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Gifts to a 1-year-old girl

Are you looking for an excellent gift for a 1-year-old girl? For a 1-year-old girl, there are lots of gifts to buy! Here you will get tips on cute toys and gadgets.

So, what is an excellent gift for a 1-year-old girl, and what does she want? Naturally, she does not want anything special but becomes happy with what she gets. But some useful gift tips for 1-year-old girls are a bobby car, Duplo, musical instruments, bricks, soap bubbles, and a sorting box.

What is a nice gift to a 1-year-old girl?

A one-year-old girl is she gets happy for almost whatever you give her. So just don’t forget to provide her with a beautiful box with beautiful ribbons on it! But you should still get some suggestions for useful gifts that you can put in the box here!

In addition to this page with gifts for a 1-year-old girl, I have written about gifts for 1-year-olds. There you will find gifts that are suitable for giving both 1-year-old girls and 1-year-old boys as gifts. I have also written about gifts for 2-year-old girls. You can also visit these pages for more gift tips!

The Best gift ideas for a 1-year-old girl

Selecting the finest toys for toddlers might be difficult, but finding the ideal present for a 1-year-old may be easier than you think: this is the age when the box is more interesting than the object inside.

Pushing and tugging, putting things together and tearing them apart, and moving items in and out of boxes are all favored pastimes at age one. Here are some gifts for a 1-year-old girl.

Kids Baby Activity Cub

The best one-year-old girl presents include a toddler activity play cube, wholly embellished with additional stacking cups and an essential vocabulary board book, all packaged in a charming pink gift-ready box. These wooden baby toys make ideal gifts for a one-year-old girl. It’s a perfect pick for Christmas and 1st birthday gifts since it’s educational, entertaining, safe, and parent-approved, and it’ll put a huge grin on her lovely little face.

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Einstein Box

Excellent gift for one-year-olds: Both boys and girls would enjoy this wonderfully designed and wrapped learning present. The books and toys within are suitable for children of all ages. Einstein Box is not only informative but also much fun. It delivers hours of screen-free entertainment.

Both boys & girls would enjoy this wonderfully designed and wrapped learning present. The books and toys within are suitable for children of all ages. Einstein Box is not only informative but also much fun. It delivers hours of screen-free entertainment.

The activities are meant to assist one-year-old girls and boys in learning and development. The masks help children develop their imagination and creativity. The board game promotes brain growth and memory enhancement. The books, rhyming cards, and posters help children improve their vocabulary and linguistic abilities.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

Parents can make their children feel special by gifting them a personalized portrait when they are still babies. This portrait is a true definition of a royal baby. You can get your children this present on one of their birthdays. You may also choose to have it for your young children, and they will think they are royals, bringing them entertainment as they step into royalty character.

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Personalized Portrait of Spirited Baby

Baby Balance Bikes

10-24 months is the recommended age range. The infant balancing bike is an excellent birthday present for toddlers learning to walk and ride. It helps a baby’s balance, maneuverability, coordination, and confidence grow early.

The infant bike has a modular design that takes 2-3 minutes to assemble (no tools necessary). It fits easily in a car trunk and may be utilized at parks, malls, and other locations where a youngster would rather ride than walk.

Sturdy composite material, a non-slip EVA grip, and a softly supportive seat come standard on the baby balancing bike; you may get your baby cyclists in five various colors: orange, yellow, blue, green, pink!

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Magnetic Drawing Board

With their relatives or friends, kids can draw, write, & play games. We’ll show you a wonderful world of their imagination by inspiring children’s inventiveness. Allow your child’s artistic skill to blossom on a brightly colored drawing board.

This magnetic doodle board features four different hues (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green) that enhance the vibrancy of a child’s drawing.

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I See Do You See ‚Äď Numbers

My Book about Space is a personalized book filled with fun facts, cool illustrations, and a color portrait of your child on every page. Kids will love sharing their adventure stories as they flip through their very own personalized books. This award-winning Numbers book will set your children on a journey of locating numbers from one to 10 when using animal recognition. Your kid will embark on an interactive journey with their hairy friend for hours of fun. This 9 x 12 book comes with 28 pages that have colorful illustrations. It is perfect for girls and boys aging 1 to 6 years.

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Piano Mat

The lovely music can replicate the children’s hearing. It comes with eight piano function keys & 8 different animal sounds and pronunciations. The sound of the foldable keyboard play mat is clear, and it has a flashing light effect. You can also change or adjust the level of the music blanket to find the right setting for your child.

The M SANMERSEN harmonic piano mat is comprised of a non-woven fabric that is both tasteless and non-toxic. High-quality materials do not hurt kids’ feet, and it is easy to clean. Even if youngsters do not contact the exact target, the electronic music carpets are sensitive to touch and can be instantly detected.

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Fisher-Price purse

Five play items included: rattling phone, compact mirrors, credit card, clacker keys, and bead bracelet. Slide the zipper, open the handle, and push the light-up heart to activate delightful tunes, noises, and phrases. Counting, colors, contrasts, greetings, Spanish words, and more will be introduced through 50+ songs, noises, and phrases.

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Spinning Top Toy

Everything you use for a fun-filled day is included in the BARRIO spinning toys! Three distinct animal forms suction cup spinning toys with jingle bells that can help attract and raise toddlers’ interest. Which is one of the most fantastic toys for your baby to play with?

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This is a fantastic toy that will make your child giddy with delight! This lawnmower also functions as a bubble blower, which youngsters will enjoy. It includes three bottles of bubble solution to keep the party going. Simply insert three AA batteries (not provided) and watch as it bursts with gorgeous bubbles.

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Pop Up Princess Tent

A fantastic item for a little girl, she will love spending time in her tent with her toys and pals. Every little girl’s empress fantasy may come true with the aid of this pink princess tent.

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Baby Cell Phone

Each toy phone button produces authentic sound effects and depending on the symbol displayed: animals, telephone, alarm system, joystick, and camera, interactive baby toys entertain while also promoting learning.

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Scout and Violet

Pets, animals, food, lunchtime, colors, activities, opposites, outside, and more are among the word categories.  The words, sound effects, and amusing facts are played when you touch the text on the pages; you may also hear the Learning Buddies theme song & My Favorite. By pushing the light-up star button, you may say something. For a fully multilingual experience, words, music, and directions are heard in English and Spanish.

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Tea Party Set

Musical Beautiful Tea Party is a ten-piece set that includes music and surprises and is illuminated in six distinct colors.

When you tip the teapot, it will make exciting sounds, and the ‚Äútea‚ÄĚ will move realistically. There are seven tea-time learning songs included and 50+ phrases and sounds. Colors and matching, politeness and greetings, and counting is all taught.

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Piano Keyboard

Music is one of the most joyous aspects of childhood. Investing early in a toddler’s musical skills is a fantastic birthday or Christmas present.

Memory, hand-eye coordination, tone recognition, independent thinking, EQ development, temperament development, & self-cultivation are all talents that may be improved.

Adjustable microphone & karaoke, piano with 24 keys, eight percussions, 23 demo songs, four musical instruments, volume & rhythm controls, record, and playback functions High resolution LED horn in the shape of a butterfly.

The piano has an audio cable for connecting your smartphone, PC, MP3, or even iPad to the piano in order to play music.

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Animal Puzzles Made of Wood

The safety of toddlers is always prioritized. These wooden animal puzzles are constructed of environmentally friendly wood. Your 1 to 3-year-old boys and girls may play safely with a smooth edge.

Four packs of carefully picked attractive animals enable your children aged 1 to 3 to learn about animals while playing, but these brain-building puzzles also assist your boys and girls enhance their ability to concentrate and solve problems. Encourage your toddler’s hand-eye coordination & attention span to develop as much as possible.

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Pound & Tap Bench

This xylophone for youngsters may be used in a variety of ways. The youngsters may either fetch the balls by hammering them, or they can take out the piano and xylophone & play a solo. Flexibility, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, arm movement, and cause-and-effect are all enhanced. This set of pounding toys for toddlers promotes musical development, discovery, and play.

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Exorany Busy Board

Montessori is an educational approach centered on self-directed activities, hands-on learning, & collaborative play. Through play, spy boards for infants 1-3 can assist develop fine motor abilities & basic life skills. It’s a useful and enjoyable tool for young children who are learning to clothe themselves. Additionally, the active board has a sensory learning activity suitable for kids of different ages.

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Swimming Turtle Bath Toys

The wind-up and rotating mechanism on the bath turtle toy allows it to swim alongside your kid. Turn the turtle’s clockwork clockwise before putting it in the water; it will swim swiftly. Let’s see who can swim the fastest, shall we?  Non-toxic ABS plastics are used to make the bathtub turtle toys. Babies can touch, play, and hug the edges since they are smooth. It’s also non-battery and completely safe for your children!

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Bubble Machine

Blue and pink are the two color options. This cute 3D pony cart bubbles machine with music & light makes capturing children’s attention much easier. The bubble gift kit includes an electric bubble mower, ten random variable shape bubble wands, & two bottles of Bubble liquid. You can pass the time with bubbles!

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Baby Musical Mats

The random mode of this music toy can play nine melodies, while the one-click method contains nine music keys & 7 animal noises. The sound of the mat music encourages the baby’s natural kicking & touching, which is much pleasure for him.

The floor piano mat by Joyjoz is a terrific early education item for kids, allowing them to express themselves. Children’s brains, memory, confidence, patience, socializing, and creativity may all benefit from music. It’s a fantastic gift for a child’s birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions.

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Building blocks

It is a very ordinary block usually children love, and it is a toy that they can use for many years to come. Tearing down tower blocks is humor on her level. The parents are allowed to build.

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A 1-year-old lady may need a right-looking vehicle to travel in. It is still a bit slow to walk, but soon she will turn into a racing driver. This retro car is not just going to ride. It’s a cute interior detail to give a 1-year-old girl.

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Just like 1-year-old boys, girls also like cars. Most of all, she wants a Bobby car or a similar model. So a car on which she sits and kicks herself forward.

Bobby car

A car is always a fun gift for kids. They love the fast pace and the g-force!

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There are carts that you can attach to the back of the car, which is great fun!

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If it becomes a small racing driver, a helmet can be useful

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Maybe a Costzon is more her style?

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Dragging toys as a gift to a 1-year-old girl

1-year-olds usually like toys that they can pull in a string. Here are some cute draft animals: brio dog, duck, giraffe, ant, or caterpillars. Of course, trains are just as good.


Why not buy a classic dachshund waving the tail as you walk.

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A fun snail to drag in the string. Besides, the snail’s body is a block box.

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Duck from Brio. It moves the head and wings as you walk.

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A train that you can connect and put on blocks to build the wagons.

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Pull along elephant

A colorful dragging toy with an elephant, a 1-year-old girl, will be happy to receive as a gift. Toys in bright colors are something young children usually love.

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An excellent gift for a 1-year-old girl is Duplo, so-called. It is useful for many years to come; it is durable and contains no small parts. There are lots of models to choose from. Some of these that look very nice are houses, airplanes, railways, and farm. Although it is recommended for 2-5 years, it does not contain any small parts, and even 1-year-olds may enjoy playing with it.

Duplo excavator

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Fire station

A fire station in Duplo is a fun gift to get

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Animals of the world

Duplo with lots of animals are usually fun gifts to give to little girls

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Giving a musical instrument is a height, yes, at least if you ask the little girl. Maybe she would like to get a xylophone or a set of musical instruments?


They usually enjoy listening and playing music

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A set of slightly different musical instruments.

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Drum is usually a favorite instrument.

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There are many fun toys with sounds on. Balls that sound, cars with sound function, ball towers, tramping planes, and beeping toys.

Ball tower

The child fetches the ball and puts it in the holes at the top. The ball then rolls down a track and sounds a little on the road. Then just pick up the ball and start again.

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Cuddly toys

Cuddly toys are good gifts to a 1-year-old girl

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Pop-up boxes

A pop-up toy where kids have to push buttons and turn levers to make the various animals in the boxes jump up. Great gift for a 1-year-old girl.

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Small guys work in the transport industry. They have devoted their lives to carrying things out at home. A learn to go-cart is a fantastic invention that facilitates their existence. Now it becomes straightforward to carry a duplicate to the bathroom, the toilet paper to the kitchen drawer, and the sandwich to the sofa. Imagine how much more she will have to manage to transport out if she only gets extended transport opportunities. If she has older siblings, she will also be pushed to learn to walk the carriage. Going fast as a seventeen person around the house, shot by a running big brother, is a highlight of life that makes you laugh. Did I write that you could run dolls in it too? 

Baby walker

Very common cart used for transporting gadgets, siblings, and other stuff in. It can also be used for dolls.

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Tool baby walker

A baby walker that is also filled with tools for the ambulatory carpenter.

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Activity toys

This learning walk cart has music and other activity gadgets that the child likes to sit and pose with for a long time.

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On the other hand, the parents prefer that you give her a little more boring things like clothes and some dolls. But I can promise, a 1-year-old girl is not interested in clothes. So wrap them in a beautiful cardboard box with lovely ribbons and colorful wrapping paper, so the 1-year-old girl gets something to be happy about.

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Giving gifts that facilitate the girl’s learning is of course good! Some such educational gadgets are:

Block boxes

Block box or pick box is the stuff the kids usually like. They often sit for a long time and pick with the box. For starters, they just open the lid and put in the bricks. Eventually, they understand that the bricks should go through a hole. Since each block only fits in one of the holes, it takes a while before she learns how it should be. It’s smart stuff for 1-year-old girls. Block box in discrete colors

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Another fun gift for a 1-year-old girl. When mom or dad built the tower, she will become a master of demolishing. There are both ordinary wooden blocks and the jar tower.

Blocks in pastel color with bridge blocks, ceiling blocks, slightly narrower flat blocks, and ordinary square bricks.

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Blocks with letters that she will be able to use during reading training in a few years.

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If you have an ugly vase you received as a Christmas gift, it is a smooth solution. A colorful ball that children usually like to play with.

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Colorful activity box

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1-year-olds are getting a little interested in books. Really good books for young children are e.g. Sam. It can also be fun to give away some nice series of books that she can enjoy later on. 

Sams books

The Sams books can over and over again

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Activity book

Activity book for the youngest readers

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100 first words

A book with the most important words for the child to learn.

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1-year-old girls enjoy playing cooking and taking care of children. They mimic everything they see around them as well. Excellent gifts can be:


Preferably a doll with some accessories such as a potty or baby bottle. Probably the doll needs a bed too. Little doll moms usually enjoy feeding and nurturing their little ones. This doll is a good choice when buying gifts for a 1-year-old girl because it does not contain small parts.

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Bed for the doll

The dolls also need a bed to sleep in. If you are a little handy, then you can fix some beautiful bedding yourself.

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A doll stroller is a nice gift for a 1-year-old girl who she will enjoy for many years.

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1-year-old girls enjoy cooking and need both cooking items and their stove for their birthday presents. She will invite the whole family to a delicious dinner served on the floor.

Tea set

A lovely tea set that does not contain small parts is a good gift for a 1-year-old girl

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Play kitchen

She will enjoy a stove for many years to come.

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Stuffed Toys

It’s nice to have. There are teddy bears, unicorns, rabbits, lions, dogs, and elephants. A toy animal is cozy to have in bed when you are going to sleep or a little sad. A toy animal is a friend that the 1-year-old girl will have for many years.


An ordinary yellow teddy bear

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A nice lion

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A unicorn that can sit and has a glowing horn.

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A nice rabbit

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An elephant

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Young children usually enjoy singing. Here are some great singing gifts that are suitable for giving as gifts to a 1-year-old girl.


A maracas is usually fun to play when singing.

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Songbook : A nice songbook is also a great gift for young children. It is a gift she will enjoy for a long time.


Bathing children is not always easy. But with good bathing toys, it is usually easier to convince them to soak. Good bathing toys for a 1-year-old girl are bathtub, boat, and a soap bubble machine.

Swim ring

Gift for 1-year-old girl ‚Äď A swim ring where she sits

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Bathing boat

A bathing boat makes the bath more enjoyable

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Bubble machine

A bubble machine makes the bath fun

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Bading ducks

Ducks can also be fun to have in the bath

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I hope you got perfect gift ideas for buying a birthday present for the 1-year-old girl. If you want more tips you might find something here:

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Gifts to a 1-year-old girl
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