredibly popular on the internet. Cozy to hug, comfortable to lay your head on, and stylish to look at. It is an interior detail that will be a great gift for a 13-year-old girl. They can never be too many, so why not gather a whole “family.” When the teenager comes home from school and wants to eat a snack, or comes up for breakfast, she likes to have her own mug. Here is a Pusheen heat-sensitive mug that is a little out of the ordinary.

Letter Lightboard

These letter lightboards will add a fun and personalized flair to her bedroom. The boards come with a series of letters, allowing her to spell out whatever matches her mood. Illuminate the board at night to bring the room to life—bonus points for also being a great birthday party decoration.

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Letter Board

If lightboards aren’t quite her style, try gifting these trendy letter boards. The boards can be personalized with different messages and have a bit more space to accommodate for longer phrases. Letter boards are also fantastic for photo props and documenting milestones.

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Pusheen Pillow

Pusheen is a beloved cartoon character known for her cute and cuddly nature. Originally from Japan, Pusheen has taken over the cartoon world by capturing the hearts of cat lovers everywhere. Your giftee will love having this snuggly pillow in her room to bring out the soft side of the decor. 

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Pusheen Mug

If your giftee is a fan of Pusheen, she will love drinking from a Pusheen mug. Great for a cup of hot cocoa or organic tea, this mug will add a sweet touch to her kitchen collection. 

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Duvet Covers

The bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom and therefore requires a bit of extra thought when decorating. Gifting a comfy and colorful duvet color will help elevate the vibe of any bedroom. Duvet covers are also much easier to launder than full duvets and bedspreads. 

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Diamond Ceiling Lamp

These diamond ceiling lamps quickly transform a boring light fixture into a modern piece of interior design. These unique lamps will instantly add a custom and eclectic flair to her bedroom. It doesn’t matter what the design is of the bedroom. This diamond ceiling lamp goes with everything.

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Many emotions are rushing around in the body of a 13-year-old girl, and boys’ interest may have begun to sprout. She draws the hearts on the dormitory block one moment, and the next, she rushes into her room and slams the door behind her.

Notepad Mug

These mugs are easy to personalize, making them a great gift on their own. But, these mugs also double as note pads. So, she can jot down a favorite poem, song, or any phrase of her choice. Quickly scribble down a note in pencil and erase it later to add something new! 

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Unicorn Notepad

She’ll never forget a homework assignment or an upcoming appointment with these nifty unicorn notepads. She’ll love the colorful cover and playful unicorn character to brighten up her school supplies.

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A beautiful and well-crafted guitar is the perfect gift for the budding musician. Acoustic guitars are perfect for beginners and will inspire her to learn something new. The gift of music is sure to be one of the best presents she receives this year.

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Headphones are not only a practical gift but can also serve as a fashion statement. Gifting these Marshall Major headphones will have her listening to her favorite toons in style.

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When friends come to visit, there is probably a lot to talk about and do. Teenagers usually play video games, watch movies, play board games, eat sweets, sit on the phone, or dance. Instead of putting the candy in bowls, a candy machine can be suitable for the youth room: a clearly cheeky gadget and a really good gift for a 13-year-old girl.

Popcorn Maker

Bring the magic of the movies home with by gifting one of these miniature popcorn makers. They are styled after the retro 50s popcorn machine and will put the delicious finishing touch on her at-home movie night. She’ll love inviting her friends over to enjoy this special gift.

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Toblerone Chocolate

This classic chocolate bar makes a great stocking stuffer gift on Christmas morning. Break the bar into pieces to be shared with friends and family, or keep the whole thing to enjoy for yourself. 

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Soda Streamer

With this soda streamer, she can create her own fizzy soda right from the comfort of home. Make sparkling water or soda by choosing from a variety of different flavors. This is a great gift to share with guests and enjoy a hot summer day together. 

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Sheriff of Nottingham – Game

This is one of the hottest games on the market right now. The concept is: you’ve come to sell your goods at the Nottingham market, and only the Sheriff stands between you and your hard day’s earnings. She’ll spend her time playing, laughing, guessing, and bluffing; a guaranteed great time for all ages 

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Ticket to Ride – Game

The original Ticket to Ride and it’s the second version, Ticket to Ride Europe, have both won a series of awards for their fast and engaging gameplay. Players collect and trade playing cards to connect train routes throughout North America or Europe. The more points you earn, the more you win! The mounting tension offered with this game has made it a favorite for many years. 

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Harry Potter, Trivial Pursuit – Game

If your giftee is a fan of Harry Potter, then she’ll love this updated Harry Potter-themed version of the classic board game. Play as teams or independently to answer these 600+ questions of Harry Potter trivia. She’ll test her knowledge and learn new things about one of the world’s most treasured films.

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Nintendo Switch

If board games aren’t entirely her style, then upgrade her gaming potential with this popular handheld gaming console. The Nintendo Switch allows her to play solo or connect with friends to game together, either at home or on-the-go. 

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Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros has been a favorite game in the Mario brand for years. Now, she can take Smash Bros on the go with her Nintendo Switch. This version includes every single fighter from the past series’ of Smash Bros, in addition to some new fighters to elevate the gaming experience.

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Legend of Zelda for Nintendo Switch

Explore the wild and fantastical world of Hyrule by scaling mountains and exploring castles, defeating enemies along the way. This updated version of Zelda has stronger graphics, new challenges, and can be taken with her wherever she goes.

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13-year-old girls like to watch both cartoons for children and films with a more adult target group. 13-year-olds usually have time to read the entire text, even on more difficult films, so that the film is not dubbed is no longer a concern. Ideally, 13-year-old girls want to watch horror movies, so it’s important to find something that is good enough so that she does not think she needs to be ashamed in front of her friends, but which is still not as awful as a bloody horror movie.

Alice in Wonderland – Film

Based on the Lewis Carroll written classic, this 2010 film starring Johnny Depp is a modern and colorful take on the beloved children’s tale. The movie is hailed for it’s wild and strange setting and for offering a modern take on this classic story. 

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Alice Through the Looking Glass – Film

If she was a fan of Alice in Wonderland, then she can keep enjoying this topsy turvy world with the sequel, Alice Through the Looking Glass. Continue exploring with the Mad Hatter and Alice as they dive deeper into the realm of Underland.

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The Hunger Games – Film

The Hunger Games became an instant cult classic when it was released in 2012. This movie, based on the series of books, offers a dark look into a world where citizens must compete for food and resources. The film highlights the strength and bravery of a group of young characters who fight to protect the ones they love in dark times. 

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Harry Potter Movie Box Collection

What teenager isn’t an undying fan of the Harry Potter series? If your giftee fell in love with the books, then she’ll love watching the action pact film versions of her favorite story. 

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – Film

This fantasy film follows a magical zoologist whose animals are accidentally released onto the streets of New York City. The owner must fight to rescue them while avoiding exposing himself as a wizard. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a fun and suspenseful film for all ages. 

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Grindewald’s Crime

The movie Grindewald’s Crime is a continuation of the Fantastic Beasts series. From the amazing mind of J.K. Rowling, this series is sure to be just as loved as Harry Potter for the budding fantasy buff. 

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Thirteen is the perfect age to introduce your giftee to the world of skateboarding. Choose from a variety of sizes, decks, and wheels to offer a personal touch to this sporty gift. Be sure to include a helmet and wristguards, and she is sure to have loads of fun on her new skateboard.

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Every teen needs a cool and funky backpack to take to school. There is a never-ending list of styles to choose from, making this a great and practical gift for a teen who loves to dress with her unique style. 

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There are many books that are both good and exciting that you can give a 13-year-old girl as a gift. Maybe she would like to get a subscription to a magazine as well?

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Book

This comes as a series of 5 books, which means there will be plenty to enjoy if your giftee happens to be a fan. This is an early-teen novel that offers suspense and thrill while evoking an emotional and moving response from readers.

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Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great way to receive new content monthly. Subscriptions to Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and other teen publications will give your giftee a monthly look at popular fashion trends, quirky stories, and other engaging teen content. 

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Sometimes it can be so difficult to choose the right one and then maybe the best thing is to let her decide for herself what she wants. Gift cards are always a safe card and a gift card at Stadium where there is a large selection of gadgets and clothes that are suitable for more occasions than just sports. Lindex and Åhléns are also usually appreciated for receiving gift cards.

Coolstuff Gift Card

Many of the items on this list can be found on It’s a great site to find unique bedroom decor and other gifts and gadgets. If you are struggling to decide on the right gift, then a gift card to this shop will let your giftee decide what new additions are right for her. 

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Åhléns Giftcard

Åhléns is a trendy Swedish site where you can find everything from clothing to room decor to jewelry and anything in between. They compile a yearly list of their best selling products and top-selling brands to make shopping here swift and straightforward. 

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Lindex Gift Card

For the budding fashionista, a gift card to Lindex is the perfect gift option. This brand offers a rich and wide selection of the year’s trendiest fashion looks, with great options for both teens and women. 

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The Verdict

Shopping for gifts can be stressful, which is why this list is here to help. We hope this list of unique and personal gifts has inspired you to find the best possible gift for the thirteen-year-old girl in your life. She is sure to love any of these original and well-crafted gifts, making this a year that she will remember forever. 

I hope you found a really good birthday present for the 13 year old girl you are going to celebrate!