1-year-old boy

Finding gifts for a 1-year-old guy is not tricky at all! You should get my best gift tips here.

So what does a 1-year-old guy want in a gift? He wants a bobby car, xylophone, and a block box. It is also brilliant to start saving for him already. But keep reading for more great tips for a one-year-old boy.

gifts to a 1-year-old boy
What is a nice gift to a 1-year-old boy?

In addition to this page, with gift tips for a 1-year-old guy, I have also written a page with gift tips suitable for 1-year-old girls and gifts for both boys and girls. You can also visit these pages for more great gift tips!

Cars as a gift for a 1-year-old boy

Bobby car and similar models of small cars that the child can sit and kick forward make great gifts. It is extra fun if the vehicle has a trailer to put things on or a hatch under the seat where they can collect their items. Here you can see some beautiful cars. 

Bobby Car

A truck is one of the most used toys my children have received as gifts. The Bobby Car is a classic robust car for kids. Nowadays, cars are delivered with quiet wheels as standard equipment.

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Trailer for the Bobby car

For their car, it’s fun to get a trailer too. On the trailer, the toys or buddy can sit during the ride. It will make the spreading of toys all around so much more straightforward.

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Rocking scooter

Why not give the 1-year-old a rocking scooter. It’s not as expensive as you might think. A cool scooter, in rocking design, with cool grey colors. This is a fun toy that fits all car lovers. The scooter has safety rails and robust handles to grip—a lovely wooden toy for a 1-year-old boy.

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Pull along toys

A 1-year-old boy will love to get toys on a leash. There are many beautiful and colorful models to choose from: duck, giraffe, dog, or bumblebees. Brio’s dachshund also waves its tail as you pull it behind. A fun gift for a 1-year-old guy.

Frog in a leash

A little tiger in a leash that the child can drag behind while walking is a fun gift for a 1-year-old boy. He will love the bright colors of the tiger.

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If you want to buy quality toys for kids, Brio is an excellent brand. On this baby toy from Brio, the bumblebee’s wings move when the kid is walking with it. The faster the kid runs, the quicker the bumblebee’s wings are moving—a quality toy made out of wood.

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Wooden duck

Pull along duck in a leash from Brio. When the kid moves, the duck nods and waves its wings.

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The classic dog from Brio is waving its spring tail while waking. The dachshund is made out of wood and has Brios high quality that make the toys lasts for generations.

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Giraffe to pull along

A cute giraffe in a leash to pull along is a beautiful gift for him. The head hand neck is moving when it is being dragged along. This encourages the kid to walk by themself.

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Ball tower

Ball tower

Here you put the balls in the top, and then they roll down through the house. A funny marble runs where four colorful balls are included. Drop the ball on the ramp and see how it rolls downwards. This is both fun and activating toys for small kids.

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Duplo (big lego) usually be fun to play with for many years to come. There are many fun models to choose from; houses, airplanes, railways, farmhouses, etc. Of course, a one-year-old may not be able to build that much. But they usually like to pick with Duplo anyway. Although they are recommended from two years old, they do not contain any small parts, so it is a toy you dare to give them as a gift to a 1-year-old guy anyway. Duplo is a toy he will use for many years.

Duplo fun fair

A funfair in Duplo in bright colors. Here the family can have a lot of fun. With great enthusiasm, the kid builds the Ferris wheel and uses the cogwheel to move the funfair with the four houses. Or maybe let the characters go down the slides. This packet contains 5 different characters to play with.

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Duplo excavator

Small kids will love this machines. They are easy to build and fun to play with.

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Duplo Airport

Help your child to build the airport and the flight tower and the luggage convoy. Then jump onboard on the airplane and fly away.

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If it is not your child, it is usually fun to give away a xylophone or other musical instruments. Balls that sound, ball towers, toys that sound, and beeping toys are other height gifts. When I have grandchildren, I will be extra generous with these kinds of gifts. The oldest daughter loved teaching little sisters how to bolt on bowls with the wooden spoon and to put the saucepan together, so it echoed in the house. Then she quickly disappeared into her room again. So my grandchildren should get a lot of musical instruments. A little revenge is also revenge—a fun gift for a 1-year-old guy.


A xylophone they usually like

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Electric guitar

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A maracas is an appreciated gift

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Music box

Box with many instruments

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A drum is also fun

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Drum and tambourine

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A learn to go-cart is a great invention that allows children to spread their toys across the home in a very effective way. Now they no longer have to pick things up one by one. The toys can quickly be shipped across the house once they have received a cart. The trolley can also be used to drive little siblings and dolls in. Learning to go chart is also a great gift to give the child when it is learning to walk. It acts as a walker. It is sturdy, and the child can keep up when learning to walk.

Wooden learn to go-cart

A classic learning stroller for dolls and siblings

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Zebra walker

A cooler version of learning to go trolley

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The boy himself will probably be happiest to get toys, but the parents, on the other hand, will be most satisfied if the child gets some new clothes or pajamas. Other gifts that may work well for 1-year-olds are the duvet cover with some cute motif. In any case, it is good to think about what you are giving as a gift to the 1-year-old boy. Too many toys can easily create problems later on. Most children have far too many toys, and the parents spend too much time picking up the toys again. If you want to buy clothes as a gift for a 1-year-old guy, they usually have size 80.


Duvet cover with Babblarna

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Towel with Minions

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Block box snail

Toys such as a block box, or pick box, the kids usually appreciate. It is a box or toy that has small holes in different shapes. Each block can only be put in the box if it is inserted into the correct hole. It can be very tricky at first. But eventually, he learns which one is right. Block boxes are available in slightly different variants. Why not buy the snail here. 1-year-old boys tend to like draft animals, too. Then you get two toys in one.

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A classic block box

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Building blocks

Blocks are also usually entertaining. When mom and dad build the tower, the 1-year-old will quickly tear it down. Or a large block tower where the blocks can easily be stacked into a tower. Anyway, it’s entertaining to tear down. Eventually, he will also be able to build himself with the bricks.

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Stacking blocks

Larger blocks that can easily be stacked

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The children usually appreciate balls. If you choose a softball, it can be used indoors for many years, yes without all the vases also breaking. Choose a ball in bright colors. The motif does not play such a significant role at this age. But 1-year-olds usually prefer colorful toys over single-colored ones.

Ball with sharks for the playground

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Books in a gift for a 1-year-old guy- Good books are Sam, textbooks, and riddle books. Books with a lot of details tend to be fun and promote language development. You can ask the child if it sees the lion, zebra, the house, etc. They know many more words than they can say. It can also be fun to collect some excellent book series, e.g., The nursery books, which the child will enjoy later on. Books you give him now will be read thousands of times. I can still remember books that my son received 27 years ago. So if you buy books for the child, you get value for money.

Sam’s cookie

The Sam’s books have simple texts and are loved by the children

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Baby books

Activity books are something that 1-year-olds usually love.

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100 firs words

A textbook with lots of words is a great way to understand the meaning of words.

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Another fun toy for young children to get is a doll with a baby bottle and a doll bed. If you are a bit handy, you can sew beautiful bedding for the doll bed or new clothes for the dolls. Yes, a 1-year-old boy likes to play with dolls, too. It is only later that he learns that it is “wrong.” A 1-year-old boy is usually happy to have his doll. If he has older siblings, they may be a bit stingy to lend their dolls. So he may need his doll to play with. If you want, there are boy dolls to choose from as well.


Dolls with many accessories are usually appreciated

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Bed for the doll

Then the doll needs somewhere to sleep, too.

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Boy doll

At this age, it doesn’t matter what gender it is on the doll, but maybe it will be important later on.

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It is also fun to get cooking stuff and a doll cooker as a gift. Then he can cook for the family, the stuffed animals, and the dolls. A doll kitchen and equipment for the kitchen usually the children play very much with. However, when buying a gift for a 1-year-old boy, you should be a little careful about what you are buying for something, so they do not contain small parts. But these look to work when I read about them:

Kitchen for play

A doll’s kitchen he will play a lot with

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Plates and stuff for the play kitchen

A crockery is needed for the doll kitchen

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It’s also good to have some toy food in case the raisins run out

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Toy animals are always cozy to get. There are teddy bears, unicorns, rabbits, lions, dogs, and elephants. A toy animal is comfortable to have in bed when to sleep, and it is comforting when you are a little sad. A toy animal is a good friend that the 1-year-old boy will have for many years. A stuffed animal in the feed of wheat warmer may be cozy when he is ill and has a fever, or if he is just a little frozen someday.


A cute and perfectly ordinary teddy bear that a 1-year-old will love

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Getting a dog of your own is often the dream of many boys.

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For those who already have many toys, a unicorn might be better suited

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A cozy elephant is also fun to get.

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A cozy bunny can also warm and comfort in case he is sad some day

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Wheat warmer lama

Toys for animals know heaters that can heat and comfort sick children.

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Song bag

Young children usually enjoy singing and listening to music. A song bag is a fabric bag with different figures where each figure represents a child visa. You draw one character at a time and sing the song that belongs. An excellent songbook is also a good gift for a 1-year-old guy. It is a gift he will enjoy for a long time. If you get tired of the first songs, there are more characters to buy. Maybe you can make up your figures and put them in the bag too?

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Swimming is usually a cozy activity. They typically work for a long time in the bath. When soaps and hair shampoos arrive, and the 1-year-old boy screams as if the parents are trying to drown him, it might be useful to have something to distract him with. Swim toys such as bath ducks, boats are fun to deal with for the kids in the bath. Another favorite will also be the soap bubble machine. 


A boat to bring in the bath

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Soap bubble machine

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Did you not find any good gift for a 1-year-old guy on this site? Then maybe one of these pages will contain better tips for you: